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    Hey Everyone,

    I have a two night stay at the Sheraton Hotel at FurtheMore this year and a pretty empty room. I know this is rather last minute, but I thought I'd give it a shot anyway. Information is as follows:

    Sheraton Hotel
    8661 Leesburg Pike
    Tysons, VA 22182

    Check-In: Friday, April 28th
    Check-Out: Sunday, April 30th

    Rate: $270 for the weekend split amongst all guests, taxes included (it's only me at the moment, I have room for three more)
    Room Rules: No smoking, vaping, or drugs in the room... alcohol is fine. I don't really enforce a curfew (I barely sleep anyway), just be respectable to other room mates and neighbors.

    About Me: I am a vendor, male, in my late 20s. I've been conventioning for well over 14 years, room sharing for over 10, and vending for over 4. I'm very lax and always enjoy good company.

    If you have any questions, shot me a PM, post it here, e-mail me at, text me at 781-535-9256, whatever... I'll find it somewhere.

    Thanks for looking.

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