How to draw better more animeish furrys and other stuff

Discussion in 'Tutorials and Critiques' started by Moka-Rose, May 6, 2017.

  1. Moka-Rose

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    I was looking for some help from people who could help me become a lot better at drawing furries, and yes its a bit against the rules to ask out right but if you could also help me with drawing more.... private and adult drawings then that would be great. I am currently having a hard time with muzzles/snouts, fur/scales, eyes, hands, feet, shading, color ratios.
  2. Rykhoteth


    No other replies in five days and I'm here just dumping vodka into my cola OK sure why not.

    I did have one solution for muzzles I hadn't seen anyone else do. It seems the greatest difficulty is just the oblong nature of the snout. You know those wooden pose dolls? That, but I had some foam and put feature landmarks on it. Helps a lot. POV, angle, distance, etc, play hell with an oblong shape. I'm sure you can make a better reference than my lazy butt did, but my point being try one?

    Fur doesn't have a perfect solution, believe me I've been trying and looking forever. You're better off picking a style you like and prioritizing "cohesive" over realistic.

    Eyes/Hands/Feet, I've just been using what I knew of human figure drawing and applying that with altered dimensions. Either way, some life studies of humans can't be detrimental here.
  3. Ethriol

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    Find styles you like and break them down into shapes - try to figure out what about that style draws you in, and replicate it. Don't just, trace or copy other people's art/styles, but use what others do well to inspire your own approach!

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