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  1. Jade

    Jade New Member

    Working on mine, will post it in a few hours, have doodling to get back to, thanks for the post though. :)

    Name: Baron Von Yiffington
    Age: 24
    Sex: Male
    Species: Alaskan Malamute
    Height: 5'10"
    Weight: 220 lbs

    - Hair and fur: Regular husky/malamute style. Black and white. Hair is shoulder length and brown.
    - Markings: Average.
    - Eye color: Blue.
    - Other features:
    Behavior and Personality: Prick.

    Skills: Being great
    Weaknesses: None

    Likes: Booze, computers.
    Dislikes: You, probably.

    History: Came out of a vagina and kicked the doctor in the cock. Has been regarded as awesome ever since.

    Aaand additional stuff if you want a "what's your blood type?" style bio (i don't)

    Clothing/Personal Style: Fancy suits.
    Picture: n/a I am poor

    Goal: Be the best at life (fucking succeeded)
    Profession: Shitposting message boards
    Personal quote: "FUCK YOU"
    Theme song: Another F.U. Song - Reel Big Fish
    Birthdate: April 8th
    Star sign: Big Dipper

    Favorite food: Hot Pockets
    Favorite drink: Vodka
    Favorite location: Connecticut
    Favorite weather: Freezing and snowing
    Favorite color: Blue

    Favorite person: Himself
    Least liked person: Everyone that isn't him
    Friends: Anyone that is almost as cool as him (but nobody that is as cool because they don't exist)
    Relations: no
    Enemies: Fat chicks
    Significant other: Your mom
    Orientation: Straight as a line drawn by someone who draws perfectly straight lines

  3. Shadow


    Based on my newer character.

    Name: Jestre "the" Hyvanine
    Age: 19
    Sex: Male
    Species: Hyvanine (Meant to mean HYena Vulpine jAckal caNINE.)
    Height: 6'0'' (w/o ears)
    Weight: 225 lb.

    Appearance: http://d.furaffinity.net/art/ultima-mewtwo/1248744986.ultima-mewtwo_jestre_sized_down.png
    - Hair and fur:
    - Markings:
    - Eye color:
    - Other features:

    Behavior and Personality: Insane and a "joker" of sorts.

    Skills: Agile, strong will, a manipulator of darkness.
    Weaknesses: Mortal.

    Likes: Having fun with things.
    Dislikes: Buzzkills.

    History: The final form of Shadow-Fox Kakuretsin. (My original and long going fursona.)


    Clothing/Personal Style: Mainly a t-shirt and pants consisting of black.

    Goal: Just to have fun in life and mess with people while doing it.
    Profession: N/A
    Personal quote: "I'm just a jester of life."
    Theme song: Incubus - D-Mode-D feat. Jaql
    Birthdate: 6/29/90
    Star sign: Western: Cancer; Eastern: Horse

    Favorite food: Sushi.
    Favorite drink: Brisk.
    Favorite location: NW Chicago suburbs.
    Favorite weather: Temperate and moderately sunny.
    Favorite color: Black.

    Least liked food: Sour kraut.
    Least liked drink: Any alcohol.
    Least liked location: Ghettos or cities.
    Least liked weather: Winter.

    Favorite person: N/A
    Least liked person: N/A
    Friends: Whoever becomes one.
    Relations: N/A
    Enemies: N/A
    Significant other: N/A
    Orientation: Bi-curious, but predominantly straight.
  4. Remy

    Remy Sugar & Rainbows

    Name: Remy
    Age: 21, as of this posting
    Sex: Female
    Species: Snow Leopard
    Height: 5'
    Weight: A lady never tells

    See http://www.furaffinity.net/view/2823834 for a better insight
    - Hair and fur: Pigtails; grey/white
    - Markings: Spots & Rosettes
    - Eye color: Grey
    - Other features:

    Behavior and Personality:

    Birthdate: May 3rd
    Star sign: Taurus/Dragon

    Favorite food: Chinese, PB&J, Pasta
    Favorite drink: Water, Cherry Coke
    Favorite location:
    Favorite weather: Sunny
    Favorite color: Blue

    Favorite person: her Master
    Significant other: her Master
    Orientation: Openly bisexual
  5. Sadeisut0

    Sadeisut0 Amnesiac King?

    ooo handy my first shall be recognizable!
  6. littleblue-fox

    littleblue-fox Turn your tears to roses

    i love these things :)

    Name: Ikara
    Age: 19
    Sex: Female
    Species: Fox
    Height: 5"1 (hehe keeping it like me :))
    Weight: 8stone (not sure in lbs)

    - Hair and fur: Blue fur, red hair
    - Markings: black tips on ears and tail, black marking on forehead and black splodge on back; small white patch on tummy
    - Eye color: green
    - Other features: few scars on knees due to sheer accident proneness

    Behavior and Personality: bubbly and sweet, quite intelligent despite beign a total ditz :3

    Skills: none really; aside from being an awesome headshot in FPS and lucky bum in Peggle
    Weaknesses: cute shiny things, her finances (she overspends constantly)

    Likes: Playing video games, shopping, cute things, girly things, anything thats somewhat shiny....she really should have been a magpie fur
    Dislikes: bugs and insects; anything somewhat ickyful

    Aaand additional stuff if you want a "what's your blood type?" style bio

    Clothing/Personal Style: Whatever she finds; kind of scene, kind of grungey.....sometimes girly


    Profession: Student
    Personal quote: *pokes*
    Theme song: Bliss - Muse (#your soul cant hate anything#)
    Birthdate: 3/2 (same as me)
    Star sign: Aquarius

    Favorite food: Anything sweet or Pasta-ay
    Favorite drink: Red Bull, Irn Bru, Appletinis
    Favorite location: Parks, the city centre
    Favorite weather: Autumn; not too warm and not too cold
    Favorite color: pink and baby blue

    Least liked food: Anything too spicy, oysters, vegetables
    Least liked drink: green tea
    Least liked location: Seaside resorts - too commercial
    Least liked weather: Stormy windy weather (except thunderstorms)

    Favorite person: her boyfriend, her right-hand girly
    Least liked person: her stalker ex
    Friends: pretty much anyone who she can have a giggle with
    Significant other: Sephi :)
    Orientation: Straight
  7. Glaice

    Glaice Why use FA anymore? It's junk now

  8. Syl

    Syl The Heartless One

    My Pokemon Character (I had to do it)

    Name: Synata Zilo (Syn)
    Age: 16
    Sex: Female
    Species: Charmeleon
    Height: 4'6"
    Weight: 140 lbs

    - Scale color: Chrome
    - Markings: A long scar running in the middle of her face, and one on her right eye
    - Eye color: Amber

    Behavior and Personality:

    Syn doesn't care for much except her mate. She's a born fighter and never backs down from a challenge. She has a bitter hatred of Charizards. She likes to be alone and undisturbed, only her mate is fully safe at all times around her. Although she'll never admit it, she has a curiosity towards all thing unknown or forbidden (mainly magic and arts of the like). Syn is often mistaken for a male due to her masculine appearance and ways, even though she's small compared to average Charmeleon height


    She's an excellent ally to have in a battle due to her great endurance and fiery battelust.


    When hurt, Syn is next to uselessness, and her temper can get the best of her more than sometimes.

    Likes: Cuddling with her mate, fighting, lighting anything on fire, and getting into the "forbidden" factors of life

    Dislikes: Charizards, humans, liars, and wannabes


    Syn came from a long line of Charizard warriors, so she was expected to carry on that name. Since she was a small Charmander, she was trained to fight and kill by her father.
    But while training continued, Syn began to believe that she was worthless to her father. He only seemed interested in fighting and training with her brothers. Then, the day came when every one of her brothers had evolved into Charizards, but she was still a Charmander.
    This made her father push her to her limits, fighting her with all his strength when she was unprepared. In one fight session, she had fought her way to exhaustion. As she collapsed, her orange scale color darkened and began to shine until it was a stunning chrome color and she evolved into a powerful Charmeleon.
    With this new found strength, Syn battled her father to his death, and swore to never evolve again.
    She wore an Everstone ever since.

    Clothing/Personal Style: Usually, Syn would wear a black A top with cargo camo shorts. Rarely will she wear shoes, always wears everstone on a black cord

    Picture: http://www.furaffinity.net/view/2991022

    Goal: To be happy in this life and if possible, quince her curiousity
    Profession: Mercenary
    Personal quote: You never know what's out there till you find it yourself
    Theme song: The Pretender
    Birthdate: December 19, 1993
    Star sign: Scorpio

    Favorite food: Oran berry
    Favorite drink: Sobe Dragonfruit
    Favorite location: Anywhere Alivara is
    Favorite weather: Cold and icy
    Favorite color: Purple

    Least liked food: Cresto berry
    Least liked drink: Lemonade
    Least liked location: The cave where she spent her childhood
    Least liked weather: (ironically) Any form of hot weather

    Favorite person: Alivara
    Least liked person: Her father and eldest brother
    Friends: A mew named Gala, Ran Ran
    Relations: her adopted Arcanine brother Ranook (Ran Ran)
    Enemies: Rantu, Alivara's former suitor and the rest of Alivara's family
    Significant other: A female grovyle named Alivara (Ali)
    Orientation: Gay
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  9. Glaice

    Glaice Why use FA anymore? It's junk now

    For the hell of it, I'll go with the flow..

    Name: Glaice
    Age: 27
    Sex: Male
    Species: Northern Sergal
    Height: 7ft (2.1m)
    Weight: Around 160#

    Appearance: Tall, slender frame
    - Hair and fur: Dull cyan and white
    - Markings: 3 hidden scars on body
    - Eye color: Emerald green
    Behavior and Personality: Semi-introverted, shy, loving, opinionated and sometimes dramatic.

    Skills: CQC with bladed melee weapons
    Weaknesses: Fire, sometimes easily seduced.

    Likes: Honesty, heavy metal, monogamy, first person shooters
    Dislikes: Top 40 music, polygamy/polyamory, religious solicitators, zoophilia/beastiality, fundamentalists, people with big egos, corporate greed, political corruption, cronyism, nepotism, extreme closedmindedness, political correctness, broken promises, censorship and self-centered people.

    History: Served under Rain for roughly 15 years and reached the equalivant of US Army's O-2 rank (1st Lt). He has been in battle enough to know how things go and has commanded small groups of lower ranking soldiers (typically E-1 through E-9), and also been at death's doors a couple of times due to injury. After retiring, he has moved onto a more peaceful life but the painful memories of service surface from time to time. Aira, his half-sister also served alongside with him but she did not see as much action as he or the others did, among other unpleasant things that occured during their time.

    Clothing/Personal Style: Nude most of the time, but is sometimes in his old plate armor.
    Picture: http://www.furaffinity.net/view/2919500

    Goal: Undisclosed
    Profession: Ex-soldier
    Personal quote: Censorship reflects society's lack of confidence in itself. It is a hallmark of an authoritarian regime.
    Theme song: None
    Birthdate: April 1982
    Star sign: Taurus

    Favorite food: Spicy
    Favorite drink: Amp
    Favorite location:
    Favorite weather: Cool and dry or cold and dry
    Favorite color: Black, blue, green

    Least liked food:
    Least liked drink: Hard liquor
    Least liked location:
    Least liked weather: Hot and damp

    Favorite person: Temporarily undisclosed
    Least liked person: Most politicians
    Friends: Araya, Arix, several others
    Relations: Undisclosed
    Enemies: Undisclosed
    Significant other: None yet
    Orientation: Bisexual
  10. Syl

    Syl The Heartless One


    Name: Sylvar Ciaran Magi (Syl)
    Age: 13
    Sex: Female
    Species: Tiger
    Height: 5'5"
    Weight: 161 lbs


    - Hair and fur: Her hair is white w/ a few purple streaks, it grows to the top of her back. Her body fur is black w/ purple stripes gray on her underside
    - Markings: An eye shaped silver dot in the middle of her eyes (usually hidden by the beanie she wears), a purple curved line w/ 3 dots under it for both eyes
    - Eye color: Right eye silver, left eye purple
    - Other features: Has a bald spot in the middle of her throat due to an injury received as a kitten
    - Body type: Thick and slightly chubby

    Behavior and Personality:

    Syl is shy for the most part, and very curious about magic and arts of the like. She's quiet around those unknown to her or untrusted, and very friendly/perverted/hyper around her close friends. When angered, Syl has little control as to what she'll do next. Only to those truly close to her, is she warm and caring to. She's very gentle, but she'll do what it takes to defend what she loves and the few she loves.

    Skills: Slight talent in the magic fields, a somewhat skilled poet, can run for short periods of time

    Weaknesses: Her emotions and sensitive heart, nearly physically useless, her ever-wandering mind, being submissive

    Likes: Music with meaning, poetry, literature, nighttime, magic, trustworthy allies and friends
    Dislikes: Liars, repetitive music with no meaning, traitors, annoying people, people who redicule her for her likes/interests

    History: N/A


    Clothing/Personal Style: Usually known to wear baggy jeans and a t shirt under an open white trenchcoat. Sometimes wears a dull grey beanie. Always wears a black shackle on her right wrist, and an ankh on a metal collar due to her days as Set's champion/pet

    Picture: http://www.furaffinity.net/view/2567488

    Goal: None
    Profession: None
    Personal quote: Life's a game but it's not fair, I break the rules so I don't care
    Theme song: Run this Town
    Birthdate: February 28, 1996
    Star sign: Pisces

    Favorite food: Anything Asian
    Favorite drink: Sobe Dragonfruit
    Favorite location: Somewhere dark and quiet
    Favorite weather: Rain
    Favorite color: Silverish black

    Least liked food: Mexican food
    Least liked drink: Herbal tea
    Least liked location: Whatever there's crowd
    Least liked weather: Hot & beaming

    Orientation: Pan
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  11. Name:garuun
    Height:6 foot 1

    Appearance:usually wears a red jacket and jeans
    - Hair and fur:black
    - Markings:white markings on his forhead
    - Eye color:green
    - Other features:feet are a little lighter black then the rest of his body
    Behavior and Personality, playful, imaginitive, loyal, and shy of people he dosnt know

    Skills:is trained in self defence, good with swords
    Weaknesses: he always tries to help others, sometimes this gets him in way over his head

    Likes:walks in the park, reading, going out on adventures, and hanging out with friends
    Dislikes: people who doubt him, huge spiders

    History: he never had any parents and lived by himself for most of his life, after turning 15 he decided that he would travel and not spend any more time in the small town he grew up in. he also has a rival, tarune. He usually messes garuuns life because he likes to watch garuun suffer.


    Clothing/Personal Style:mentioned above
    Picture: when I can draw furries then I will come back

    Goal: to travel around the world
    Profession: currently none
    Personal quote: " I guess there is no other way is there?
    Star sign:taurus
    Favorite food:supreme pizza
    Favorite drink:sprite
    Favorite location:the park
    Favorite weather:cloudy
    Favorite color:green

    Least liked food:rolls
    Least liked drink: mineral water
    Least liked location: the hospital
    Least liked weather:very windy

    Favorite person:no favorite person
    Least liked person:tarune
    Friends:none yet
    Relations:no people who he has any strong feeling for
    orientation: straight
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  12. Senora Kitty

    Senora Kitty Member

    Name: SenoraKitty AKA: Jynx (role-playing name)
    Age: 25
    Sex: Female
    Species: Felious domesticous
    Height: 5'7"
    Weight: 195lbs.

    Appearance: Hourglass figure, sizable bust and bum.
    - Hair and fur: Orange w/ gray, black, and white fur
    - Markings: [See Picture Below]
    - Eye color: Blue
    - Other features: Pink nose
    Behavior and Personality: Timed at first, but will become bubbly and excited when in a comfortable situation. She does not like violence but will fight when left with no other option. She will play the pacifist in a violent situation but she has been through a few scraps herself.

    Skills: Charm, respectful, able to see the good in people, weapons knowledge, hand to hand combat
    Weaknesses: Has a foul mouth, can assume a little too often, selfless to the point of self destruction.

    Likes: Cats, friendly people, philosophy, mythology, science, learning, whimsical things
    Dislikes: Rude people, selfish people, trolls (not the fairy tale kind), people who think they are cute by acting stupid

    History: Born in Florida, raised in Kentucky, moved back to Florida to go to college to become a computer animator, financial aid fell through, had a series of decent yet failed relationships total equaling 3, was in a car accident in '07, declared disabled in '09.

    Clothing/Personal Style: Casual - skimpy, sometimes wears a red teaddy style armor suit
    Picture:[​IMG] (She needs a serious overhaul)

    Goal: To be free to live a good life without people judging her.
    Profession: N/A
    Personal quote: If you're cute enough you can get away with anything.
    Theme song: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1HtCquBppTc
    (If you think the face is creepy just window out and listen. It is a very good song)
    Birthdate: Feb. 21st
    Star sign: Pisces

    Favorite food: Steak and sushi.
    Favorite drink: Diet Coke
    Favorite location: Bed
    Favorite weather: Warm sunny days 60-70 degrees- Thunderstorms with lots of lightning
    Favorite color: Blue

    Least liked food: Cooked carrots, and cabbage
    Least liked drink: Whiskey
    Least liked location: Malls
    Least liked weather: Anything to hot or to cold

    Favorite person: Whom ever her significant other is.
    Least liked person: Anyone who treats her with disrespect.
    Friends: Anyone she meets who considers her a friend.
    Relations: Casual seeking permanent
    Enemies: People who consider her their enemy
    Significant other: Whom ever she happens to be involved with at the time.
    Orientation: Bi with more straight tendencies
  13. Archevald

    Archevald Has proven god to like furries


    Archevald Tuozac (Although he doesn't know his own last name)


    Basic: Anthropomorphic, Black Footed/Albino mix Ermine
    Scientific: Anthro Mustela Erminea Putorius Furo




    In time: 21 Earthen years
    Physical: 19, due to a few effects combined from gene defects


    Soft and a little quiet compared to most males, sounds like a child from the pitch of his voice, but not a ridiculously high pitch, more of a light leaning towards feminine sound.


    Resting weight (When calm):
    43 kilograms
    Active weight (When agitated, uneasy, and otherwise not calm):
    51 kilograms


    When walking on two legs: 5" 6'
    When walking on all fours: 2" (Approx)

    Physical condition (overall):

    Very fit, very fast and decently strong

    Flesh/Paw Pads:

    His flesh is surprizingly soft and smooth, and also very very sensitive. Sort of makes him a little girly, but although because it is soft and cuddeable it makes him easy to damage yet it gives him a massive speed boost, his body able to bend in seemingly unnatural ways, such as turning 260 degrees at the torso without pain. Paw pads are pure white in colour


    His bones are lighter than an average human's but are just as durable


    His fur is medium length and soft and fluffy when felt. His skin is soft and smooth to touch, and also very very sensitive. Skin is pure white in colour


    Toned and fit, although not bulgy. When not active in a muscle strenuous activity his muscles are soft and work more as padding

    Nerve and Brain:

    His nerves are toned and work twice as well as an average beings, for examplepain is twice as painful and pleasure is twice as pleasureful, and of course every other part of the touch and feel sense is doubled as well

    Circulatory System:

    His heart works at four beats per second as a normal rate during sleep it drops to two beats per second and during a strenuous situation such a battle it increases quickly from a regular 4 to 6 and then finally 8. During this time time slows down to 2x as slow for him, allowing a huge speed and reaction time advantage on his behalf. Although as the situation completes the heart rate drops too fast for his body to take and he faints for a short time, most times that is, but can just feel very weak


    Very large, unnaturally large actually, about 3/4 of a tennis ball's diameter and perfectly rounded circles in shape


    Digitigrade in shape, like a quadruped and regular Ermine's

    Hind paws:

    Like a quadruped regular Ermine's, four toed with a dew claw like a canine paw and with longish, sharp, white claws

    Fore paws/Hands:

    4 finger 1 thumb, delicate, yet shorter than a human's fingers with long, white, shortish, claws

    Padded like a paw on palm and undersides of fingertips, although not as thick as his hind paws, allowing him to grasp things and such


    One and a half meters in length (4'6" feet) and pure white in fur colour really soft and fluffy to the touch, the good majority of the tail is poofy fur


    Like many male animals, has no nipples.

    He doesn't sweat due to being a furred animal, some furred animals do but an
    Ermine does not sweat


    Markings and colourings:

    Lower legs
    Hind paws
    Inner and outer ear, both ears
    Large patch covering nearly 1/3 of face over left eye

    All of body except aready mentioned black covered areas

    Pale, very pale white


    Dark green, they shine like emeralds in light

    His pupils are huge and cover a good amount of his visible portion of eye


    Black in colour

    Items and Apparel:
    A genuine, felt made, 1930's style black Fedora hat with a gold hat's collar band

    Black formal dress jacket, 1930 in style
    Long sleeve cuffed white linen collared dress shirt

    Custom fitted black dress pants, 1930 style but custom fitted to fit comfortably on digitigrade legs

    Hind paws/Lower legs:
    Black silken socks that have no toe covering, like the gloves mentioned below but for his hind paws. The 'socks' go half way up his leg to the top it has a ring in a tribal design in golden thread drawn in, acting as something like elastic to keep it on his leg firmly

    Fore paws/Arms:
    Fingerless silken gloves that go up his arms to the elbow, all over them are a design appearing as shattered glass in golden thread, acting as something like elastic to keep it on his arm firmly as well as looking rather interesting.

    A 0.65 calliber revolver, eight rounds per full load. Ivory handle and black steel for the gun metal. The barrel has a big metal weight on the underside, which is engraved with tribal markings and painted gold along the lines

    12 inch pure diamond blades, thin yet strong in structure that slide underneath his skin, one goes below the skin on his wrist, the other on the above side of his wrist. Two blades per arm, one above one below. They wounds that the blades slide out of and into are always open, sometimes they bleed and sting violently.

    He has a golden analogue wrist watch, look designer and the brand name written behind the crystal display protection screen is just a big letter A

    Also has a golden fogwatch, has the same big letter A on the front of it as well



    When he was born, because of his physical structure he was considered a girl and was thought to be so for the first day, and was origionally called Angel because of such events.

    He lived with his parents, Karlia his mother and his father Louis, for the first four years of his life. Living in a town in France called Aquatine, on a vineyard out of town. His mother was and is a tailor by trade and his father owns and runs the vineyard.

    Archevald had always been a very cutesy boy, his unnaturally cute and feminine looks giving new people to him the impression that he is a female, not many people realise that he is male until told. His voice is soft but still that of a male, not gay sounding but unconfident and uninterested in tone most of the time.

    Two weeks after his fourth birthday he was taken from the fields of the vineyard by the "Organization" and used as a slave for a human male known as Gregory, a sort of snooty englishman. He was beaten every second day if he was lucky and never fed well, and sadly occasionally sexually taken by others against his will.

    Archevald's mental health quickly declined and forced his mind into a state of nearly no return, fearing all and cowering like a panzy at the slightest chance of danger. His body language showing his fear, shaking and shivering occasionally and avoiding large or intimidating people.

    Being trained in spywork and assassination from the age of eight and although hating what he does and doing so out of fear of pain or otherwise from his master. Then finally after a long seventeen years of pain and suffering to himself and others he ran from his master and the organization and is in hiding, and contemplating suicide daily.

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  14. Kaath

    Kaath *sips tea* Yes, quite...

    This is awesome! somehow I had the idea when I read the first post everyone would start filling theirs out on here :3
  15. Hierientzal

    Hierientzal Ziesuran Magister Templar

    Many blessings, thanks!
  16. Mona Fantome

    Mona Fantome New Member

    Name: Mona Fantome
    Age: 25
    Sex: Female
    Species: Kitsune (magic fox)
    Height: 5'9
    Weight: 125

    - Hair and fur: She has fiery red fur only a bit lighter on her breast and stomach and inside of her tail and a big, bushy fox tail with white on the tip of it.
    - Markings: Nothing too special.
    - Eye color: Sky blue
    - Other features:
    Behavior and Personality:

    Skills: Good at drawing, cooking, and lots of other stuff!
    Weaknesses: Not very good at athletics or so it seems, not good at dancing either and shy

    Likes: Nice people, dominant guys, bold people, rock music and sometimes techno
    Dislikes: Mean people, sports

    History: Lived and grew up in France for awhile, but moved to the USA and learned English. She speaks English very well

    Aaand additional stuff if you want a "what's your blood type?" style bio

    Clothing/Personal Style: Sort of classy clothes, she usually wears a white shirt with a brown jacket and a professional brown shirt. She has sensible shoes (not high heeled), and glasses that she wears often.
    Picture: Don't have one, not a good artist T_T

    Goal: To meet a really great guy
    Profession: Student at a local university
    Personal quote: "I just wish I could meet some people and have a fun time, you know?"
    Theme song: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TqzgT05C46Y
    Birthdate: October 23
    Star sign: Virgo

    Favorite food: French fries
    Favorite drink: Red Wine
    Favorite location: Mont St. Michel
    Favorite weather: Sunny
    Favorite color: Fiery red, of course =3

    Least liked food: Shrimp
    Least liked drink: Sweet Tea D=
    Least liked location: The sea?
    Least liked weather: Icy Cold

    Favorite person: Don't know yet =3
    Least liked person: Hopefully nobody
    Friends: N/A
    Relations: N/A
    Enemies: Hopefully nobody!
    Significant other: N/A
    Orientation: Anything works
  17. Syl

    Syl The Heartless One

    Name: Raiacx Icara
    Age: 13
    Sex: Female
    Species: African wildcat/porcupine
    Height: 5'5"
    Weight: 163 lbs

    - Hair and fur: Rai has the natural fur color of a wildcat. Her hair is black and contains a row of quills on the top of her head that only stick up when upset, scared or angry
    - Markings: The natural stripes that wrap around her wrists, ankles, and thighs . Two lines curve under her eyes
    - Eye color: Hazel
    - Other features: Quills on the end of her tail that raise when provoked

    Behavior and Personality: Rai is very calm and somewhat smug. She's also shy and kind to most people. She's known for her odd and perverted humor. Though sometimes her emotions get the best of her and she becomes very depressed.

    Skills: Psychic abilities (telepath, reads the future through the stars, can alter minds and confuse others just by looking at them), poetry, and intellect (despite some slowness)
    Weaknesses: Her emotions , poor eyesight, and occasional mental slowness

    Likes: The nighttime, shooting her quills at those she hates, poetry, and statgazing
    Dislikes: Most people, the daylight, and the fact that she has to wear glasses

    Clothing/Personal Style: Rai usually wears jeans and a t shirt with a purple anarchy symbol

    Personal quote: I'm taking advantage of what I can do
    Birthdate: February 28, 1996
    Star sign: Pisces

    Favorite location: Where ever she can clearly see the night sky clearly
    Favorite weather: Rainy
    Favorite color: Silver

    Orientation: Pan
  18. Qoph

    Qoph omurr

    I'm closing this... should have a long time ago. This is intended as a guide for how to describe your fursona, NOT a place to post the completed guide. For that, please make your own topic.
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