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  1. HungarianWitch

    HungarianWitch Mrs.Choptop

    Name: Haik Karajian
    Age: 19
    Sex: male
    Species: Goat
    Height: 172cm
    Weight: 52kg

    - Hair and fur: brown
    - Markings: Has no markings
    - Eye color: yellow
    - Other features: 3 earrings in each ear

    Personality: friendly, caring, shy, sometimes a bit hyper

    programming, playing guitar, writing poems...
    Weaknesses: Is a bit sensitive and easy to insult, goes berserk when you insult his family or computers XD

    Likes: Music, Computergames, Poems, books, hugs, nature
    Dislikes: prejudices, mean/brutal people


    Clothing/Personal Style: Looks like a mixture out of a metalhead/nerd/&hippie XD
    Picture: Just look at my Fur Affinity userpage. My featured submission is him ^^

    Goal: make money and buy a nice house with a BIG garden.
    Profession: Programming
    Personal quote: "Music is my Life, Baby!"
    Theme song: "Voodoo" by Godsmack
    Favorite music: Metal; Hardrock; Psychodelic Rock; Funk
    Birthdate: 26.7.
    Star sign: Leo
    Religion: Wicca

    Favorite food: pizza, all kinds of salads; noodles
    Favorite drink: tea & coffee
    Favorite location: his room; nightclub's; forests
    Favorite weather: Just average temperature and no rain
    Favorite color: likes all colors

    Least liked food: meat
    Least liked drink: orange juice
    Least liked location: hospital
    Least liked weather: rain

    Favorite person: /
    Friends: /
    Enemies: /
    Significant other: /
    Orientation: bisexual (prefers males though but won't say no to a nice girl xD)
  2. KatKry

    KatKry The Killer Kat

    Don't know many goat furries but he seems alright ^^
  3. sashadistan

    sashadistan Gone Hunting

    Quite unusualy species, good for you. Big curly horns or little stabby ones?
  4. HungarianWitch

    HungarianWitch Mrs.Choptop

    Thank you :)

    He's got little stabby ones ^^ I have a picture of him on my Fur Affinity page :)
  5. byssej

    byssej Dragon-Eating-Mangos

    Just looked, I love him!! So cool.
  6. HungarianWitch

    HungarianWitch Mrs.Choptop

    Thank you very much :) I spent a lot of time on him :D

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