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Discussion in 'FAU Discussion' started by Asia Neko, Feb 22, 2016.

  1. Asia Neko

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    As some of you may know I'm the Director of Events for Fur Affinity United 2016. I want to make sure you all know you have the opportunity to run an event/panel at the convention if you'd like. Previously we've had everything from sewing classes to concerts to meet and greets. If you think you have something you'd like to run check out the Panel Registration Page on the FAU 2016 site. There you'll find the requirements and the application.

    Do you feel like you have something fun and exciting to bring to the convention? Let us know by filling out the panel application. I can't wait to see the diversity our fandom brings this year.

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  2. ZaraphayxRedux

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    I wish to host a panel on Great Posting, pls contact me to negotiate payment and accommodations for my stay.
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    Do I get to curate metal discussion? Furries like metal.
  4. Asia Neko

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    If you wish to apply to do a panel you'll want to do so via the application as directed above. Please keep in mind panelists are volunteers.

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