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Discussion in 'Fursona Discussion' started by Arrow Tibbs, Jul 10, 2008.

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  1. Arrow Tibbs

    Arrow Tibbs Lives in a giant bucket.

    Just for the heck of it, here's an edited version of a bio form I wrote a long time ago. Maybe you'll find it handy?


    - Hair and fur:
    - Markings:
    - Eye color:
    - Other features:
    Behavior and Personality:




    Aaand additional stuff if you want a "what's your blood type?" style bio

    Clothing/Personal Style:

    Personal quote:
    Theme song:
    Star sign:

    Favorite food:
    Favorite drink:
    Favorite location:
    Favorite weather:
    Favorite color:

    Least liked food:
    Least liked drink:
    Least liked location:
    Least liked weather:

    Favorite person:
    Least liked person:
    Significant other:
  2. Zanzer

    Zanzer New Member

    Hmmm Cool! I might take some of this for later
  3. FeralPup

    FeralPup Member

    awesomes! :3
    This will come in handy when i decide to make mine :3
    eventually x3
  4. talakestreal

    talakestreal The Laconic Draconic

    Very handy to make things nice and neat/orderly. :)
  5. Kobo-Kun

    Kobo-Kun New Member

    Guess I'll have to edit mine later.
  6. Merp

    Merp Pudding!

    this is great! thanx so much!
  7. Fu

    Fu nah

    I'm blates nicking bits of this that I haven't mentioned if you don't mind. :3
  8. sablelieger

    sablelieger WIDOWMAKER 6

    Ooh! I like this; I will change my bio using this as a template; thanks a ton. ;)
  9. Nargle

    Nargle HOOT

    Ah, spiffy! I always forget things without some sort of template n.n
  10. Jack

    Jack Member

    I thought this was a description thread... Dang!
    someone should make one.
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  11. Arrow Tibbs

    Arrow Tibbs Lives in a giant bucket.

    You're welcome folks, hope you find it handy ^^
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  12. Monarq

    Monarq Tom Servo

    I'm totally redoing my bio with this...
  13. Arrow Tibbs

    Arrow Tibbs Lives in a giant bucket.

  14. Risal Shikoba

    Risal Shikoba Member

    Thanks for the bio forum ideas.
    I'll be sure to use some of them
  15. Entropy

    Entropy Wrench-fu!

    Thanks, this is pretty handy! I'm filling it out now and saving it for later...
  16. AuraTwilight

    AuraTwilight Secksie'su

    Definitely used.
  17. Arrow Tibbs

    Arrow Tibbs Lives in a giant bucket.

    Hm...Since so many people are finding this useful, maybe it should be stickied?
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  18. Arrow Tibbs

    Arrow Tibbs Lives in a giant bucket.

    I went ahead and stickied this thread because people seemed to find it useful.
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  19. Damascus

    Damascus The Doombringer

    Name: Arterus
    Age: 600
    Sex: male
    Species: Cyber/Genetically engineered wolf
    Height: 8'
    Weight: 250

    Appearance: Wolf in space marine armor
    - Hair and fur: Black with scarlet lines from nose to tail
    - Markings: Scar over left eye
    - Eye color: Solid black with ruby red snake pupils
    - Other features: N/A
    Behavior and Personality: Silent/strong till either a. victory is held
    b. intoxicated
    c. Relaxed
    Skills: Vast combat and tactical knowledge and vocal (singing)
    Weaknesses: Medium temper and ADHD

    Likes: My job, people, weapons
    Dislikes: Stupid people and personal weaknesses

    History:Too long

    Aaand additional stuff if you want a "what's your blood type?" style bio: N/A

    Clothing/Personal Style: Goth when not in armor or uniform

    Goal: To bring peace to the galaxy
    Profession: Marine
    Personal quote:
    Theme song: Beholder of justice by hatebreed/ Juggalo Family by Dark Lotus
    Birthdate: 1408
    Star sign: Leo

    Favorite food: Steak
    Favorite drink: Whiskey
    Favorite location: The Pine Barrens
    Favorite weather: Snow
    Favorite color: Black

    Least liked food: MREs
    Least liked drink: Vodka
    Least liked location: Work
    Least liked weather: Hot and sunny

    Favorite person: N/A
    Least liked person: N/A
    Friends: Looking for some
    Relations: N/A
    Enemies: Those who live for unneccessary chaos
    Significant other: James and Juliet (spouses)
    Orientation: Bisexual
  20. SCW

    SCW Silver Cyber Wolf

    Name: Silva
    Age: 25
    Sex: male
    Species: Arctic Wolf
    Height: 8"4
    Weight: Unknown

    Appearance: A white wolf in army uniform
    - Hair and fur: White
    - Markings: Scars across his body and going down his left eye
    - Eye color: blue (his left eye is glazed over)
    - Other features: Robotic Right arm
    Behavior and Personality: did speack him mind till his mate was killed, now he is a very quiet and shows no happyness but he always help people in need

    Skills: Demolition specalist
    Weaknesses: too caring, his regeneration power slows or stops when he is low on engery

    Likes: Fishing, taveling, things that go BOOM, sleeping and eating
    Dislikes: His twin brother, seeing friends hurt, being alone

    History: That will give my story i am writing away ;p

    Aaand additional stuff if you want a "what's your blood type?" style bio

    Clothing/Personal Style: baggie green camo trousers and a combat vest
    Picture: http://www.furaffinity.net/view/1503342/ (Before he lost his arm and left eye)

    Goal: to end THE COMPANY
    Profession: rogue exparment
    Personal quote: Boom Boom
    Theme song:Come With Me by Puff Daddy feat Jimmy Page
    Birthdate:22 Aug 2297
    Star sign: Leo

    Favorite food: Any meat
    Favorite drink: DP
    Favorite location: dosn't have one
    Favorite weather: rain
    Favorite color: red

    Least liked food: Veg
    Least liked drink: Coke Cola
    Least liked location: Lab
    Least liked weather: windy

    Favorite person: His mate Blaze
    Least liked person: His brother Shadow
    Friends: War pig, Punch and Judy (twins); WS, Snow Queen, and Double R
    Relations: Shadow (Brother)
    Enemies: Shadow and THE COMPANY
    Significant other: Blaze
    Orientation: straight
  21. SuperMooki

    SuperMooki New Member

    Name: Mooki
    Age: 19
    Sex: female
    Species: wolf/dog mix
    Height: 5'4"
    Weight: 135 lbs

    - Hair and fur: hair is black, but sometimes random colors like blue, purple, etc; fur is gray but not silver with white underbelly and a black streak down the back to the tip of the tail
    - Markings: basic wolf/alaskan malamute type markings
    - Eye color: emerald
    - Other features: piercings in ears, lip, eyebrow, and navel
    Behavior and Personality: Sweet, likes hugs, sometimes moody

    Skills: um... sandwich making?
    Weaknesses: math

    Likes: chinese food and dancing
    Dislikes: math, bees, clowns, airplanes (and heights in general)

    History: Not much to write. Born, went to school, blah blah blah...

    Aaand additional stuff if you want a "what's your blood type?" style bio

    Clothing/Personal Style: pretty much punk/goth
    Picture: http://www.furaffinity.net/view/1523943/
    Sadly that's probably the best pic I have and it's all sketchy and lame T.T
    Goal: to take over the world
    Profession: none really...
    Personal quote: When life gives you lemons, you clone those lemons and make super-lemons
    Theme song: Closer by Nine Inch Nails
    Birthdate:August 28
    Star sign: Virgo (year of the Snake)

    Favorite food: spicy chicken sammich from McD's
    Favorite drink: vodka
    Favorite location: warm sunny places
    Favorite weather: just enough snow to make a snowangels (or snowbats if you've ever read Nemi)
    Favorite color: black with small amounts of red or blue... or purple

    Least liked food: flan
    Least liked drink: 7-up
    Least liked location: math class
    Least liked weather: tornadoes (Scary!)

    Favorite person: Phillycat (mate)
    Least liked person: horrible math professor
    Friends: lots and lots
    Relations: lots and lots
    Enemies: not many
    Significant other: Phillycat
    Orientation: bisexual and proud of it
  22. NalinOtter

    NalinOtter The otter of your dreams...

    Name: Nalin
    Age: 21
    Sex: Male
    Species: Otter
    Height: 6’ 2"
    Weight: 205

    - Hair and fur: Light sandy brown and light brown accept for on belly where it is white
    - Markings: Big white patch on underbelly
    - Eye color: Amber
    - Other features: none

    Behavior and Personality: Fun-loving and easygoing. Nalin really gets along with everyone he meets with the rare exception of those people who don’t want to be gotten along with. He is always on the prowl for a boy friend though so far he’s had no luck at landing a keeper, hence he is just a little boy crazy.

    Skills: Sewing and Swimming
    Weaknesses: Cute boys, Strong boys, Well-hung boys and Sweet boys

    Likes: Boys, surfing, sewing, boys, swimming, cooking, boys, drawing and did I mention boys?
    Dislikes: Girls who cannot take a hint, and boys who cannot get over themselves.

    History: A balanced and well adjusted Libra, Nalin has had a relatively easy life growing up in one of the gayest states, Michigan. In one of the gayest cities, Ferndale. His parents, though difficult at first accepted their son’s lifestyle with nearly no drama, and for the last three years since high school ended he has been studying to become a costume designer/ make-up artists and move to his dream town of San Diego California!

    And additional stuff if you want a "what's your blood type?" style bio

    Clothing/Personal Style: Baggy pants and t-shirts
    Picture: not yet.

    Goal: To become a Make-up artist/ Costume Designer and get famous for it.
    Profession: Fashion Student
    Personal quote: "I just act like a woman, get over it."
    Theme song: "Cherry Lips" by Garbage
    Birth date: 10-21-1987
    Star sign: Libra d

    Favorite food: Soft shell crab
    Favorite drink: Herbal tea with sugar and milk
    Favorite location: Anywhere warm
    Favorite weather: Cloudy
    Favorite color: Green

    Least liked food: Onions
    Least liked drink: Colas with caffeine
    Least liked location: Any where that gets colder than 45 degrees in the winter.
    Least liked weather: Sunny

    Favorite person: His little sister..
    Least liked person: His ex.
    Friends: No one you would know.
    Relations: No one you would know.
    Enemies: No one you would know.
    Significant other: No one yet.
    Orientation: Gayer than a six dollar bill
  23. RouShu_wolf

    RouShu_wolf Member

    My fursona is basically me...so nothing too much different than my own interests, but here is this anyway:

    Name: RouShu Wolf
    Age: 19
    Sex: Female
    Species: Wolf
    Height: 5'6"
    Weight: 145lbs

    - Hair and fur: Mostly purple with blue paws and green ears.
    - Markings: Some white on arms, chest and sides. White tip on tail with black underside.
    - Eye color: Blue-ish/purple
    - Other features: Green paw pads and claws, blue tongue
    Behavior and Personality: Friendly, laid back, loyal, but a little shy

    Skills: Writing, sculpture, rhythm based games
    Weaknesses: Ice cream, World of Warcraft

    Likes: Comics, anime, horror/musical/action films, rock/metal/techno/electronica/pop music
    Dislikes: Close minded furries, big bugs

    History: Raised in the suburbs of a large Northern city, and is definitely a city and winter weather wolf. Was forced to relocate to the South for her father's job where she now resides and is attending college pursuing creative writing and international studies. She is a fully anthro wolf with human body structure and was raised among humans for her whole life.

    Clothing/Personal Style: Anything baggy and comfortable. Preferably t-shirts with amusing things on them.
    Picture: None atm

    Goal: Graduate college and get a well paid job in something that I enjoy
    Profession: Student
    Personal quote: "The greatest thing you'll ever learn is just to love and be loved in return."
    Theme song: Hyper Crush "The Arcade"
    Birthdate: July 11, 1989
    Star sign: Cancer

    Favorite food: Hardee's Cheeseburgers or Southwest Streak Bowl from Taco Bell
    Favorite drink: Dr. Pepper or Monster Energy
    Favorite location: Tokyo
    Favorite weather: Winter with snow
    Favorite color: Purple

    Least liked food: Vegetables
    Least liked drink: Beer, most kinds, usually the cheap kinds
    Least liked location: Beaches
    Least liked weather: Summer, hot and sticky

    Significant other: A racoon/sloth named Clare
    Orientation: 100% Lesbian
    Last edited: Sep 16, 2008
  24. Lillie Charllotte

    Lillie Charllotte Utsukuchiku no yagi.

    Name: Machi
    Age: 18
    Sex: Male
    Species: Goat
    Height: 5'5
    Weight: skinny

    - Hair and fur: Hair blue and yellow dreadlocks white/brown/gray
    - Markings: None out of normal
    - Eye color: Goat eyes.
    - Other features: Eyebrow, tounge, ears pierced.
    Behavior and Personality:

    Skills: Singing
    Weaknesses: High notes

    Likes: Music
    Dislikes: Intoxication

    History: -

    Aaand additional stuff if you want a "what's your blood type?" style bio

    Clothing/Personal Style: - Cyber punk
    Picture: -

    Goal: No goal
    Profession: Singer
    Personal quote:
    Theme song: How about favorite song :http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rDNO6RyVArM&feature=related
    Star sign: Libra

    Favorite food: Udon
    Favorite drink: Ramene'
    Favorite location: California
    Favorite weather: Rain
    Favorite color: Green

    Least liked food: Fish
    Least liked drink: Rice drinks.
    Least liked location: Hot places.
    Least liked weather: Hot

    Favorite person: Me.
    Least liked person: Erg. >.>
    Friends: Alot. >.>
    Relations: None
    Enemies: None
    Significant other: None
    Orientation: None
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