How do you sleep?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Yakamaru, Aug 4, 2017.

  1. Mr. Fox

    Mr. Fox Well-Known Member

    Horizontally, but sometimes vertically.
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  2. Stadt

    Stadt Eeriee the Wendigo

    On my my left with my right leg pulled up.
  3. Dorset

    Dorset Member

    On my left side, always with either music or an audiobook playing on my IPod. I usually drop off within 5-10 minutes.
  4. CreatureOfHabit

    CreatureOfHabit The Bumbling Blind

    How do you sleep? On my back during hotter months; on my side or stomach during colder months.
    Where do you sleep? In my room, on a twin bed lifted about 2.5 ft off the ground, I'd say.
    How long do you sleep? It varies. Usually five to six hours, on a good day.
    What is you sleep quality like? Again, it varies. It's alright, once I get there, but if anything's going on in my environment while I sleep, it'll leak through.
    Do you change sleeping position(s) often? Nah.
    Are there things you do that makes you sleep better? Straightening the sheets and making the bed goes a long way to a good sleep. Turning off all the lights and unnecessary noises does as well. I tried the whole sleeping-on-the-floor thing as a kid and teen, but it just doesn't work for me. I also have medication that, among other things, is intended to help the taker sleep.
    Are there things you like that makes you sleep better? Rain, thunder, cool weather, the scent of petrichor, clary sage or rosemary.
    Are there things you don't like that makes you sleep worse? Blinking lights, porch lights, hot temps, birds, any kind of noise that doesn't easily melt into the background (i.e. a rattling box fan vs a quiet box fan).
  5. NinaTheRedPanda

    NinaTheRedPanda My aesthetic is distant trains

    This seems very fun!

    How do you sleep?
    With a bunch of pillows surrounding my head, generally I'm stretched out on my stomach though.

    Where do you sleep?
    I believe my bed is a twin sized mattress on the floor.

    How long do you sleep?
    Anywhere from 8-16 hours. Usually I sleep around 10-12 though.

    What is you sleep quality like?
    I sleep very well from what I can tell. I hardly get dreams and just as rarely nightmares, although (this is completely different oops) I can to a degree control my dreams. I know when it is a nightmare/has turned to one before anything bad has happened and therefore can wake up without suffering the nightmare.

    Do you change sleeping position(s) often?
    Not that I know of, other then rolling to a side for a few hours, I usually wake up on the opposite side I was facing when I fell asleep.

    Are there things you do that makes you sleep better?
    Not really! I just listen to videos of people playing games and many times fell asleep talking to friends.

    Are there things you like that makes you sleep better?
    Keeping my window open doesn't help but it's nice to wake up to fresh air

    Are there things you don't like that makes you sleep worse?
    Not really, not much effects my sleep aside from dreams.
  6. Lilyboo

    Lilyboo New Member

    How do you sleep?
    -Since it's hot, and it's summer, I sleep on my side with my legs far from each other (xD)
    Where do you sleep?
    -... on a bed
    How long do you sleep?
    - Since summer started, I sleep 8-10 or maybe more sometimes.. (On school days I usually sleep 7-8 hours)
    What is you sleep quality like?
    -Mostly nice. But when I was little, I had the same dreams over and over, and sometimes I still have those old dreams, which is wierd -_-. These always repeated: Getting kidnapped, being in a lego building as a lego with other lego peepz and the lego building is flooding... And there was once a dream, (it didn't repeat) where my family were zombies and tried to kill me.
    Do you change sleeping position(s) often?
    Are there things you do that makes you sleep better?
    -Imagining me as a character in One Piece as a part of the Strawhats <3
    Are there things you like that makes you sleep better?
    -I hug pillows that are cruncheeeeeeeeh~~ :3
    Are there things you don't like that makes you sleep worse?
    -Hmm... When some people party with loud music on the streets, when there's an asshole drifting over and over on the street (it happened, the smell was SO RAGE INDUSING!!!!!!!!! AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA)
  7. Lilyboo

    Lilyboo New Member

    Oh yeah, and once or twice when I had a bad dream when I was little, I was able to control it a little. But for that, I had to be able to notice this is a nightmare, and I had to be able to talk to myself saying: This is just a dream.
  8. Simo

    Simo Skunk

    A friend of mine has one of those, and I thought it was some sorta kinky bondage thing!

    Well, look at the bright side...ya can pretend to be Darth Vader, and stuff! :p

    But me, I also sleep on a mattress on the floor, on my tummy, toss and turn a lot, sleep pretty restless. Sleep's hard for me. I also tend to worry a lot, as I fall asleep, this sorta swirl of worry that keeps me up.
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  9. Yakamaru

    Yakamaru Mein Gott

    takes deep breaths while inhaling
    I. AM YOUR- local cow(insane) from the local herd(mental cow hospital), actually. Moo.

    I've considered using one, seeing as my weight is fucking with my sleep quality. I am at 115kg at the moment, down from 122kg since Christmas. It's going way too slow because I am too much in love with food. So much tasty food to eat, yanno. <3

    But, eh. My food intake is being controlled a lot more recently. When I used the machine I slept like a cat. Uninterrupted. Calm. Relaxing. I felt completely and utterly refreshed. But I don't like having stuff on my face.
  10. Tecwyn

    Tecwyn Loves Chatting

    To answer simply, I have no idea, cannot seem to rest, and prone to randomly waking up.
    Usually well rested though, so it evens out
  11. Kellan Meig'h

    Kellan Meig'h Kilted Coder

    How do you sleep?
    a) Left or right side. Not on my back or stomach.

    Where do you sleep?
    a) In a California Queen bed with my wife.

    How long do you sleep?
    a) Not long enough. 4 to 6 hours average.

    What is you sleep quality like?
    a) Quality? Eh? I have sleep apnea.

    Do you change sleeping position(s) often?
    a) At least four or five times. Mostly when the mask starts leaking and the whistling wakes the missus up. Her elbow wakes me up, then I change positions and re-position the mask.

    Are there things you do that makes you sleep better?
    a) Not really - I have to shave close at night to get a good mask seal on my Respironics fitlife Total CPAP mask.

    Are there things you like that makes you sleep better?
    a) Drink a 40 of Steel Reserve High Gravity.

    Are there things you don't like that makes you sleep worse?
    a) Neighbors kids or music. Having immigrated from the middle east, they have no sense of "Keep it Fukkin' Quiet!" We've had words where I've done my best Walt Kowalski on the husband.

    As an aside, I've had a neighbor with a Harley, straight piped, no baffles. After a month of that sh!t, I screwed his garage door shut in the middle of the night with twenty-four #6 Robertson drive trim screws. The ones that take the smallest Robertson bit that's a b!tch to find. It was quiet for a few days, anyway.
  12. akello_the_great

    akello_the_great most likely eating and not leaving my bed

    i sleep okay 6-12 hours i can only sleep with a cup of tea and some Melatonin
  13. MAN_BURD

    MAN_BURD Member

    I only can fall asleep when I'm clutching my official STAR WARS IG-88 Assassin Droid Bodypillow™.
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  14. PlusThirtyOne

    PlusThirtyOne What DOES my username mean...?

    Please please PUH-LEEEEZ tell me he's clutching the bedsheets like, "B33P B00P! PL3AS3 B3 G3NTL3!", "iNiTiATiNG S3X-TiM3 PR0T0C0L SiX-NiN3R-ALPHA!"
  15. Pipistrele

    Pipistrele Smart batto!

    Randomly, due to switching shifts and weird working conditions. Sometimes I sleep one time a day, sometimes three times a day, sometimes 4 hours, sometimes 10 hours, sometimes I do that in the comfort of my own bed, sometimes I sleep on a wall-table in a boiler room at my workplace while using old-ass jacket as a pillow. When you're constantly switching between the shifts, there's no such thing as sleep schedule, but I kinda adjusted to that over time, and this kind lifestyle still has its benefits (I can freely talk to folks outside my timezone, and walking around the city at night is cool).
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  16. Sgt. Kai

    Sgt. Kai Sgt. Kai the German Shepherd Police Dog

    How I sleep:
    One eye open, one foot on the floor, Glock under my teddy bear, and a German Shepherd Dog on the other half of the bed...
  17. Jarren

    Jarren You can't just quote yourself! -Me

    Step 1: Get somewhat horizontal.
    Step 2: Close eyes and envision the sweet embrace of sleep.
    Step3: ????????
    Step 4: Profit! Sleep... eventually

    Normally this method will get me between 4 and 10 hours of sleep, depending on schedule and I'll sleep just about anywhere on just about anything. Typically end up falling asleep on my right side or stomach and I sleep rather well.
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  18. Kellan Meig'h

    Kellan Meig'h Kilted Coder

    It is 1:10 am PDT and I just got back from tasking my neighbor to "Be quiet, NOW!" I used my best Drill Sgt voice on him, something R. Lee Ermey would have been proud of.

    The party in the next complex went quiet, too. I dunno why . . .
  19. Junkerfox

    Junkerfox Bacon gives me a Lard on

    I dont know Im not usually awake when it happens
  20. Dongding

    Dongding The sheep

    I know a lot of people that use a Sleep-Apnea machine and say they could never go back to trying to sleep without it. I was going to chime in and suggest you try one since they're regarded so highly, but I read the rest of your post and I guess you already did try one and it bothered you so you stopped. G'luck. Weight is a tough one. I have weak will when it comes to awesome stuff like food, and I'm starting to (not) notice a bit of a tummy these days.

    Edit: I suppose I should actually post an on-topic reply too. I sleep on a bed on my tummy at night. The only thing that generally moves is my head flopping around whilst hunting for cold spots on my pillows. I wake up in the morning at the time I need to be up and no sooner.

    I definitely don't get enough sleep, but sleep catches up with you anyways so if you're just dodging it you'll get a great night's sleep at some point in time. I'd hate to not legitimately be able to get any though. Sleep's important and really affects your day.
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