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    Currently, the FA search only lets you search by keywords:
    Search -- Fur Affinity [dot] net

    Often, I find drawings on image boards that I suspect are from FA, but there's no source.
    Finding these drawings on FA can be tedious or impossible.
    Here's a few suggestions that would make this easier:

    MD5 hash:
    If the image has been reposted without any changes, its MD5 sum would be the quickest way to find it:
    MD5 - Wikipedia

    File size:
    If an image's metadata has been changed, searching for its MD5 sum will not work, but searching for its file size will.
    As far as images are concerned, file sizes are almost as good a "fingerprint" as MD5 sums.

    Dimensions (width & height):
    If the image has been edited, the two previous options won't work, but searching for the image's dimensions will (as long as it hasn't been resized).

    Aspect ratio (width / height):
    If the image has been resized, the previous option won't work.
    Searching for the image's aspect ratio, combined with one or two keywords, is the only way to find the image (as long as it's only been scaled, not cropped).

    Search by Image:
    If none of the above search options work, you'd have to resort to something like Google's "Search by Image":
    Search by Image – Inside Search – Google

    I imagine that this would be much more difficult to implement than the previous search options, though.
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