If given the choice would you become a permanent anthropomorph?

Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by Yithian, Jun 28, 2010.

  1. WolfyJake

    WolfyJake Professional Cuddlefluff

    I'm keeping my hobbies online too. Making anthropomorphic animals real is not a possibility in life, so it's not that I'm wasting my time trying to do that. This is all just imaginary, so it is only as realistic as you want it to be. My preferred world like that would not be one of realism, but instead be the cute and bright artistic way most artists portray it as, that would be a fun and cool world to live in for me. And yes, it will have some neon and stuff like that because there'd probably be things like tattoo shops to change the color of your fur and your paws and whatnot. Make it so you can personalize yourself, just like most of us do with our fursonas, reflect your personality a little in the way you look. If the world was filled with generic patternless foxes it'd get really dull. And I think that if all people turn into anthropomorphs we'd get used to it pretty quickly so it won't be that weird for long, as long as it happens to everyone. Although it would be best for everyone that when that happens there won't be any very small species or very tall species. Everyone should all remain around human size I think, for convenience's sake.

    Just to be clear here, I'm not sitting here wishing very hard for it to come true. I'm just imagining what it would be like, how I'd want it to be like and writing it down. But... if I did get a massive button of approval from God for my final idea of such a world, I would probably press that button, just to bring a bit more color and variety to this world.

    But that's just my view on this topic. There are many people who would disagree and I get that too.
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  2. Solar_Dust

    Solar_Dust New Member

    I'd only convert if I knew others locally who had converted, if I was by myself then no.
  3. Johnthejedi24

    Johnthejedi24 New Member

    Hell yeah I'd push that button, as long as the effects are only on me. Just yesterday I was opening boxes at my stocking job and forgot my box-cutter, I pined to myself how much easier it would have been if I had claws.

    Becoming an anthro Lizard/Reptile/Reptilian would be nice, I'd have to get some new clothes and trim down the claws but every-day life shouldn't be much different. If your bipedal and humanoid in form, things that work for Humans should work for you. I do wonder what could be done about touch screens though, since I'm sure claws and scales are not perusive to using touch interfaces.
  4. BurningWolf

    BurningWolf New Member

    I mean, I would press it. Just to see what Trump's going to look like.
  5. PlusThirtyOne

    PlusThirtyOne What DOES my username mean...?

    A big molting gander with partially orange-dyed face and feathery comb-over for good measure. Because they're seemingly always cranky, aggressive and think that they're the coolest fuckin' bird at the pond.
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    If you really think about it
    Being an anthropomorph would be awful
    you'd be seen as a freak
    you'd likely have to go into hiding
    and the government would probably capture you
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  7. tfrs

    tfrs New Member

    Of course I would
    that would be fun
  8. lajm

    lajm family guy funny moments

    only if everyone else became one too. Couldn't stand to be a lone furry shit walking among normal human beings
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  9. Eltup

    Eltup New Member

    What a tough question... o.o if there were other people who did the same thing, I would definitely do it :) however, if I was the only one... I wouldn't know what to do :\ tough decision! Maybe I would, but I don't know ._ .
  10. KimberVaile

    KimberVaile Edgy teenage apathy.

    Probably. Presuming we're not talking uncanny valley.
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  11. Illuminaughty

    Illuminaughty Il Pleut Tojours~

    Would it just be restricted to animals? Because I can think of a lot of other things I would rather choose to be if I could permanently change my form. It'd be nice to shed the social weight and stigma behind such ridiculously loaded subjects as race, gender, age and all their attendant nonsenses by becoming a living humanoid object. I mean, honestly, who is going to bother a trumpet peron, a sunflower person or a telescope person about that stuff? That'd be like berating a lamp for not looking -insert anything here- enough. Humans are kind of odd, they find the weirdest things to nitpick and don't let the subject die until the theoretical horse has been beaten ad nauseum. How many theoretical horses have valiantly subjected themselves to this rubbish? When will we take a stand against such flagrant abuse of imaginary equines? *Shakes fist.*

    That said, it'd have to be a pretty perfect world for something like that to happen and not severely alter your life. If we know anything about humans, it's that in a general sense, they tend to fear things they don't understand. There's a good chance one could end up getting hunted down for suddenly appearing quite not-human.
    If I knew that life could continue on largely unchanged, I may go for it. But otherwise, I don't think the benefits would outweigh the drawbacks of giving up a human shape.

    Additionally, even if everything went smooth as silk, there's also a chance you might find you don't actually like the form you've chosen. There might be unforeseen consequences to the change that you didn't realize or couldn't have predicted. Or, you might just miss how you used to look because it's what you know. I can imagine it would feel rather strange to wake up in the morning, go to look at your reflection and not recognize the creature you see in the mirror. You'd get used to it, of course, but there would definitely be some vast differences.

    -Edit- Also if you chose to be a really fluffy animal like, say, a fox- can you imagine how much shampoo you'd go through!? And you'd probably have to invest in a lot of lint rollers.
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  12. Lcs

    Lcs Well-Known Member

    As long as I'm allowed to choose the animal and colour scheme.

    I refuse to be neon coloured.
  13. FluffyShutterbug

    FluffyShutterbug A Foxy Femboy Photographer

    Uh, totally! Humans are sorta ugly compared to anthro canines!
  14. GReiser

    GReiser none

    It heavily depends on what the options are.
    What world is this possible in? Clearly not the one I currently live in. If so, are the other people also given this choice? How unique the chance of getting this offer is? Do you have to pay for this, e.g. you agree to become a half-human half-animal, but are automatically marked as a probable psycho and sent away from your "normal" friends and family?
    Can it be really be any morph of anthro? Will it affect only my appearance or some sorts of unhuman abilities are also provided? If yes, where are the limits - eagle eyesight, shark scent, pokemon powers, milennial dragon magic?

    ...left aside all these questions, if this comes only for my body - then probably yes, but I doubt it could have made me really happier than I already am.
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  15. SoushieChan

    SoushieChan New Member

    If it changes only me and others that wants the change then sign me up, I need to find that button now! I find humans unattractive.
    If its the whole world? I might....
  16. biscuitfister

    biscuitfister Anyone want thier biscuit fisted?

    Idk if i would. I mean it would be cool but at the same time the world would still be shit.
  17. It'sBlitz

    It'sBlitz Pilot in training

    Probably, just because of the ability to fly
  18. Pipistrele

    Pipistrele Smart batto!

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  19. Kit H. Ruppell

    Kit H. Ruppell Exterminieren! Exterminieren!

    As a human, I'm not going to get any more anthropomorphic than I already am.
  20. Hmm I would press it for me, but other people who may be affected may not be furries..

    Solution: when pressing button go on a secluded island or cave lol.
  21. WolfoxeCrevan

    WolfoxeCrevan HELLO INTERNET

    True dat
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  22. StolenMadWolf

    StolenMadWolf resident Lab Wolf

    Yeah, I would become an anthro wolf, as long as I can choose my own looks (similar to my avatar/fursona), others become anthros too (by choice) and we don't go up uncanny valley.

    At the very least, it will be a interesting change up since humans alone in real life are boring. But it would still be quite cool.
  23. bizzmcsweets

    bizzmcsweets Member

    HAHA my thoughts exactly, I totally would turn into my Fursona, Bizz
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  24. Zurrk

    Zurrk New Member

    Uhhhh yeah I would
  25. Batty Krueger

    Batty Krueger DJ Nailbunny

    Sure why the hell not?

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