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  1. WolfoxeCrevan


    Ok, so I need help finding this out. All the good fursuit makers are really expensive and I really want to get a partial. Does anyone know of a maker who charges lower than 500 US dollars? Or if you are a maker, how much do you charge?
  2. metaldrgn

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    If you are looking for the lowest price you may want to learn to make your own.
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  3. Sarachaga

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    If you want a good quality suit, I'll doubt you can get a partial for under 500. I'd advise against commissioning for the cheapest price possible, since it would mean that in order for the maker to make a profit, he'd need to use very low quality fur/materials.
  4. Ginza

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    Yes, fursuits are incredibly expensive. However, you've gotta understand how difficult they are to make! Fur, labor, and artistic ability isn't cheap. It's something I recommend saving up for. Besides, having a fursuit won't make or break you. A year or so of saving up very intelligently can get you close to enough for a suit :)

    Something I'd also like to point out is that your age mentions you're only 14. This means you're probably still growing. It likely will cost you hundreds or thousands of dollars to get a suit that you may just grow out of in a year or two! Another thing to consider is that most fursuit makers won't allow commissions from minors. The reason is often due to money issues and conflicting interests of parents.

    Not trying to put you off the idea, but it is something to really keep in mind! Best of luck
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  5. WolfoxeCrevan


    Yeah you're right, but hey, I did find out that a freind of mine from school makes fursuits, so I could probably ask her(when I stop growing of course) >w<

    Oh, hey, can you even grow out of a fursuit head?
  6. Ginza

    Ginza Just your friendly neighborhood furfag

    Glad to hear you've found someone in your area!

    I don't know tbh. I've heard you can. I think your hands are the only things that won't really grow. Best of luck!

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