How many fursonas have you had? Have you changed fursonas, along the way?

Discussion in 'Fursona Discussion' started by Simo, Feb 14, 2017.

  1. Simo

    Simo Skunk

    Me, I've had two main ones:

    I started out in the fandom as a Malamute, named Sweet Pea, for several years, before settling in on being a Striped Skunk named Simo, a name I stole from a friend in Finland, with his kind permission! Somehow, a skunk seemed to suit be better. There is still the Malamute side to be: loyal, friendly, somewhat stubborn, energetic...and with the skunk, the sort that is peaceful by nature, nocturnal, somewhat obscure, sometimes misunderstood, and with the best defense nature has to offer. As a skunk I do get asked a lot if I like smelly things, and the answer is no: I don't like feet or turds or garbage, but I have always liked the musky scent of a skunk off in the distance. Plus, skunks are just plain cute!

    Then, I've recently developed a 'secondary' fursona, a Fossa that just goes by Fosa-Boy, 'cause it seemed funny to give a Fossa a name for some reason. He's a sort of alter-ego, at least in RP; a bit feral in temperament, compared to the easy going Skunk. I didn't know they existed until I saw a BBC documentary on Madagascar, and I've been fascinated by these agile creatures ever sense, who seem to combine just the right amount of sleekness and silliness.

    How about everyone else? Do you still have the fursona you started with, or did you change, along the way, and why?
  2. Andarial

    Andarial New Member

    I have "fursonas" I started with. They were mostly just characters. I originally had a male wolf/dragon as my first true fursona, he didn't last long at all. But I stayed with the wolf, I now have Cymmie who is a mexican gray wolf and generally represents me when I am in a good space. I have recently, over the last few months, have not felt at this time in my life I connect with Cymmie well because she represents me when I am healthier and mentally more sound. So I ended up switching her to the back burner, but she will likely become my main again, right now I am having a ref drawn up of my new main fursona, who is an African Civet, her name is Ashe. She represents a darker part of me in a lot of ways. I have never had any other true fursonas.
  3. Iriastar

    Iriastar Rawr.

    I have been my tiger for a long time already. Since I started out in the whole fur thing. There's another in the makings named Rexvol, I can't decide whether he's a dragon or a Charr. He won't be my primary but perhaps my secondary.
  4. RebelSavant99

    RebelSavant99 New Member

    Well I started out with my Dutch Angel Dragon Savant being my main fursona then my Mutt Daniel became a secondary, then she slowly became my main and now my Monster wolf Alexander Might become a 3rd fursona too
  5. luxidoptera

    luxidoptera [disgruntled noises]

    I have two, technically. There's my opossum, Cinnamon, and then there's whatever the heck Lovely is...I think she's a gazelle? I'm not really sure.
  6. modfox

    modfox The poltergheist that haunts the forum

    just the one. but like three name changes
  7. MaikeruNezumi

    MaikeruNezumi Irritable street rat

    Currently I'm only using the one now, but I have two others in development.
  8. Khazius

    Khazius The Fruit Bat

    One. Khazius
  9. Royn

    Royn Otterest Sergal evah!

    one. Otter thats a Sergal that acts like an Otter.
  10. TomVaporeon

    TomVaporeon Actually a birb

    Well, I started off with my vaporeon character as a fursona, and I guess I kind of still identify with it; but I also have a fox which I am quite fond of, which may well be a fursona in non-Pokémon areas.

    Oh, and I've got an avian character, which might qualify as a fursona but not yet.
  11. WolfyJake

    WolfyJake Professional Cuddlefluff

    Just one: Jake Wolfe. I spent a day thinking him up and designing him. Then a week later I thought he looked kinda boring so I gave him some red and light gray stripes on his arms, to make him a bit less mundane.
  12. Delta_Waffle

    Delta_Waffle I like cheesecake

    I only have 2 currently. Delta, a wolf, and Hunter, a deer. I've been thinking of making a third for awhile but I might be overdoing myself.
  13. ZacAttackk

    ZacAttackk professional procrastinator

    At first it was a fire dragon named Blaze, but eventually it didn't feel right for me and needed to change. So last summer I changed it to a dragon-otter hybrid named Jaye :rolleyes:
  14. Back in the day, I had Zeke the Cat. He was orange and yellow. Kind of a swordsman. He wore a collar for his entire life that suppressed a bunch of random magic. He was more or less a 'hero' type character that started working in a tavern then eventually saves the world. I never really could identify with him though.

    About 7 years later (a year ago) I came up with Frostbyte. I'm not sure how I came up with him but he grew on me.

    I've also got a few sub fursonas, like Lumin my silver cat scientist.
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  15. Ashwolves5

    Ashwolves5 Miss Fluffy Bottom

    I really only have like one that represents me. It's all based on irl me and everything. I do however share about 20 other side characters with my mate joducus.
  16. OakenheelTheWolf

    OakenheelTheWolf Active Member

    Just one. My fursona is Oakenheel the Wolf and she has been my fursona since I became a furry.
  17. Belatucadros

    Belatucadros The forum birb!

    My first fursona was an Angel Dragon, which I still work on from time to time. But I later realized a bird would represent me better. Angel Dragons are cute and cool looking, but I felt like I should go for something that truly shows who I am, not just because it looks cool -- although, birds are cute and pretty badass in my opinion...
  18. NeoWolfXVI

    NeoWolfXVI New Member

    I just have the one wolf that I made that's based off of me.
  19. Cloudyhue

    Cloudyhue Certified Fuzzbutt

    I've had one before this one that was an original species. It didn't have any backstory or personality really but had a lot of art. It had a simple color scheme of mostly white, black, and red, with probably very over complicated markings.
  20. shapeless0ne

    shapeless0ne a multi fursona kangaroo

    well, I started as a wolf and wound up changing furonsas for a wile......I kept on coming up with a bird fursona every time i made fursonas so as a joke to myself I decided to make a phoenix. :p
  21. Yakamaru

    Yakamaru I stubbed my log on a car!

    I only have one Fursona, and I am sticking with him. His name's Drake, and I've posted his face-shot on here earlier.
  22. -PonPon-

    -PonPon- New Member

    i started out as an apple themed deer named pyxio, transferred to a chihuahua called Windows, settled on a rat named N.A.C., and made it all this way to this nothing dog Highlighter Pon-Pon.
    seeing as how it's only been a year i think i have a problem lmao
  23. started as a wolf when I was 17, I think ; then, it went like this...

    wolf => dragon-wolf => dragon-wolf taur => scorpion taur (?) => minotaur => alligator => phoenix => elephant => minotaur => boar => mouse-bat => dragon-wolf => kangaroo-bat => kangaroo-raptor

    yeah, took me years to finally settle down as a kangaroo-raptor I am today
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  24. Eem whit

    Eem whit New Member

    Well I'm still a bit new to this concept, however my fursona is a grey and brown timber wolf named EeM whit.mostly represents my funny and goofy side.but also my silent and strong attitude
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  25. Mobius

    Mobius Mech pilot.

    Swiss shepherd with cybernetics. It's been like this for about a year and a half now, and I don't plan on changing anything except the cybernetics anytime soon.
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