How did you pick your fursona species?

Discussion in 'Fursona Discussion' started by Shay_NuperJo, Sep 22, 2016.

  1. SoushieChan

    SoushieChan New Member

    I love bunnies and cats so I went with a Cabbit. Plus I share a lot of their behaviors.
  2. Virgil Ice

    Virgil Ice New Member

    I'm in the process of choosing between two species (one is kind of a hybrid). If anyone has any input I would like to hear it. I've been interested in the furry community for god knows how long and just recently started to really delve into it. Ok here goes.
    First idea: A snow tiger princess was captured and raped by a massive arctic wolf nomad king. She had a son. Because of his father's blood he has canine characteristics in his ears and snout. Still snow tiger coloring but the stripes are spaced farther apart and some stripes are actually more grey, mostly around his paws, feet, and face.

    Second idea: A burly elk. (I know I'm slacking on the details on this one, sorry.)
  3. It'sBlitz

    It'sBlitz Pilot in training

    Elk, so long as it does not look too wolf-like, especially with it's muzzle/snout.
  4. MrPhox

    MrPhox Member

    His muzzle could be a bit longer that of a feline, but shorter that a K9 since he would be a hybrid. Taller , half size between the two species.

    but he got fangs like a K9.

    For the second one: is it also a hybrid? If yes, a mix of what? Elk and wolf?
  5. Lunneus

    Lunneus New Member

    My fursona came from a very odd spur of the moment doodle during psychology class in highschool. We were talking about the sensitivity threshold and bee wings, which got me thinking about bees, but i also wanted to draw a fox. So my brain decided "Why not both?" and then you got a beefoxthing. That initial doodle looks nothing like what he looks like now, but those were his weird beginnings.

    Though, if i'm being honest, he's more foxwasp than foxbee. But no one really likes wasps.
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  6. JamesOtters

    JamesOtters A small, cute, but helpless otter.

    I just signed up, and I like just made my fursona an hour ago. My favorite animal is an Otter, so I made an Otter Fursona. I'm still yet to draw him, because I can't draw, nor can I pay to get it charged, so he's not complete. More specifically, I picked the Asian Small-Clawed Otter because they're internet stars, and cute :).
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  7. meeka

    meeka Arf! Arf!

    I had been reluctant to re-join the fandom, but after randomly doodling this angry sheeb, I felt a connection to her. I felt like I could draw her doing whatever I wanted, and ideas started flooding into my mind, before I knew it, she became my sona.

    welcome to the forums james! Otters are the best <3
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  8. JamesOtters

    JamesOtters A small, cute, but helpless otter.

    Thanks, I just posted on a general description, I hope I can have a good time here. (And also that I can somehow get a good drawing of my Fursona) Otters are cute, and most species of Otters are in danger of going extinct, that makes me love them more.

    Edit: I really need someone to make art of me, but I can't pay or make my own because I suck at art, soo....
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  9. Stadt

    Stadt Eeriee the Wendigo

    I'm edgy and hungry and I enjoy long walks in the woods.
  10. JamesOtters

    JamesOtters A small, cute, but helpless otter.

    I'm shy, and I enjoy swimming at the beach. (And I like Sushi XD)
  11. Stadt

    Stadt Eeriee the Wendigo

    Sushi is amazing <3
  12. Virgil Ice

    Virgil Ice New Member

    After doing more research than i ever did in school I'm thinking either a maltese tiger/wolf hybrid or a maltese tiger/jaguar hybrid. I want the tiger to be my fursona, but eventually I plan on making an elk character. After all, I do have elk tattooed on my body irl.
  13. Toto-the-Felena

    Toto-the-Felena New Member

    Literally I designed a fursona using a fursona creator, and as it so happened he looked most like a cross between a striped hyena and a cat. Judging from how their personalities as species fitted well with mine, it kind of stuck.
  14. Augmented Husky

    Augmented Husky Mind currently uploaded

    Pretty anticlimactic but I love doggys (they love me to!) and huskys are especially cute ^_^ that's mostly it XD
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  15. JamesOtters

    JamesOtters A small, cute, but helpless otter.

    I like doggies too. I have a doggo. BUT OMG, OTTERS ARE SO DARN CUTE. (I still love my doggo, he's cute, but I chose an otter to be unique, and because I probably won't see one for a long time, but I see my doggo all the time. Well I'm on vacation, so I don't see him.


    JamesOtters ;)
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  16. meeka

    meeka Arf! Arf!

    Oh I saw your Sona in the "show me your fursona" thread, he's very cute! does your character have a sci-fi backstory?
  17. Cloudyhue

    Cloudyhue Certified Fuzzbutt

    I'm actually very interested to see this creature He sounds very unique.
  18. Augmented Husky

    Augmented Husky Mind currently uploaded

    Awe thanks ^_^ Eh I should really flesh it out more but I do have a basic synopsis XD

    Fully embracing technology Will's body is but a facsimile of the biological body he once had years before. Now it is but silicon, carbon, and electricity as encoded information somehow living as a different kind of machine. In miles deep under the earth he belongs to a scientific community working with others like himself unbenounced to the people on the surface. During work he is meticulous, values silence to concentrate, and likes to keep lists to further organization. Outside he is quick to start conversation when possible be it science, phycology, and of course technology especially to help others in helping their life be brighter. However he is easily exuberant and connected among friends seeking out the more adventurous things to do for fun. But careful though he has a short temper for those who don't value manners and strives to make certain his friends are respected.
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  19. Kit H. Ruppell

    Kit H. Ruppell Exterminieren! Exterminieren!

    I don't remember ever NOT loving foxyfluffs, even though I don't remember what started it. It was an easy decision.
  20. YukiKoyuki

    YukiKoyuki ayy lmao

    i am fully prepares to be burned at the stake, but my "fursona" isnt even a furry!

    i settled on an Inkling, from splatoon, after i tried on like four different fursonas. i was a jelly fox, a goth goat, a fox version of another oc of mine, and a kung fu calico cat before i chose inkling, and the design for the inkling came about in a really roundabout way. it was a recycling of my old gaia avatar, a lot of my online persona is actually, i just modified a few things about her design to make her less of an anime hell spawn and more of a cohesive squid kid.

    for anyone who is interested heres a comparison of the new and old designs, including some old art from my art shop days and my original avatar!
    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    i'm glad i got rid of the goggles. too cluttered
  21. JamesOtters

    JamesOtters A small, cute, but helpless otter.

    That doesn't matter. I quite like your inkling design. Very original, and creative. I also agree with you, it was better without the goggles, I just woke up XD.

    *Otter yawns in background*
  22. Brejvarr Ulfhedne

    Brejvarr Ulfhedne Viking Berserker

    I chose a grey wolf because I've always felt like I had a connection to them. Mainly through norse mythology and Ulfhednar a.k.a. viking berserkers who (according to legend) wore wolf jaws on their heads into battle. It was believed that doing so would grant the warrior the fury of a wolf when in battle. There were different kinds of berserkers, but I've always liked ulfhednar the most.

    The reason I feel a connection to them is because I live way up in northern Sweden and I've always felt like I had this burning fury within me (wow that sounds VERY edgy when I think about it...) ever since I was born, just like a berserker has a burning fury in battle.

    ...And that's why I chose a grey wolf. :)
  23. Paintyneko

    Paintyneko New Member

    I chose a bunny because they're fun to draw - also since they're more original than your usual wolf or fox and I feel it matches my personality a little more ^^
  24. silver0322

    silver0322 New Member

    I chose my primary fursona an Timber wolf because I lover wolves. My second one sergal was created from an book I was writing.
  25. StolenMadWolf

    StolenMadWolf resident Lab Wolf

    I picked a wolf because... well, I just like wolves!

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