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Discussion in 'Music and Audio' started by Takun, Sep 23, 2008.

  1. Karasurhekitsune

    Karasurhekitsune New Member

    That's cool :3
    I have very... Odd tastes in music X3
  2. Cchytale Murilega

    Cchytale Murilega Active Member

    That's good. So do I :p
  3. Karasurhekitsune

    Karasurhekitsune New Member

    My does not span the full oddness of my musical tastes XD
  4. Dreaming

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  5. Fjordy

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  6. Vrghr

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  7. Heliophobic

    Heliophobic Active Member

    I'm now using alts because I'm a fucking aspie and different music touching to me is like when corn juice gets all over your other food. Shit's nasty.

    Industrial account

    Ambient account

    Everything else account

    Yes. I do realize I should have made 'Exdustrial' my industrial account.
  8. JowiStinks

    JowiStinks Self-Proclaimed Musician

    And yes, this is EVERYTHING I listen to, so it's probably the most jumbled mess you've ever seen on However, it does accurately reflect my musical taste. :)
  9. NeverNeverland

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  10. Cocobanana

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  11. shteev

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  12. DeadBegonia

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  13. captainbrant

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  14. Heliophobic

    Heliophobic Active Member

    How would you describe to a new user? I'm just curious.
  15. Niurendar

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  16. captainbrant

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  17. mrperson379

    mrperson379 Member

    Here's mine.
    Just actually started using it this year, though I've had it for a while.
    I mostly listen to Indie Rock, But there are moments where I listen to something new. Like, I've been really digging this Drum n' Bass stuff recently.
  18. surfurry

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  19. SCPH7503

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