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    So this is my first submission to the website...

    www.furaffinity.net: First Bunny Woman by IamNowon

    And as it says in the description, I'm in search of some help. Mostly, what is the best way to draw a character and then transfer the lines to digital without it becoming super pixelated? I use photoshop to create a Threshold, then I click "similar colors" to remove the white, and then I color in the image. However, it's not nearly as clean as I'd like it to be. I'm willing to admit that it might be my lack of artistic ability if that's what it is.

    Oh, and this is also my first post in this forum. Yay!
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    Firstly, welcome to the forum!
    Secondly, please remember to mark your links with "NSFW" when posting such, even tame and tasteful images.
    Now onto the art. There's a zillion ways you can virtually ink your pencil sketches without having to redraw them. You can increase the contrast just enough to wash out the soft grey bits of your scan, you can play around with color and light levels of your scan or you can ignore the grey smudgy bits and embrace them. Trust me, just adding color is sometimes all you need. Sometimes graphite smudges can add some oft needed detail that would be otherwise washed away. Rather then removing the white you could just color over it. Try simply applying color to a new "multiply" layer over top instead. Cutting out the white is going to leave a jagged edge between the light and dark pixels which is what makes your lines so crooked. if you insist on your selection method, try using the magic wand tool yourself manually. it works the same way but with a little more precision. Either you can paint color manually over your lines or you can try following this helpful guide (starting from 3:eek:o) and you might get some softer results. The artist in the video is coloring digital lineart but this technique can be used on pencil drawings too if the contrast is high enough. Also, because he forgets to point this out, you can select multiple "cels" by holding shift. You can also tweak the wand's "tolerance" to match the selection you're dealing with. A tolerance of "0" on a white pixel will only select the whitest white but "100" will select up to about 50% grey. You're prooooobably looking for around 20-50 tolerance. Also consider feathering your selection to keep the lineart soft. Depending on resolution, shoot for %20 of the thickness of your lines.

    Hope this helps!

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