how does commission in FA work?

Discussion in 'Site Discussion' started by neku-neku, Jul 27, 2015.

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  1. neku-neku

    neku-neku New Member

    well i'm asking about commission for dummies here.
    one of the reason i make FA account is to have a commission.
    do you need a bank account? i don't have one.
    in the commission page, what should you do?
    submission id?
    display order?
    fixed price?
    price range?
    addon?(what's that check supposed to mean?)
    anyway i don't know any of those things supposed to mean.
    care to explain...?
    and how many dollars you usually charge people?
    it's not like i'm going to set my price to $5000...
    and can we convert the US dollars to any other currency?
    not living in amerika here.
    and lastly how to receive and giving payment?
    i heard they use paypal.
    what is paypal?
    how does that work?

    well i hope my art is good enough to be made for sell tho.
    but damn i need money since i want to buy things and my parents are stingy with money..

    well, much appreciated if you could answer..
    hope i didn't give you a hard time reading this.
    thanks in advance! [​IMG]
  2. StormyChang

    StormyChang Member

    are you asking about taking commissions or buying commissions or both?
  3. neku-neku

    neku-neku New Member

    taking commissions.but i guess you can explain buying commissions too since i don't know how it works too.
  4. StormyChang

    StormyChang Member

    This is just one perspective, I've only been doing this the last 4-5 years or so

    That's the best I can give you.
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  5. Croconaw

    Croconaw #1 Most Requested Croconaw

    Step 1: Make commission journal.

    Step 2: Have commissioners send you money via paypal.

    Step 3: ?????

    Step 4: Profit!

    As for tools FA offers, well..... we will be getting something, according to Dragoneer, very ~`☆soon☆`~
  6. neku-neku

    neku-neku New Member

    thank a lot you guys!
  7. neku-neku

    neku-neku New Member

    thanks a lot stormy! it really helps me.
    well regarding your confusion, in your FA account, upper right, click settings and then go to commission info.
    there are blank spaces you need to fill.i got confused so i asked, what are those?
  8. StormyChang

    StormyChang Member

    i have no idea, i dont use the commission section
  9. xofrats

    xofrats The cat said what?

    submission id = To use a picture in your commission tab, you have to upload it to your fa gallery. Then you go to your submission and look at the url. The number after view is the submission id.
    example: have the submission id 17091308

    display order = what order you want your different commission type to be shown. 1 is first, 2 is under that and so on.
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  10. Lephiro

    Lephiro New Member

    Thanks, I had no idea what those things were!
  11. SSJ3Mewtwo

    SSJ3Mewtwo Administrator Staff Member

    Locking this due to necro.
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