How many of you travel, and how?

Discussion in 'Room and Ride Share' started by Acidwrangler, Apr 8, 2016.

  1. Acidwrangler

    Acidwrangler Member

    Just curious to see if anyone here is nomadic like myself. Usually by means of hitchhiking, greyhound and ride share to check out concerts, events, and living somewhere new. Anybody else do this? Train hop or wwoofing? Travel abroad? Etc.
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  2. Fopfox

    Fopfox Active Member

    I backpacked around most of Europe for three months and stayed mostly in hostels, though I saved way more than I needed and spent a few nights in hotels.

    #1 piece of advice: train passes like Eurail are rip-offs. You still have to pay reservation fees in certain countries which forces you to wait in line for a ticket seller to make the reservation, you can't do that on the machines with the pass. Also, the price you pay in Europe for the passes is almost always cheaper, especially the further you go East. (Do not even consider getting their Poland pass. Not a single ticket vendor in Poland recognized it. I got my money back, but it was very stressful.).
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  3. Experimentonomen

    Experimentonomen Lazy Fox

    I've never been outside of my home country, and never any further south than stockholm, but when i go somehere too far to walk i always take a bus.
  4. Acidwrangler

    Acidwrangler Member

    Thanks for the advice, hopefully I'll get back to my old job next year and save enough to maybe do that.
    Found out recently you can get a work visa for Australia for a year threw some program, I maybe do that. That or I hear southeast Asia is cool to check out too.
  5. Lasvicus

    Lasvicus Guest

    I've been to almost every state in the US. Every summer the fam packs up into the RV and goes North into Kentucky to pick up MORE fam to take with us to where ever we're going that year. Montana one year, Michigan another, Texas was fun. My sister found a corpse in a pool over there xD
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  6. Fopfox

    Fopfox Active Member

    I think they do that to replace all the Australians that are endlessly traveling around the world.

    If you ever find yourself in a hostel, count the Australians. They're everywhere.
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  7. Tao

    Tao Hare Boi

    I plan on traveling around the world and study abroad later on for my degree, but I've already been to England, Ireland, and France. A tiny bit of Germany too.
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  8. Moondoggy

    Moondoggy Moon Moon

    Take me with you sempai
  9. Fopfox

    Fopfox Active Member

    Go to East Europe or the Balkans. Nice people, great food, and $1 beers.
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  10. Tao

    Tao Hare Boi

    I'm most likely going to end up going to Japan or the South American jungle because of my field. I'm into mycology and those are the two big places right now. But I'm going on vacation to German and Tibet in a year or so! I have friend in both places and we're gonna backpack around.
  11. Simo

    Simo Skunk

    Hoping to go to Madagascar in a year or two with my mate, via Johannesburg, South Africa, maybe spending a week on the continent, and then a month on the island, maybe longer. Have been looking into programs to teach English, or possibly even volunteer for the Peace Corps. The flora and fauna is a great attraction, as is the music, I can see wanting to bring back some records from SA, especially some of the funky 60s/70s Soweto sound. And then just the plain out bizarre wildlife of Madagascar, and that hardly anyone seem to go there...hopefully, with any luck, we can spot various lemurs, and, with luck, the elusive Fossa. Plus, the weather looks nice in that part of Africa; it's far enough south to be a bit cooler, and not quite as sweltering, but not cold.

    Travel? By plane, there, then, via foot, cart, canoe, ox???? Hard to say!
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  12. Lasvicus

    Lasvicus Guest

    Any part of Africa sounds like hell. Too damned hot.
  13. Simo

    Simo Skunk

    South Africa has Mediterranean zones, much like Italy and the South of France...hence, the wine industry doing well there. So those stay pretty mild. And coastal Madagascar isn't too are the highlands.

    But the interior of the actual continent can be quite hot. Well, unless you're in the mountains. There's actually mountains right at the Equator, which are always snow covered. So it varies, depending.

    Looking at the map, temps in Madagascar are from 60 degrees Fahrenheit to about 84, right now. So not too hot. But it's a massive island; bigger than the UK, so it varies, from place to place.

    I agree though: I'm not a fan of too hot, and too hot for me starts at about 84 degrees...I can't imagine Saudi Arabia, and places where it gets up to!!!! Even Arizona....not for me!
  14. Lasvicus

    Lasvicus Guest

    I'm in Florida, I am forced to endure xD
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  15. Simo

    Simo Skunk

    Ouch! I bet that gets hot. Have never been to Florida, but it does get hot here in Just looked at the forecast for Johannesburg, South Africa: High of 78, low of 55 for Tuesday. So all in all, pretty pleasant.

    Here in Baltimore, we do get some miserable summer weather: Hot, humid days, where e have highs in the 90s, lows in the 70s...way, way, way too hot!

    It's odd to think that going to Africa, it would actually be cooler. I just wanna avoid the E-bola side of the continent...for now.
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  16. Acidwrangler

    Acidwrangler Member

    FL rules, hopefully I'll live there again. I'm in AZ now and it's not that bad as of now. Socal is hot as fuck though, even in winter. I'd like to go back to the Northeast, but then I remember how much temperatures under 60° suck.
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  17. Simo

    Simo Skunk

    Move to Sicily! Amazing coasts, never too hot, never too cold, and of the places I wanna go. And if you ever crave snow, they do have some mountains, and a Volcano.
  18. Strangeguy32000

    Strangeguy32000 Dack Remus Applewold

    If I need to get there and I can get there by bike, I take a bicycle, any other case I'll beg for a ride.
  19. Fopfox

    Fopfox Active Member

    I disagree, it's too hot there...
  20. Luku_Zuku

    Luku_Zuku The Local Pyromaniac Necromancer

    Generally, I have to take about two public buses to get to school each day, but that's fine. It gets me alone time. However, once a year, usually around Halloween, me and my family will take an airplane and go and visit my family back in my home state, Texas. And one year, we took a cruise through Spain and France. WE HAD SPANISH MCDONALD'S :D
  21. Nataku

    Nataku Shapeshifting alien dragon

    I'm the driver of my group. Anytime we make trips to conventions, carnivals, museums, parks or the like, I gather them all up and they all ride in my car. I drive a big car, so plenty of leg room, we load up whatever we want and off we go. I have driven this same model of car (though multiple individual cars, I maintain a fleet) for so long now that my car has it as own furry alt. form 0.o;
    Yeah we spend a lot of time in these cars.

    I also do yearly road trips across the country up to North Dakota (I'm in Florida so that's 2500 miles. One way. Not counting all the detours we make). I drive all the way there and back. So car is pretty much my mode of transportation, although I have taken several flights to different parts of the country, and I do go boating fairly often. I am a licensed gator hunter, although we work in a team, and I am usually the driver of the boat as well.

    Nice to see other Floridians in this thread. I love the heat personally, which is why trips to North Dakota only happen in summer, because I refuse to go there in winter (and I've been there in June and had nights where it was below freezing. To hell with that nonsense.)
  22. Strangeguy32000

    Strangeguy32000 Dack Remus Applewold

    Alt form?
    You speak of your vehicle as if it were a Transformer.
  23. Beetblood

    Beetblood AKA Tera

    Most I've done is travel back and forth between Canada and the US by plane every now and again since I'm Canadian and my fiance is American. ^u^;
  24. Maximor_Bloodpanda

    Maximor_Bloodpanda The True Anti-Conformist

    I remember picking up a guy who was heading to a convention.....he now lays at the bottom of the ocean.....
  25. reptile logic

    reptile logic An imposter among aliens.

    Have traveled by motorcycle for many years. Ridden over 500,000 miles that way; camping mostly and hotels when I need a break from roughing it. Have seen much of North America, but no place else, yet. Europe some day, Asia too...
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