I have a very plain fursona

Discussion in 'Fursona Discussion' started by superdorkishere, Mar 18, 2017.

  1. Actually, most of my sonas are plain. Both my fursona and ponysona are a tannish cream color, and my persona is pure white!
    Maybe its just my weird preference to not have a busy looking design, but it does make me feel a tad uncreative ;;

    Heres the only drawing of my fursona, Conrad, that Ive done so far
  2. Multoran

    Multoran Active Member

    Yours looks like a sona Milo Stewart would cook up.
  3. Im not sure who that is, but from a google search is sounds like you're being kinda transphobic ://
    Note: I don't understand meaning in words very well sometimes, so Im sorry if that wasnt the intent!
  4. MadKiyo

    MadKiyo Villainous Fly

    He made a joke. Yes, it was out of place and kind of dumb, but it was of a particular person people don't like not because they are trans, but what they have said.

    Also, a phobia implies irrational fear of [x]. I'm guessing you intended to say it was bigotry from your point of view.
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  5. MadKiyo

    MadKiyo Villainous Fly

    Anyway, I like it.
  6. Andromedahl

    Andromedahl Unlicensed UFO Pilot

    He looks like he would enjoy gardening.
  7. -Praydeth-

    -Praydeth- The Trickster coyote.

    I actually think it's pretty well done. Just something makes it feel forgettable I don't know what.
  8. Sergei Sóhomo

    Sergei Sóhomo Well-Known Member

    Mine is as badass as you can get.

    It's me.
  9. Karatine

    Karatine cat

    Mine is mostly just different shades of white, don't worry.
  10. Aaaaa thank you very much for explaining ;; Like I said, I dont understand things like sarcasm or tone of voice over text conversations very easily. Again, thank you!

    Also, 'phobia' is the most widely used suffix when talking about bigotry, so it's what I decided to use
  11. Kipekee Reddington

    Kipekee Reddington All American Flying Foxdog

    I actually kind of like it. Would look pretty cute with a cowboy hat and freckles imo

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