I need something heavier.

Discussion in 'Music and Audio' started by _Hushy, Aug 5, 2016.

  1. _Hushy

    _Hushy Socially uncomfortable, verbally clumsy~

    Hello, I need suggestions. Favourite bands tend to be Australian hip hop.

    Lately however, I've felt the need for something a little bit heavy to listen to. So much of what I find though just seems over the top. So I was wondering, from people that are more into the genre, what sort of bands/songs should I look at to begin with. To help, I can't stand Parkway Drive (raawwwwr!!). I've been looking at The Amity Affliction and I like it a bit, but their songs seem similar and a little plain (may just be the ones youtube took me to?). I want something a little heavier without jumping into the deep end xD Something to yell to next time I'm driving a long way, that still has a.. tune, I guess. I may be exposed to different bands being so far away from most of you so, yeah, thanks!

    What's the sort of stuff you have blasting at 2am while contemplating life?

    I'm hoping Hollywood Undead has a better reputation over there then it does here. Eh I like being able to be more open on here so yeah they have some of my favourite songs. Yes I know they have a lot of bad ones too, but so do many good bands. I dislike the entirety of their newest album though :/
    Could go heavier than that too but it's an indication, a lot of yelled lyrics but you can actually understand it, and some of their songs kinda 'hit home'. If it wasn't for a friend I would have only ever heard the band mentioned once, so I'm hoping theres some other bands over there that I like and haven't heard.
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  2. ShamonCornell

    ShamonCornell Active Member

    "Heavy" as in, "face-meltingly ANGRY STUFF"?
    - Strapping Young Lad

    - Testament

    - Machine Head

    "Heavy" as in, "Thought Provoking"?
    - A favorite from Iron Maiden (really, this whole friggin' ALBUM)

    - A VNV Nation tune (What? I listen to stuff OTHER than metal too, yanno! Also, give a ton of their other stuff a listen)

    - The Sound of Silence (Disturbed version, which Paul Simon outright says is better than his)
    www.youtube.com: Disturbed The Sound Of Silence Lyrics
    - Lastly, take almost any given Trans-Siberian Orchestra album...and read the narrated liner notes. That heavy metal version of Carol of the Bells was originally recorded under the band name Savatage. It's called "Sarajevo" for a REASON...
  3. _Hushy

    _Hushy Socially uncomfortable, verbally clumsy~

    Oops, just realised this wasn't quite the right spot for this thread, oh well.

    Okay thanks for the response :D

    First three are kinda.. not my thing sorry haha. SYL was too plain I think?
    I'll look into testament more, that song was closer ;)
    Iron maiden was alright, another one to look into. Love the length of these haha
    I let YouTube do its auto-play with VNV Nation and I could probably get into it.
    Disturbed is another one to look into thank you. That song was pretty good, little slow but I'll see what else they do.

    maybe the 'heavy' I am trying to get at is probably more a different style (lie rap or rock), but a heavier version of it. maybe heavier/darker in meaning too if you know what I mean. An example:

    It has tune, meaning, and you can understand what he's saying. He's yelling some of it but not roaring like a dinosaur xD Plenty of lyrics too.
    Of the two types of 'heavy' you gave me, the thought provoking ones were my favourites.
  4. yurguardianangel

    yurguardianangel New Member

    Heavy or dark?

    Nothing beats the aggressive evil sounding dark nature of bands like burzum,mayhem,darkthrone.
  5. _Hushy

    _Hushy Socially uncomfortable, verbally clumsy~

    Yet to check these out sorry.. out right now.

    Maybe I'm not sure exactly what I need but probably generally depressing rather than angry if you know what I mean.
  6. ShamonCornell

    ShamonCornell Active Member

    Yeah, you'll really like VNV Nation, then. And Iron Maiden's "The X Factor" album (named after it being their tenth album).
  7. _Hushy

    _Hushy Socially uncomfortable, verbally clumsy~

    Disturbed has been great too. Perfect in the car xD

    Thanks Shamon
  8. Glider

    Glider Guest


    Here's a cover too:
  9. Zipline

    Zipline Noodle Fish

    He seems pretty heavy, hope you enjoy it.
  10. This is my alarm tone...(not really)
  11. I can tell you did not read the thread......at all.
  12. Zipline

    Zipline Noodle Fish

    All the times he asked for heavy furs. AA sounds like Fur Affinity, deep... fat? I am trying to help him out. :p
  13. _Hushy

    _Hushy Socially uncomfortable, verbally clumsy~

    Finally someone who understands my desires
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  14. Zipline

    Zipline Noodle Fish

    Glad to help! ^__^
    Fatties are clearly the best.
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  15. _Hushy

    _Hushy Socially uncomfortable, verbally clumsy~

    More to love ;)
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  16. Saylor

    Saylor More free than your average Murican

    If you're looking for something heavy, but not over the top. You can't beat Black Sabbath.
  17. Nosta

    Nosta Member

  18. JM10

    JM10 Generic Husky #278

    It literally doesn't get more heavy and insane than this stuff, unless you want to listen to anti-music like SUN O)))

  19. DeathMetalDeer

    DeathMetalDeer Cervine Master Race....

    It's heavier....
  20. JM10

    JM10 Generic Husky #278

    ok you're right... but that kitten graphic is killing me
  21. Karatine

    Karatine Mostly a lurker

    Might as well throw in some Devin Townsend ( I know that Strapping Young Lad was Devin Townsend, but there's so much more to him than that )

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  23. Saylor

    Saylor More free than your average Murican

    This is one of my favs. It even has Phil Anselmo from Pantera in it.

  24. heh

    (playing them all at the same time is hilarious btw)
  25. aloveablebunny

    aloveablebunny don't pull my ears!

    VNV Nation - winning!!!

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