I want to write, but idk how...

Discussion in 'Writing and Prose' started by lonely_bloody_wolf, Mar 29, 2017.


Dual-wielding Deagles, or badass katana?

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    R.I.P. Glenn

    The one Asian with a big one...
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    Oh shit how do you know? Did he show you it?? :eek:
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    Something had to keep that woman around, and I know it wasn't his face.
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    Oh my gosh, pervert! I meant a big heart!
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    "Something had to keep that woman around, and I know it wasn't his face."

    Really? That was my fault?
  6. lonely_bloody_wolf

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    And omygawsh! You Racist-uh bastud!
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    I'm not good at writing, but I've had a couple of stories I wrote, one with a friend for kicks and fun and my recent on an AU for Undertale. Now my first one was really wasn't meant to be taking serious at all and really had no plot. My man goal was just to have fun and try to make people laugh. It worked, but sadly it's over-looked for this as well. The name we gave it was simple, "Pokemon Mayham." I was around 12 when I typed this up with my friend and yes I still have the files.

    My next story for Undertale(now 35) was something that played out in my head, I didn't do much else for the next couple of days. I had come up with a start point, mid-point and an ending after a those couple of days. Originally I had no intention to even typing it up to be honest, I knew I wasn't really good at writing, I'm bad at describing things and just like you just have a hard time finishing things I start. A couple days later I just said, "Aw what the hell, I might as well give it a shot." I wrote 30 pages over the course of the next couple of days and when I went through to proof read it, I ended up scrapping the whole thing and starting over. The next version I wrote was a lot better(At the time) and I ending up making 13 chapters which I posted on a few sites(Fanfiction, Archiveofourown, furaffinity and SoFurry), but I read back through and just wasn't satisfied with it. To many continuity issues and that just made me unable to write the next chapter, so I ended up taking what I had and decided to do an over-hull and rewrite.

    I was so much more happy with how the new changes the story and plot came out better, less continuity issues(still had some, but not as bad as before) and better character interactions. Though I only manage to get 9 chapters out this time before I stopped writing again, mainly due to IRL stuff which ate up my time. I still want to get back into it and have chapter 10 around 60 to 75 percent complete, but I rather wait til I have a chance to sit down and really focus on it. Overall through, you really just need to remember to have fun and if you need to take a break for IRL, being stuck or any other reason, there's really nothing wrong with that. I found what helped me was even though I haven't had time to work on my current story and one other I recently came up with, I'll take down notes or idea's so I don't forget them and work them in once I get back into writing again.

    I always have so many idea's for stories or games, but I can never really complete one. Don't not give up and don't let it get you down. Also I like reading other peoples stories, watch shows or anime, read comics or whatever else I can find to give me some new idea's. I'm not sure how helpful this is or will be, but just keep trying to do your best.
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    No such thing as good writing. It's subjective in the end. Now if you want a larger audience? Well. That's a different story. I do not read too much fiction but every fiction book I read I liked. Maybe because I don't read fiction too much means I do not know what makes good writing and bad writing. Auh well. At least my experiences are always pleasant

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