How many of you travel, and how?

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  1. biscuitfister

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    I travel a bit, mainly planes and trains. Definitely recommend goin to south korea if you like parting. Just dont go during Aug cause military excersizes there piss off north korea
  2. bhutrflai

    bhutrflai Okami convinced me to drink the kool-aid. Cheers!

    I have done quite a bit of traveling over the years. My family always drove to visit family for holidays & such. From GA, it was a 15hr drive to central texas. (Plane only takes a couple hrs, but my mom was too frugal to buy 5 tix & pay for a rental car too.) Being the youngest, I got to ride in the back end of our station seatbelt, nothing. Good times!!

    As an adult, I've driven across the lower USA, by myself, on a couple of occassions. Most memorable experience, though I didn't get to see much, was driving thru Joshua Tree National 1130 at night, in a Honda Civic!

    And I got to take a cruise 2yrs ago! Stepped onto a boat for the first time in my life, with no one that I knew, and spent 8 days going around the Caribbean Ocean. Mind-blowing experience!! Can't wait to do it again!! (But next time Okami will go with me!!)
  3. Mr.Foox

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    I hitch hike with my sister in the summer time and camp out ever where in Oregon and lower Washington. Me and her are going to backpack it in north California this year, me and her always want to get out there and just do it, no money no nothing just go for it. She's my twin sister actually and we have strong sibling bonds.
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  4. Cheez

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    I rarely ever leave my current state, usually the farthest I go is the beaches.
    The last time I ever traveled out of state (Other than going to Pennsylvania) was when I was 4 and we traveled to Florida...
  5. Caraid

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    Back when I still had a car (hey bhutrflai, *Civic high-five*) I drove it down to France from the Netherlands, around Germany and up to Stockholm, Sweden where I'm currently staying. I've been to the UK (London), Scotland, Austria (mostly for skiing), Kopenhagen (had to go through Denmark to get to Stockholm) aside from that.

    So yeah, I've definitely traveled around Europe a fair amount. The US is on the list for next year :).
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  6. reptile logic

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    When you make it to the states, just remember that the scale of the maps change dramatically between Europe and North America. Many people that I have met, who were visiting from Europe or the UK, have remarked on this many times. It can take four long days to travel from the east coast to the west coast by car, in light traffic. That said, I hope that you enjoy your visit.
  7. Cerberus326

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    I do even with work which is 12miles away.ill walk some times or I'll catch a bus to..Then work then walk or jog 2.2miles just in time to catch a bus
  8. -AlphaLupi

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    I wish I could travel. Purchase a fancy RV and just drive around the world. Wishful thinking, I know
  9. Cerberus326

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    Ya we can all roll into a con around the world like this.

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