I am thinking on making a fursuit for myself

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    I am thinking of making a fursuit for myself but I dont know where to get fur from. I have tried michels craft store and joanns fabrics but I could not find the fur I was looking for. I am looking for blue fur dark blue fur and white fur the blue fur will look like the darker blue fur on Ari's fursuit. and dose anyone have any tips or pointers or anything that I may need to know about making a fursuit because I have never made one before and I have never used a sewing machine before? I am looking for a place near San Diego that I can buy fur from dose anyone know of any place I can go?
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    I would seriously recommend learning to use a sewing machine before diving into a project as complex and expensive as a fursuit. If there's no one around to teach you, there are usually classes at sewing shops and the like.
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    I agree with Byron, making a fursuit isn't exactly a beginning type of project, it's a bit more advanced :).
    As for fur....if you live in San Diego take a trip up to LA, and go to the fashion district. TONS of places there to get fur from :) that way you can touch it and see if you like it before buying.

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