How to draw better more animeish furrys and other stuff

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    I was looking for some help from people who could help me become a lot better at drawing furries, and yes its a bit against the rules to ask out right but if you could also help me with drawing more.... private and adult drawings then that would be great. I am currently having a hard time with muzzles/snouts, fur/scales, eyes, hands, feet, shading, color ratios.
  2. Rykhoteth


    No other replies in five days and I'm here just dumping vodka into my cola OK sure why not.

    I did have one solution for muzzles I hadn't seen anyone else do. It seems the greatest difficulty is just the oblong nature of the snout. You know those wooden pose dolls? That, but I had some foam and put feature landmarks on it. Helps a lot. POV, angle, distance, etc, play hell with an oblong shape. I'm sure you can make a better reference than my lazy butt did, but my point being try one?

    Fur doesn't have a perfect solution, believe me I've been trying and looking forever. You're better off picking a style you like and prioritizing "cohesive" over realistic.

    Eyes/Hands/Feet, I've just been using what I knew of human figure drawing and applying that with altered dimensions. Either way, some life studies of humans can't be detrimental here.
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    Find styles you like and break them down into shapes - try to figure out what about that style draws you in, and replicate it. Don't just, trace or copy other people's art/styles, but use what others do well to inspire your own approach!
  4. Siinna

    Siinna I draw anthro, were and furry art

    I´m hella late to this, but ere´s my tips:

    - "Adult": You can begin by looking and sketching lots of gesture studies of pin-ups and nudes i e use sites like Quickpose, lineofaction etc.
    Then, you can proceed to couples and the more advanced. Only way to do hot, is to look at the "adult stuff" ;3 look at what perspective they´re using, how ...they´re posed. I won´t link sites lol you can find them yourself Im sure.
    Also: Pls pls learn the intricacies of animal AND human ..."parts". It does alot to sell the final image. Furry is as you know, a mix of human and animal anatomy or leaning more to animal or human anatomy in those areas. Really important if you want to do "adult". That area is like 95% of those types of image´s appeal to a Viewer. You know what "parts" I´m talking about (pls don´t ban me mod, this is artistic ...purposes...yeah)

    - "Animeish furries": I´m assuming you´re referring to japanese art style furries commonly called "Kemonos"? Simple, learn the characterstics of that style that separate it from other furry art styles, most in the anatomy. Kemonos have very specific anatomy traits that I won´t bore you with here
    (I know alot about this style as it is one I myself am doing, haven´t submitted them yet lol).
    This style is based on manga, which can in art style terms be anything from chibi to realistic in proportions and anatomy. Manga is in turn based on realism. So I´d say the things all artists say to new ones: Learn REALISM first. If you can´t get it down for real, you can´t stylize it. Manga is an abstraction of reality and is exaggerated. It may look simple but it is based on realism like many, if not all artstyles are. Learn realism, and I promise, no artstyle in the World will be hard to learn again. Even abstract art does have some basis in realism if we´re looking at strictly extreme stylized animal art here.

    - All that metric ton of anatomy stuff, textures and art fundamentals etc:
    The very simple solution here is you look at refs of each of these parts and learn how they work and sketch getures of them to begin with,! Anything can be drawn with refs but you have to have a solid anatomy understanding to make it look good as well as good art fundamentals in general to really pull it off. Also ties in with different styles.

    Look at how fur flows on the body, break everything down into simple forms! If you can break it down into simple ´3D forms, your Life will be alot easier. (it´s too wide an area to answer all this in one forum post lmao you need mentorship, classes or tutorials to follow it sounds to me as you don´t seem to have the fundamentals down yet). So, here I would say: if you can, take a basic art fundamentals class and life drawing class, no offense intended, but classes are the best to advance fast and git good in a really short amount of time in all these areas you struggle in.
    Don´t do like I did and waste years on not knowing what you are doing, take a class. I would have been at this level I am today in like months instead of years lmao

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