Is this site dead?

Discussion in 'Site Discussion' started by TheRocketCat, Apr 30, 2017.

  1. TheRocketCat

    TheRocketCat New Member

    Hello, my name is TheRocketCat and I just joined a few moments ago ^-^
    Just wondering, is this site dead, and how often do people post stuff here?
    Thanks :D
  2. msgrandpabacon

    msgrandpabacon Active Member

    Pretty often I'd say.
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  3. TheRocketCat

    TheRocketCat New Member

    What about the actual Fur Affinity site?
  4. msgrandpabacon

    msgrandpabacon Active Member

    More often than the forums, I'd say.
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  5. MadKiyo

    MadKiyo Villainous Fly

    This site gets very slow or very fast depending on the time of day. Some parts you get about 3 posts every 5 minutes, or 1 post every 20 minutes.
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