Learning music and art at the same time

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Pipistrele, Jul 14, 2017.

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    An interesting question I have in my mind for a month or so, and even asked a couple of my favorite creators about it, is how efficient and realistic it is to work both on music and art skills, while eventually getting improvements in both fields (not necessarily top-tier level, but at least "that's pretty good" one). Ihave a somewhat unhealthy struggle between wanting to write/play music and also learn artwork. Thing is, I was always something of a polymath by nature, easily picking up new hobbies or skills - that's how I've learned English mostly by myself (not my native language, yeah), got some knowledge of programming cool stuff, making animations, playing guitar, and many other things, so it mostly helped my life to know a lot of stuff at a competent level, even without necessarily excelling at all of them. Artwork and music composing, however, are entirely different beasts - there are just so many fundamentals, styles and rules, that learning all of that is a serious long-time investment. So, in your opinion, is it possible to combine two together and achieve any meaningful results in a long term, or it'll lead to a progress slip, or worse, both crafts getting rusty and degraded over time?
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    I've been wondering the same thing. I'm already a fairly good musician, but I'm trying to write a book about my fursona character and learn to draw anthro art while still working on guitar/bass daily. Its not easy. I'm trying to dedicate my free time one day a week to drawing and one day for writing, but I'm not accomplishing much. I think you could concentrate more on what you want to be better at eventually, whether that's art or music.
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    Hm, I see. Though when it comes to learning instrument (I still practice guitar from time to time), I prefer to apply separate approaches - when drawing/composing, I dedicate myself to it fully, while with practicing guitar/bass, I just turn on YouTube or Netflix and grind various chords/scales/songs on autopilot until I get good enough (of course I take some days to rethink and fix my playing from time to time, since learning solely on "autopilot" can be damaging to my play in the long run). In other words, I don't have much trouble with learning both composing and playing or both drawing and playing, since those two hobbies contrast witch each other enough to not get boring. With learning how to compose and draw at the same time, approaches are similar, so it can be quite exhausting to do both properly, which is my main problem :(

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