How many fursonas have you had? Have you changed fursonas, along the way?

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  1. Taffypawz

    Taffypawz New Member

    I had an old fursona named Bubble who was created in Toontown (haha toontown) then I made Taffy, who was made in Animal Jam who eventually turned into an original fursona. ;)
  2. Ketren

    Ketren Member

    I have two- Seff (male, working on the species) and Ketren (female, lion-like alien from the planet Klaris). I don't often post or role-play as Ketren. Sort of shy about her, even though I have female characters in The Elder Scrolls Online. *shrugs* Guess it's different in a one-on-one chat, or something.

    I'm glad to learn that the fossa is a real animal, by the way. First read about them in The Katurran Odyssey- if you haven't read it, you should. :)
  3. Eem whit

    Eem whit New Member

    Hey don't be shy about it. If it's son thing you have created then be proud
  4. Ketren

    Ketren Member

    Thanks. I do not and never will use my female characters to "get laid" (I don't see much difference, if any, between yiff and the real thing.) The way it works is, my characters are people who have thoughts and views of their own, which I respect. (At one point I'd just ask someone "How are you?" and get a chapter's worth. That was cool; wonder how I can lure them back out?)
  5. Eem whit

    Eem whit New Member

    Yeah I hear you
  6. Eem whit

    Eem whit New Member

    Mine is a grey and tan timber wolf (male) that's has somehow turned into a mixture of a wolf and a velocirapter....not real sure how it happened but it did. I like him a lot mostly because,as him, I can be myself and meet people that have similar interests
  7. MadKiyo

    MadKiyo Villainous Fly

    When I had first heard of the fandom, my initial sona was a tuxedo cat of which had no name. That ended in 2015 and I made Fliegen, a Robber fly, because I like bugs.I would have kept my initial one if not for my tendencies to be as inventive as possible.
  8. modfox

    modfox Viking Archer Fox

    i have stuck with a fox. and alwase will be a fox. had a nice number of name changes and color changes.....
    vex, Denður, Vulfila unwén
  9. Kipekee Reddington

    Kipekee Reddington All American Flying Foxdog

    I remember my first animal OCs (or so I remember) were two red wolves named Katie and Hazel. They were sisters from the same pack, one a beta and another and omega. I used them for RP when I was in my Wolfaboo phase, which actually lasted quite a while. I still have them only because they were a part of my childhood and there's no possible way I could get rid of them. But I don't have any plans to feature them in a story of mine in the feature, simply because I feel I'll just end up writing a very generic wolf pack story, and nobody wants that. I haven't drawn them in forever either, which actually makes me feel quite guilty. I hardly use them anymore but I still love 'em. Oh, well. They were my first avatars online, but I never considered them fursonas at any point.

    My first real fursona was a cat named Tabbystar, who was originally a Warrior Cats OC. I've had her for approx. almost 7 years now, and she's changed a lot in many ways. I first made her up for a Warriors fanfic as a minor apprentice character (who had a way different design then) then later made her the star of my story: Tabbyclaw, the pure-hearted warrior who was prophecized to become leader of MoonClan and defeat the Dark Forest. Yes, she was a total Mary Sue.
    I never finished that fanfic.
    While Tabby will always be a Warriors character at core, she started becoming her own character when I used her as my avatar on a digital art app called DrawCast.
    She was now used to represent me. It was great!
    She went through many changes when she delved into the world of DrawCast. She had a few minor designs changes where I altered the pattern of her stripes, changed the shade of her fur colors, added hair, what not. Seeing as she now represented me, she became an artist and developed a love for amethysts, my birthstone. She was no longer a "brave, noble, pure" leader and instead, a goofy kitty-cat who is a child at heart and loves to paint.
    Tabbystar will always be my fursona, but she's not my main sona anymore '^^ I officially discovered the furry fandom in summer 2015, and I decided to make a new fursona who suited my personality, and out came Kipekee!

    She didn't change much, so far. Her original design was very ugly and sparkledog-ish. I literally took everything I associated with myself and incorporated it into the design. But before anything got worse I simplified it.
    Shes had her current design since then. Only things that changed is that I removed a floppy ear and an ear piercing. She's still developing, but I'm hoping she turns out to be as great as Tabbystar was~
  10. DusterBluepaw

    DusterBluepaw [creative custom title]

    When i first joined the fandom i just chose a grey wolf, called himself "evil wolf" lol yeah well i was 18 at the time, funny thing was, my first drawing had digigrade legs and i had no idea about that sort of stuff, but as ive come back to the fandom this year i picked a wolfcoon, mainly based on native american folklaw as i find their animal stories and traits they give them the most interesting, i wanted to name him Rac Coonwolf as my last name starts with rac, but later i wanted a unique name so i picked duster bluepaw and just finished my first design on a template yesterday, i have some dot points for his bio, but i still need to work out some stuff and refresh myself on ancient history as thats what my bio will be based on.
  11. FluffyShutterbug

    FluffyShutterbug A Foxy Femboy Photographer

    Aw, boy... I went through a million mind changes before I got to where I am today. And, to be honest, I'm really worried that I might change my mind again in the future. I'm so indecisive... Anyway, I started off as a red fox vixen named Rachel Foxworthy, then a maine coon named Alyssa Wells, then I changed her to a canada lynx and changed her surname to Lukas, and then she was a snowy owl (Alyssa McDowell), and then a golden-furred wolf (Alice McCann), and now I've gone full circle, and I'm a red fox again. Her name is Jamie Foxworthy. I REALLY hope that the buck stops here...
  12. Andromedahl

    Andromedahl Unlicensed UFO Pilot

    I was a squirrel, now I am an alien.
  13. scythemouse

    scythemouse Not a computer peripheral

    Well, before I was a mouse, I was this guy. So many mistakes, including the name, so it shall not be spoken.

  14. Randon

    Randon Harbinger of Bullshenanigans

    It was all a blur and now I am here. All I have are black and white flashes of being an ugly scaled brute that desperately needed a toothbrush, it still plagues my nightmares. Whatever I am now, even if I can't point out exactly what she is. It is still infinitely better than the dragon I used to identify as.

    So basically, I've only ever had two. The one I will not speak it's name, and this fluff.

    Although there was a point in time where I wanted to be a canine of sorts, mainly a wolf. I guess that partially became a reality. But she resembles a husky the most out of any canine. Anyway I had my dragon for an incredibley long time, or maybe it just feels like an eternity because I came up with the dragon when I was a preteen. Even if my new fluff is a dog-bull abomination I am much happier now.
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