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  1. SCW

    SCW Silver Cyber Wolf

    Name: Silva
    Age: 25
    Sex: male
    Species: Arctic Wolf
    Height: 8"4
    Weight: Unknown

    Appearance: A white wolf in army uniform
    - Hair and fur: White
    - Markings: Scars across his body and going down his left eye
    - Eye color: blue (his left eye is glazed over)
    - Other features: Robotic Right arm
    Behavior and Personality: did speack him mind till his mate was killed, now he is a very quiet and shows no happyness but he always help people in need

    Skills: Demolition specalist
    Weaknesses: too caring, his regeneration power slows or stops when he is low on engery

    Likes: Fishing, taveling, things that go BOOM, sleeping and eating
    Dislikes: His twin brother, seeing friends hurt, being alone

    History: That will give my story i am writing away ;p

    Aaand additional stuff if you want a "what's your blood type?" style bio

    Clothing/Personal Style: baggie green camo trousers and a combat vest
    Picture: http://www.furaffinity.net/view/1503342/ (Before he lost his arm and left eye)

    Goal: to end THE COMPANY
    Profession: rogue exparment
    Personal quote: Boom Boom
    Theme song:Come With Me by Puff Daddy feat Jimmy Page
    Birthdate:22 Aug 2297
    Star sign: Leo

    Favorite food: Any meat
    Favorite drink: DP
    Favorite location: dosn't have one
    Favorite weather: rain
    Favorite color: red

    Least liked food: Veg
    Least liked drink: Coke Cola
    Least liked location: Lab
    Least liked weather: windy

    Favorite person: His mate Blaze
    Least liked person: His brother Shadow
    Friends: War pig, Punch and Judy (twins); WS, Snow Queen, and Double R
    Relations: Shadow (Brother)
    Enemies: Shadow and THE COMPANY
    Significant other: Blaze
    Orientation: straight
  2. SuperMooki

    SuperMooki New Member

    Name: Mooki
    Age: 19
    Sex: female
    Species: wolf/dog mix
    Height: 5'4"
    Weight: 135 lbs

    - Hair and fur: hair is black, but sometimes random colors like blue, purple, etc; fur is gray but not silver with white underbelly and a black streak down the back to the tip of the tail
    - Markings: basic wolf/alaskan malamute type markings
    - Eye color: emerald
    - Other features: piercings in ears, lip, eyebrow, and navel
    Behavior and Personality: Sweet, likes hugs, sometimes moody

    Skills: um... sandwich making?
    Weaknesses: math

    Likes: chinese food and dancing
    Dislikes: math, bees, clowns, airplanes (and heights in general)

    History: Not much to write. Born, went to school, blah blah blah...

    Aaand additional stuff if you want a "what's your blood type?" style bio

    Clothing/Personal Style: pretty much punk/goth
    Picture: http://www.furaffinity.net/view/1523943/
    Sadly that's probably the best pic I have and it's all sketchy and lame T.T
    Goal: to take over the world
    Profession: none really...
    Personal quote: When life gives you lemons, you clone those lemons and make super-lemons
    Theme song: Closer by Nine Inch Nails
    Birthdate:August 28
    Star sign: Virgo (year of the Snake)

    Favorite food: spicy chicken sammich from McD's
    Favorite drink: vodka
    Favorite location: warm sunny places
    Favorite weather: just enough snow to make a snowangels (or snowbats if you've ever read Nemi)
    Favorite color: black with small amounts of red or blue... or purple

    Least liked food: flan
    Least liked drink: 7-up
    Least liked location: math class
    Least liked weather: tornadoes (Scary!)

    Favorite person: Phillycat (mate)
    Least liked person: horrible math professor
    Friends: lots and lots
    Relations: lots and lots
    Enemies: not many
    Significant other: Phillycat
    Orientation: bisexual and proud of it
  3. NalinOtter

    NalinOtter The otter of your dreams...

    Name: Nalin
    Age: 21
    Sex: Male
    Species: Otter
    Height: 6’ 2"
    Weight: 205

    - Hair and fur: Light sandy brown and light brown accept for on belly where it is white
    - Markings: Big white patch on underbelly
    - Eye color: Amber
    - Other features: none

    Behavior and Personality: Fun-loving and easygoing. Nalin really gets along with everyone he meets with the rare exception of those people who don’t want to be gotten along with. He is always on the prowl for a boy friend though so far he’s had no luck at landing a keeper, hence he is just a little boy crazy.

    Skills: Sewing and Swimming
    Weaknesses: Cute boys, Strong boys, Well-hung boys and Sweet boys

    Likes: Boys, surfing, sewing, boys, swimming, cooking, boys, drawing and did I mention boys?
    Dislikes: Girls who cannot take a hint, and boys who cannot get over themselves.

    History: A balanced and well adjusted Libra, Nalin has had a relatively easy life growing up in one of the gayest states, Michigan. In one of the gayest cities, Ferndale. His parents, though difficult at first accepted their son’s lifestyle with nearly no drama, and for the last three years since high school ended he has been studying to become a costume designer/ make-up artists and move to his dream town of San Diego California!

    And additional stuff if you want a "what's your blood type?" style bio

    Clothing/Personal Style: Baggy pants and t-shirts
    Picture: not yet.

    Goal: To become a Make-up artist/ Costume Designer and get famous for it.
    Profession: Fashion Student
    Personal quote: "I just act like a woman, get over it."
    Theme song: "Cherry Lips" by Garbage
    Birth date: 10-21-1987
    Star sign: Libra d

    Favorite food: Soft shell crab
    Favorite drink: Herbal tea with sugar and milk
    Favorite location: Anywhere warm
    Favorite weather: Cloudy
    Favorite color: Green

    Least liked food: Onions
    Least liked drink: Colas with caffeine
    Least liked location: Any where that gets colder than 45 degrees in the winter.
    Least liked weather: Sunny

    Favorite person: His little sister..
    Least liked person: His ex.
    Friends: No one you would know.
    Relations: No one you would know.
    Enemies: No one you would know.
    Significant other: No one yet.
    Orientation: Gayer than a six dollar bill
  4. RouShu_wolf

    RouShu_wolf Member

    My fursona is basically me...so nothing too much different than my own interests, but here is this anyway:

    Name: RouShu Wolf
    Age: 19
    Sex: Female
    Species: Wolf
    Height: 5'6"
    Weight: 145lbs

    - Hair and fur: Mostly purple with blue paws and green ears.
    - Markings: Some white on arms, chest and sides. White tip on tail with black underside.
    - Eye color: Blue-ish/purple
    - Other features: Green paw pads and claws, blue tongue
    Behavior and Personality: Friendly, laid back, loyal, but a little shy

    Skills: Writing, sculpture, rhythm based games
    Weaknesses: Ice cream, World of Warcraft

    Likes: Comics, anime, horror/musical/action films, rock/metal/techno/electronica/pop music
    Dislikes: Close minded furries, big bugs

    History: Raised in the suburbs of a large Northern city, and is definitely a city and winter weather wolf. Was forced to relocate to the South for her father's job where she now resides and is attending college pursuing creative writing and international studies. She is a fully anthro wolf with human body structure and was raised among humans for her whole life.

    Clothing/Personal Style: Anything baggy and comfortable. Preferably t-shirts with amusing things on them.
    Picture: None atm

    Goal: Graduate college and get a well paid job in something that I enjoy
    Profession: Student
    Personal quote: "The greatest thing you'll ever learn is just to love and be loved in return."
    Theme song: Hyper Crush "The Arcade"
    Birthdate: July 11, 1989
    Star sign: Cancer

    Favorite food: Hardee's Cheeseburgers or Southwest Streak Bowl from Taco Bell
    Favorite drink: Dr. Pepper or Monster Energy
    Favorite location: Tokyo
    Favorite weather: Winter with snow
    Favorite color: Purple

    Least liked food: Vegetables
    Least liked drink: Beer, most kinds, usually the cheap kinds
    Least liked location: Beaches
    Least liked weather: Summer, hot and sticky

    Significant other: A racoon/sloth named Clare
    Orientation: 100% Lesbian
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  5. Lillie Charllotte

    Lillie Charllotte Utsukuchiku no yagi.

    Name: Machi
    Age: 18
    Sex: Male
    Species: Goat
    Height: 5'5
    Weight: skinny

    - Hair and fur: Hair blue and yellow dreadlocks white/brown/gray
    - Markings: None out of normal
    - Eye color: Goat eyes.
    - Other features: Eyebrow, tounge, ears pierced.
    Behavior and Personality:

    Skills: Singing
    Weaknesses: High notes

    Likes: Music
    Dislikes: Intoxication

    History: -

    Aaand additional stuff if you want a "what's your blood type?" style bio

    Clothing/Personal Style: - Cyber punk
    Picture: -

    Goal: No goal
    Profession: Singer
    Personal quote:
    Theme song: How about favorite song :http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rDNO6RyVArM&feature=related
    Star sign: Libra

    Favorite food: Udon
    Favorite drink: Ramene'
    Favorite location: California
    Favorite weather: Rain
    Favorite color: Green

    Least liked food: Fish
    Least liked drink: Rice drinks.
    Least liked location: Hot places.
    Least liked weather: Hot

    Favorite person: Me.
    Least liked person: Erg. >.>
    Friends: Alot. >.>
    Relations: None
    Enemies: None
    Significant other: None
    Orientation: None
  6. Kume


    Name: Kume Ameta

    - Hair and fur:
    - Markings:
    - Eye color:
    - Other features:
    Behavior and Personality:




    Aaand additional stuff if you want a "what's your blood type?" style bio

    Clothing/Personal Style:

    Personal quote:
    Theme song:
    Star sign:

    Favorite food:
    Favorite drink:
    Favorite location:
    Favorite weather:
    Favorite color:

    Least liked food:
    Least liked drink:
    Least liked location:
    Least liked weather:

    Favorite person:
    Least liked person:
    Significant other:
  7. SaberLeopardess816

    SaberLeopardess816 Lesbian Pardus Girl.

    Love It, Done It, Happy Too!
  8. Owwin

    Owwin Tests on animals.

    Owwin Nimmo(me)
    Species:Human for now
    Weight: around 260.
    - Hair and fur:
    - Markings: normal?
    - Eye color: Brown
    - Other features: Just as fat as I am. Hopefully in the following weeks I can star making him look more toned and muscly, until then we will stay fat.
    Behavior and Personality: I am happy almost all of the time. I love to make people laugh and try not to make too many people mad. Try not to take anything I say too seriously, even when I am being serious.
    Weaknesses: Bullets, falling, knives. The knives don't even really have to be sharp if you stab hard enough.
    Writing, Biology, working out, playing video games, cooking, swimming, cleaning other people's houses, living in filth myself, listening to music. The kind of stuff everybody likes.
    Dislikes: People's cruelty towards each other, people without a sense of humor, Urn'khonian soul stealing raiders.
    History: maybe if you take me out to dinner.

    Aaand additional stuff if you want a "what's your blood type"?:

    Clothing/Personal Style:
    I wear orange t-shirts and blue jean pants. I dress like a freaking cartoon character. I have 6 identical outfits.
    Picture:maybe later

    To become one of the greatest video game designers ever.
    Profession:Hopefully a video game designer.
    Personal quote:Your world exists only as you perceive it. That means that without you the entire world is gone. Expand your world, make it better, and take care of yourself.
    Theme song: Hocus Pocus by Focus
    Birthdate: July
    Star sign: Cancer

    Favorite food:
    Casseroles, stews, pretty much anything that contains multiple food groups.
    Favorite drink: Either Dr. Pepper or Orange Juice.
    Favorite location:
    My home. This includes my friend's houses because I feel at home.
    Favorite weather: 60 degrees Fahrenheit, cloudy, with just enough sunshine coming down to make it gray and comfortable. No strain on the eyes from the sun, and it is a beautiful day.
    Favorite color: Orange
    Least liked food:
    Lima Beans.
    Least liked drink: Coke Zero. Aspartame makes me really sick.
    Least liked location: Between work and school.
    Least liked weather: When it is unbearably hot, and the sun is blazing in my face like he thinks he knows me. KNOCK IT OFF ASSHOLE!
    Virgin. SHUT THE HELL UP.
  9. sashadistan

    sashadistan Gone Hunting

    lovely and neat.
  10. Nevarous

    Nevarous Ironjaw

    I love making bios, sometimes I like making them more then the RPs I use them for lol.

    Name: Nevarous Ironjaw
    Age: 18
    Sex: Male
    Species: Alligator
    Height: 6’4
    Weight: 170 pl

    Appearance: He has a slight hunch in his shoulders which makes his look just a bit bulky. Nevarous’s arms and legs are of normal human length and are fair in the mussel department. His tail is about seven feet long and is very flexible, but not enough to be used as a third hand.
    - Scales: Back and tail are a dark green, light tan make up his under belly.
    - Markings: None
    - Eye color: Blue
    - Other features: His snout is a little on the short side. Like all true alligators his teeth can't b seen once he closes his jaws.
    Behavior and Personality: Nevarous tries to live by a code of sorts, risk life and limb for the little guy and women, give a respectful bow to all he meets and lay a smack down on punks who look to full of themselves. Close friends are treated like members of the family, regardless of their species. Some times calls his friends brother or sister, this was a habit he gained from living in a large gator clutch with many true siblings.

    Skills: Tries to be peaceful. Is willing to listen to any troubles and then try to help fix them. Will fight to the death for a cause he believes in. Is a very powerful swimmer and can carry two human sized things while in the water or on land with ease. Tail is very strong and can knock others about six feet away. Can fight well with or without a weapon, but normally has a one handed axe to use if he is attacked. Scales are very think on the back and offer a good guard. Can look lazy and inactive one second and attack with surprising speed the next. Can keep his cool when things are out of control.
    Weaknesses: Will fight to the death for a cause he believes in. Doesn’t trust others easy. Under belly is soft and an easy target. Is very violent if woken up from sleep. Can't hit a female no matter what. Gets annoyed very easy.

    Likes: Respect. Peace and quiet. A nice friendly chat every once in a while. Doesn’t mind a good fight when he is annoyed. Nice warm lazy afternoons when the only thing you want to do is fish. Fishing in general.
    Dislikes: Being chewed out for something he believes in. Seeing females of any kind hurt or abused. Being chewed out be a girl when he was only trying to help. People who are pushy and always try to get their way.

    History: Lived in a swamp with his brothers and sisters for most of his life until he struck out of his own. Had a very normal gator life up until his leaving.

    Clothing/Personal Style: Likes to wear a large Hawaiian-shirt, its red with a yellow flower design on it. Doesn’t normally wear any bottoms since his “parts” are not shown to the world. When he is around others he doesn’t know, Nevarous will put on some dull brown shorts.
    Picture: *is too sucky at drawing to make one*

    Goal: For now its to find a home in a nice swamp and one day find someone caring to share his life with. (Sappy, I know…but true.)
    Profession: Fisherman and part time fossil hunter.
    Personal quote: “What is done is done.”
    Theme song: “What I’ve done”
    Birthdate: June 29
    Star sign: Cancer

    Favorite food: Calamari
    Favorite drink: Mr. Pibb
    Favorite location: Creek beds
    Favorite weather: Slightly clouds with a good wind
    Favorite color: Blue

    Least liked food: Peanutbutter
    Least liked drink: Coffee
    Least liked location: Field of tall grass
    Least liked weather: Hot and muggy

    Favorite person: Doesn’t chose between family members
    Least liked person: Same as above
    Friends: Few if any are called “real” friends of Nevarous.
    Relations: None
    Enemies: Only one
    Significant other: None
    Orientation: Hetero
  11. Reconwulf

    Reconwulf ITS PARTY TIME!!!! X3

    cool this is going to help alot for mine now
  12. Kye Vixen

    Kye Vixen F.O.X

    Name: Kye
    Age: 23
    Sex: female
    Species: Blue artic Fox
    Height: 5"2

    - Hair and fur: Fur: slate grey with blue hue. Hair: Light brown and blonde.
    - Markings: 3 stars on left forearm
    - Eye color: Amber
    - Other features: ears and navel pierced.

    Skills: Painting and singing

    Likes: most things
    Dislikes: lilly cole

    Aaand additional stuff if you want a "what's your blood type?" style bio

    Clothing/Personal Style: Individual and laid back style

    Profession: Make up artist / Graphic designer
    Personal quote: Seriously?
    Theme song: Walky talky man
    Birthdate: 17.10.1985
    Star sign: Libra

    Favorite food: Lasagene
    Favorite drink: Southeren comfort lime and lemonade
    Favorite location: Wooded area / forest
    Favorite weather: Rain / snow
    Favorite color: Cyan and Black

    Least liked food: Tomatoes
    Least liked drink: water
    Least liked location: Libraries
    Least liked weather: Wind

    Favorite person: Self
    Least liked person: Lilly Cole
    Friends: Many
    Relations: Few
    Enemies: None as of yet
    Significant other: Scruffy
    Orientation: Straight
  13. Nocturnowl357

    Nocturnowl357 The nocturnal gaming furry

    Sure, why not.

    Name: Roger
    Age: 18
    Sex: Male
    Species: Gray hare [I'd like to say gray furred pooka but thats close without copying[
    Height: 5'4
    Weight: 146 lbs

    - Hair and fur: Brown bedhead like hair, fur color is gray
    - Markings: Scar on left eye brow going near eye lid
    - Eye color: Brown
    - Other features: Nitch in left ear
    Behavior and Personality: Normal human like behavior. Outgoing when around friends yet shy around others. Strong when angered. Strong sense of justice and protection to loved ones.

    Skills: Skilled with firearms, hand to hand combat, sneakery and a mean cook
    Weaknesses: Very clumsy and hasty in situations.

    Likes: Gaming, Joking, cooking and Socializing
    Dislikes: Idiots, menial work, abusers, liars

    History: Human at till the age of 16. Taken at a young age by an organization using children as soldiers, scientists and spys for hire. At age 13 was abandoned by organization with mind wipe which caused black outs and emotional instability. At 14 was tried for arson of his school and sent off to a private academy. At age 16 was cursed by man which lead to discovery of a second realm co-existing with humans which then led to stop apocolypic plot. Finds out he was top of his field and contains a gene that stops him from dying or disease with some limitations. Afterwards went back to regular human life but still cursed into this form.

    [yeah I got WAY too much time on my hands]

    Clothing/Personal Style: Baggy and loose
    Picture: Since I can't draw for beans N/A

    Goal: Wanting to own sucessful cafe.
    Profession: Student and Cook
    Birthdate: 1/26/90
    Star sign: Aquarius

    Favorite person: His brother
    Least liked person: Hugo Allhiem [The man who cursed him]
    Friends: Arch [human], Dex [human], Rose [Realm creature]
    Relations: Alex [Brother], Nancy [Mother]
    Enemies: Hugo, Gary [Man sent to kill Roger at 16]
    Significant other: Rose
    Orientation: Straight

    This was based on the character I've been contemplating on making a series for...maybe ill make it and host it here.
  14. hedgievamp

    hedgievamp New Member

    OH, lovely, this would really help :3
  15. KiloCharlie

    KiloCharlie Tastes Like You Only Sweeter

    Name: Kilo Vulpes Charlie
    Age: 18
    Sex: Male
    Species: Arctic Fox
    Height: 6'1"
    Weight: ~125-140lbs.

    - Hair and fur: White in winter, black in summer
    - Markings: small streaks of dark blue and red in summer coat
    - Eye color: Hazel
    - Other features: has muzzle (some ppls fursona's don't...)
    Behavior and Personality:

    Skills:Combat, humor
    Weaknesses: mediation. impatient

    Likes: a lot
    Dislikes: sudden loud noises, pungent smells, waiting

    History: -

    Aaand additional stuff if you want a "what's your blood type?" style bio

    Clothing/Personal Style: usually black, or fitting to current fur color, collar as a stylish accessory, loose fitting clothes.
    Picture: in progress

    Goal: n/a
    Profession: depends on the RP i'm in... usually an assassin/mercenary
    Personal quote: "Shit happens, just don't step in it."
    Theme song: (Fav. song...) Bleed It Out -Linkin Park
    Birthdate: 7/6/1990
    Star sign: Cancer

    Favorite food: none
    Favorite drink: Dr. Pepper
    Favorite location: almost anywhere
    Favorite weather: comfortable
    Favorite color: black

    Least liked food: avacado
    Least liked drink: juice
    Least liked location: rural
    Least liked weather: burning hot

    Favorite person: none
    Least liked person: none
    Friends: many
    Relations: just friends
    Significant other: none
    Orientation: BI
  16. QwertyQwert

    QwertyQwert Prince of Techno

    Name: Ulric
    Age: 16
    Sex: Male
    Species: Canadian Lynx

    - Hair and fur: Black, with white and grey undertones
    - Markings: Fur just around nose is white, and fades outward; white and grey stripes along arms, legs, and back
    - Eye color: Deep blue
    - Other features: Chipped right ear
    Behavior and Personality: Lazy, calm, relaxed most of the time, with occasional hyper and horny outbursts. Also funny (can be a smart ass) and polite.

    Skills: Very organized, hard working.
    Weaknesses: Temper problems, gets jealous easily, can be very impatient.

    Likes: Internet, Television, Video Games, Porn
    Dislikes: Not being on internet, Trolls,

    Clothing/Personal Style: Baggy jeans, White T-Shirts. Also wears glasses.
    Picture: None yet, see Avatar for now

    Goal: Find true love
    Profession: Office Supply Worker

    Favorite food: Pizza
    Favorite drink: Sprite Zero
    Favorite location: Alaska
    Favorite weather: Snow
    Least liked weather: Really hot weather
    Favorite color: Blue

    Significant other: None
    Orientation: Bisexual
    Last edited: Feb 2, 2009
  17. Kit Parcal

    Kit Parcal K.P. the One and Only!

    Name: Kit Parcal
    Age: 19
    Sex: Male
    Species: Twin-Tailed Arctic Kitsune
    Height: 6' 3"
    Weight: 227 lbs.

    - Hair and fur: White
    - Markings: None
    - Eye color: Brown
    - Other features: None

    Behavior and Personality: Calm,Serious

    Likes: Food
    Dislikes: No Food

    Picture: Look at my avatar or sig.

    Star sign:Ares

    Favorite color: Pinks and Reds
    Favorite food: Steak
    Favorite weather: Snow

    Least liked food: Seafood
    Least liked weather: Heat

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  18. Talon4554

    Talon4554 New Member

    I know this may seem random but what if your fursona is born from something like tv, I know mine is
  19. Shadow


    Name: Shadow-Fox "Foxy Paws" Kakuretsin
    Age: 18 (He ages at the same rate I do.)
    Sex: Male
    Species: Demonic gold fox.
    Height: 6'0'' (6'5'' with ears)
    Weight: 225 lb. (Average build.)

    - Hair and fur: Hair is long and black, fur is gold and white with a bit of black on the tail between the white and gold.
    - Markings: Long black triangle underneath the right eye.
    - Eye color: Right is red with a slit pupil while the left is silver with a round pupil.
    - Other features: Silver hoop earring in left ear, black pads and claws.
    Behavior and Personality: Easy going, but can be energetic and fun loving. Also, has a dry sense of humor.

    Skills: Can control darkness in many ways, good shot with guns.
    Weaknesses: Mortal.

    Likes: Being with friends, video games, and darkness.
    Dislikes: Harassment, bigotry, stupidity and ignorance.

    History: Unknown.

    Clothing/Personal Style: Goth.
    Picture: Click my name, and view my forum profile, but the picture is uncolored.

    Goal: Doing what makes him happy.
    Profession: Mercenary.
    Personal quote: "Darkness is fun."
    Theme song: The Other Side by Pendulum
    Birthdate: 06/29/1990
    Star sign: Cancer

    Favorite food: Crab meat.
    Favorite drink: Brisk.
    Favorite location: The Midwest of the US.
    Favorite weather: Temperate around the 70s and sunny.
    Favorite color: Black.

    Least liked food: Pineapples, and coconuts.
    Least liked drink: Anything alcoholic.
    Least liked location: Traffic.
    Least liked weather: Snowy and freezing.

    Favorite person: N/A
    Least liked person: N/A
    Friends: Kyo "Makeshift" Tsukari, and Lyze. (Mind you, these are real furs I know.)
    Relations: Not in one.
    Enemies: N/A
    Significant other: N/A
    Orientation: Straight.
    Last edited: Mar 24, 2009
  20. Name: Eazehd
    Age: 15
    Sex: Female
    Species: Genetically modified combination creature thing. (mostly ungulates and canines)
    Height: 5'8
    Weight: 135

    - Hair and fur: Blue head hair, Orange main coat, Green underbelly
    - Markings: None
    - Eye color: Yellow
    - Other features: N/A
    Behavior and Personality:

    Skills: Mind control, speed
    Weaknesses: Bad strength

    Likes: N/A
    Dislikes: N/A

    History: Shes pretty much a creature mad in a lab. She is made from different animal parts stitched together. She regularily dyes her fur and paints her horns.

    Clothing/Personal Style: Colourful/kandi/busy
    Picture: http://exploding-zombies.deviantart.com/art/Kickass-111249773 (one on the left)
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