I want to go to VancouFur

Discussion in 'Room and Ride Shares' started by Furry_DeLorean, Dec 28, 2016.

  1. Furry_DeLorean

    Furry_DeLorean New Member

    I want to go to Vancoufur this year but I need some help. I live in Portland Oregon and I've never been to Canada. Is someone willing to share a room with me. I'll pay my fair share. How is parking in the area? Are there any parking garages around which I could use for the duration of the con? And is there anything I should know about crossing the border?
  2. Furry_DeLorean

    Furry_DeLorean New Member

    Ok, now the tables have turned. I've got a single bed room across the street from the con. If you have an air matrass and a little dough you can crash with me.

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