Is there a way to filter out content with certain keywords?

Discussion in 'Site Discussion' started by InLoveWithAbsol, Dec 4, 2017.

  1. InLoveWithAbsol

    InLoveWithAbsol New Member

    Hello there.

    I am rather new to this site and have been quick to notice that some of the more popular categories (keywords) on the website are ones that are rather... unnerving to me. Is there a way for one to set up a type of content filter to block content with certain keywords from your view? If so, how would it be accessed and set up?

    I am looking for something like what FurryNetwork has; a system that hides posts with inputted tags/keywords. Is anything like that present around here?
  2. Firehazard

    Firehazard I can fix it!

    Nope! FA was designed with maximum inconvenience in mind! Enjoy your stay.
  3. Ovi the Dragon

    Ovi the Dragon Active Member

    I think it may be in your best interest to get to accepting weird things. Welcome to the furry fandom! :p
  4. Zahur

    Zahur The eastern rift dragon

    There are some filters made by users, but you have to look for them/ I don't remember who created them

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