I Love dragons alot and need to find one! IRL non-RP

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Chrisdadragon, Nov 3, 2017.

  1. Crimcyan

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    All what i can think of reading this
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  2. Raggs99

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  3. Pipistrele

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    To be pragmatic, if they really do exist and are noticeable enough to be caught on film by a stranger or two, they would already be discovered by scientists (who are pretty much professionals in, well, discovering stuff, and are much better equiped than some random strangers with a camera).
  4. Raggs99

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    Seriously though go ahead and look up
    Camera sitings of dragons caught on film,
    You may be surprised
  5. Crimcyan

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    Collecting Seven Dragon Ball Summons Shenlong.jpg oh shiite now you really got me convinced
  6. Pipistrele

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    And UFOs. And Bigfoots.
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  7. -..Legacy..-

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    I'm sure the massive, widespread flight paths of the planet's airliners would have met with legitimacy to that claim.

    Or an area completely devoid of life, to sustain such a large aerial creature that would consume a metric shitload of energy to just survive.
  8. Lcs

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    Dragons do exist; here's some proof for all you non-believers:

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  9. Telnac

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    I would like few things more than to believe dragons exist irl and to meet one. However I have yet to see convincing evidence that they exist, have ever existed or even that they could exist unless we go out & create them. Shaky video footage isn’t convincing evidence. If it were, I’d have earned a degree in Draconic Zoology, Lockness Ichthyology, Bigfoot Anthropology or the Physics of UFOs rather than Computer Science.
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    You gave me a good laugh irl with that one, my dude.
  11. WolfNightV4X1

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    So what drugs were you on at the time? Sleep deprivation is also a good one.
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  12. Akartoshi

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    Same. One time I killed a dragon. Yesterday I rode a unicorn. Today, I'm finding bigfoot. All of these things exist because they are on google. 11/10
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    33.6063° N, 111.8450° W
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    Mate, you're such a scrub.

    Try riding a triceratops into battle with Jesus as your sideman, having double chainsaws for hands.

    Oh, and your Grue wife called. She's pissed you haven't been home for over two days. Though considering how she looks, I am not surprised.. xD
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