Idea for erotic furry comic/graphic novel

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  1. furrylover1910

    furrylover1910 New Member

    I have this idea for an erotic comic/graphic novel.
    It's about a male human called The Furry Casanova. He can shrink himself to make love with the smallest female animals/furries and grow bigger to make love to the biggest female animals/furries.
    Possible titles:
    - Furry Casanova does the forrest
    - Furry Casanova does the jungle
    - Furry Casanova does the Serengeti
    - Furry Casanova does the farm

    If there is an artist out there who likes the idea then take my idea and do what you like with it.
    And if nobody likes it then I don't mind.
    But if someone uses my idea I hope I'll get free copies of the comic/graphic novel.
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  2. xaliceonfire

    xaliceonfire Kiralee

    Sounds interesting to me.
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  3. oakley

    oakley New Member

    that would be interesting for a comic
  4. wildhead_the_fox

    wildhead_the_fox Wildhead L Fox

    i'd love to see this as a comic....
  5. Zenoth

    Zenoth The average chipfox, doing chipfox stuff.

    Sounds like a cool idea. I'd read it for sure.
  6. WolfNightV4X1

    WolfNightV4X1 King of Kawaii; That Token Femboy

    Not my kink but sounds like a riveting idea for growth/tf fans :v
  7. Mandragoras

    Mandragoras Inept Abecedarian

    There was actually a comic which apparently explored the potential complexities of sexual relations between characters of various species a while back, but the title escapes me and I wasn't comfortable enough with that sort of thing to read it at the time. Kind of a shame, because in retrospect it sounded reasonably funny, particularly to my inner zoologist.

    If you were to pursue this concept, however, an omnivorously pansexual lead would be more effective than a merely heterosexual one. Setting aside my own persuasion here, to my best recollection the original Casanova was quite willing to try just about anything with anyone so long as they were attractive and game for it, and there's something oddly engaging and universal about that.

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