Is linking to innappropriate content okay?

Discussion in 'Site Discussion' started by huskyhuskyhusky, May 2, 2017.

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  1. So a long while ago I had received a ban for posting content that depicted underage characters having sex. Obviously I was in the wrong, and when I went back and read the Acceptable Upload Policy I thought I had read a portion that said you could be punished even if you linked to other sites that hosted such content, like sofurry or e621. I recently looked back and I couldn't find anywhere that said you'd be punished if you were to link, because I don't know if it was changed or anything along those lines, so I just wanted some clarification.

    If you link to content on other sites that you have made that goes against the acceptable upload policy in places like your own profile or journals and such, is that okay?
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    But yeah honestly I'd just be careful about what sites you're linking to, not so much what your content is if your -content is clean-, which it didn't sound like being tbh.
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    Thats a very good question. Honestly from past times on forums I think I even seen here at one point. Someone was talking about some NSFW and I think a staff member said if its NSFW its to be in PMs? Any staff or any member wish to correct go ahead. I am just going back on memory.
    Now if its about underaged stuff, I think its a no no here. And if you must post it I think that would have to be done via PMs. But I am pretty sure anything depicting any underage charater or w/e is a very big no no and can result in a ban.

    Like I said. Staff if I am wrong feel free to correct me. :)

    So if you wish, take this as a little insight as a warning or something. I dont want to see anyone get in trouble lol
  5. The question isn't whether or not the content is okay to post on FA, the Acceptable Upload Policy states that it isn't. The question is, is it okay to link to that content on your profile or in a journal?
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    If its not ok to upload on FA, then it's probably not ok to link to on the site in general.
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    It is rule 1.9 in code of conduct:Do not engage in Mature/Adult Rated activity in General Rated or public areas, such as profiles, journals, and shouts.

    Edit: 1.10 Is the correct one whoops: Links in publicly available content (comments, journals, shouts) or in submissions rated General (AUP 1.1) may not link to pornographic material.
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    Yeah, you can't find it in the AUP because linking is covered by Code of Conduct. Being that links are not uploads. ;)

    Under COC 1.10 you can't link to content that violates our rules (the exception here is benign but off-topic content; things like game screenshots), as well as, as Old Fashioned pointed out, not being allowed to link to adult content in public/General-rated areas. You CAN link to e.g. your IB profile, since IB doesn't by default show adult content to guests, but you can't advertise it as containing content not permitted on FA.
  9. Thank you! That's what I was looking for n.n
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    I have to say it is not okay.
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    Since the main question has been answered I will close this up.
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