I need help with my character, suggestions?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by kaiyukia, Nov 9, 2017.

  1. kaiyukia

    kaiyukia New Member

    i wasn't sure if this should be in art or discussion so i apologize if this is wrong.

    So, I've had my character a while her name is kaiyukia, she's a wolf. however, since I normally can only draw with a pencil I've never had to think of colorations for my drawings and being on here now I really want to make one for her I just don't know how to start, so how did you guys come up with your fur suit/fursonia pictures?

    I know a few things I want on her like a couple colors a few scars but marking wise I'm not sure. And since I can't draw with colored pencils or really draw online that well I'm kinda stuck, it's hard for me to try and visualize her.

    So did you always know exactly what you wanted?

    And suggestions for me?

    Thanks for reading ^.^
  2. Dongding

    Dongding The sheep

    So up until now she's been a white wolf?
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  3. kaiyukia

    kaiyukia New Member

    White Wolf with blue and brown eyes (each eye is blue and brown) but I wanted to give her some browns dark and light

    I'm looking to make her semi realistic don't know if it's possible.

  4. Sarcastic Coffeecup

    Sarcastic Coffeecup Hand. Cannot. Erase.

    An albino wolf is an option.
    It doesn't always need a whole lot of colour and the lack of it can sometimes be more.
    If you want to build on that white concept with realism, imagine dirt on the fur, as white is not easy to keep white.

    If you want scars, make them seem plausible. Think about what caused it and how it would've happened.
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  5. Dongding

    Dongding The sheep

    And you want markings, colors, scars, and multicolor eyes.

    My suggestion is maybe add all that later. Start with the eyes maybe because that's obviously very unique, and for you to mention them in such detail, it sounds like they're staying for sure.

    As for markings and colors, that one is tough to suggest. I'd stick with a very light unobtrusive color like maybe a pastel pink or blue for your base color and marking color that compliments it depending on how much "visual edge" you're going for, which I find less is more desirable long term.

    Scars? Not a fan of scars so you're on your own there.

    Edit: I like Coffeecup's post better, actually...
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  6. kaiyukia

    kaiyukia New Member

    I was gonna make her mainly white with just a couple markings, but that's where I'm having trouble I wanna do somthing with browns.

    I know white is hard it's just I cant picture her being anything else :/ I don't know I guess.
  7. Dongding

    Dongding The sheep

    Maybe a carelessly slapped on stripe with no particular aim in mind. I find that sort of stuff nice. People always aim for the features or stylize too much for my tastes. Something nonchalant might actually appear to have forsight in the long run.
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  8. kaiyukia

    kaiyukia New Member

    Okay thanks :)
  9. quoting_mungo

    quoting_mungo Administrator Staff Member

    I popped "white and brown wolf" into Google image search, which lead me to beige wolves, and I found this image that might help as inspiration for you:
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  10. -..Legacy..-

    -..Legacy..- Sergal Mafia :P

    You can print out this base of mine and use it to add color if you want. Or just keep it white, and color the eyes and nose. I don't think I'll be using it for anything soon. IMG_1426.JPG
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  11. kaiyukia

    kaiyukia New Member

    That's really beautiful thank you! Diffently somthing to consider :)
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  12. kaiyukia

    kaiyukia New Member

    Thank you for the offer legacy! It's a gorgeous drawing wish I could make stuff like this.
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  13. -..Legacy..-

    -..Legacy..- Sergal Mafia :P

    No worries. If you don't use it, it will just rot in my scraps folder. At least it can have a purpose now.

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