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    Our world, Gracea, is caught in a cycle of creation and destruction, each cycle following the same path. As a result, the mortal races all follow a set of prophecies known as the Historium- which foretell the future by examining the past cycle. The mortals don't know of this, however, and believe the Historium to be a true prediction of the future.

    The gods, on the other hand, know of the true nature of the universe, and are determined to change this cycle. Abandoning the Historium, 6 of the 12 major gods of the world sire children in the mortal world, all within 60 years. These are the Player Characters, and will be treated as Distortions in the Historium once they are found out. The main characters will hopefully choose to free the world from the Historium, either through heroic actions or villainous deeds.

    Humans- don't even need to explain this.

    Dajerre- beast/anthros/ furries/ scalies/ whatevah. They can look like any vertebrate.

    Elves- slightly tall people with pointed ears.

    Orcs- a larger race with pointed ears and a bit of underbite. They are good warriors.
    Magic- players can start with up to 4 spells total. They can buy spell tomes or experiment to learn new spells.
    Alteration- the school of Alteration focuses on the physical and chemical changes to objects and creatures. Examples include transmutation and armor spells.

    Illusion- Illusion is the art of bending people's perception of the world through the manipulation of emotions, light, and sound.

    Divination- the scrying of the future, past, or present. Can be used to communicate with otherworldly entities such as gods, spirits, or demons.

    Restoration- the school dedicated to healing, purification, and protection against the undead.

    Exorcism- the school of magic dedicated to the banishment of evil spirits and protection against malevolent entities.

    Summoning- the art of calling creatures and spirits from other worlds to help you. Summoners are capable of communication and interaction with all sorts ofotherworldly creatures, spirits, and entities. Combined with restoration, summoning can be used to fully resurrect the dead.

    Conjuration- the art of using magic to create objects or creatures from one's imagination. Familiars created with conjuration can be sent to other worlds and called to you with summoning. Matter created by magic is still matter, so itdoesn't usually disappear after any amount of time. It can still be dismissed by it's creator to replenish the same amount of MP used to create it. Created objects can be dispelled by other mages if they know the right spell for it.

    Photomancy- the school that revolves around manipulating light to attack, create constructs, and generate wards to defend against attacks. Examples include Photon Sphere, Photonic Binding, and Light Shield.

    Nachtomancy- the school of granting shadows and darkness physical form to attack or use as a tool.

    Pyromancy- The school dedicated to fire and heat.

    Hydromancy- water magics.

    Cryomancy- Ice magics.

    Monsomancy- the control of the weather. Monsomancers can control lightning, wind, and precipitation, so monsomancy is considered a hybrid school.

    Terramancy- earth magic. The most powerful spells of this school are said to be able to create mountains, build continents, and control the plate tectonics.

    Mystomancy- the basis of magic. Mystomancers use magic to create effects (example: magic in harry potter), or create temporary magical constructs (magic weapons in Doctor Strange).

    Narcomancy- the school of magicdedicated to sleep, hypnosis, and true, irresistible mind-control. Narcomancers are much more feared than illusionists, because their magic cannot be resisted by willpower alone. Narcomancers cancontrol dreams, and are the inventors of purposeful Astral Projection.

    Chronomancy- the science of manipulating time and the paradoxes attached to it.

    Cosmomancy- magic dealing with space and celestial bodies. Cosmomancers can control meteorites, summon minuature stars, and do many other things.

    Necromancy- magic and rituals dedicated to the reanimation and enslavement of the undead, as well as the summoning of undead creatures to the mortal plane. Wraiths, ghouls, reapers, and Dark Revenants are all able to be summoned with Necromancy.
    Rules (don't think we need these, but it never hurts.)
    1. Don't be a dick OOC. Just... Don't. Its painful for everyone to watch.
    2. Unless you're using Anime style magic, please stick to the spells I have provided. They don't suck, and there'll be more added over time.
    3. As GM, I have the right to pull divine intervention if things get too out of hand. Please, don't get out of hand.
    4. There can be 6-8 protagonist characters. Sibling protagonists are allowed, as long as there are exactly 6 gods who are the parents of the protagonists.

    Age: (max is 60)
    Godly Parent:
    HP: (health) (100-250)
    MP: (Magic Energy) (100-200)
    SP: (Stamina) (100-200)
    Magic/ Special Strikes:
    Skills: (10-25 for all skills)
    ATK- (controls physical damage and special strike damage)
    M. ATK- (controls spell damage
    DEF- (prevents damage)
    M. DEF- (protects against magic)
    AGLTY- (speed)
    INT- (controls support spell effectiveness)
    Wisdom- (speech, problem solving)
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    Spells made the thread too long.
    20 MP
    Incantation: Vardem Dermis
    Description: the caster weaves low levels of resistance to damage into their flesh and clothing, providing a defense similar to leather armor. Side effects are a slight loss of sensation across the body. Lasts for 20 minutes, then wears off.

    25 MP
    Incantation: Zeil Terrum
    Description: turns sand into glass.

    Briar Whip
    20 MP
    Incantation: Aza Plantae
    Description: the caster uses plants or plant based materials to grow a vine that deals 25-30 base damage. May cause bleeding.

    Purify Liquid
    30 MP
    Incantation: Hydraros Nemm
    Description: minor impurities are removed from a solution to remove any weak poisons.

    40 MP
    Incantation: Terrum Crystares
    Description: transforms a stone or stonelike material into crystal form composed of the same material as the source. 20 more MP allows you to change the chemical composition of the final product.

    Convert to Explosive
    60 MP
    Incantation: Materas Volatihm
    Description: coverts the center of a small object into a slightly explosive material. When damaged, it will explode in a ten foot radius and deal 35-40 base damage.

    20 MP
    Incantation: Toxino Derma
    Description: touch the target to convert a small amount of their blood into a damaging poison. Causes 3 points of poison damage per minute for 15 minutes, slowing down health regeneration by 10-15 percent.

    Poison Gas
    10 MP per second
    Incantation: Corrodem Vapore
    Description: the caster converts a cloud of air into damaging gas. Causes 5 points of poison damage per second. The caster develops a rash on their hand if they cast this spell directly from their palm, causing immense irritation and minor swelling.

    Minor Hallucinations
    20 MP
    Incantation: Emotas Mentel
    Description: temporarily induces auditory hallucinations in the target, similar to the symptoms of Schizophrenia, but much less prominent, to induce levels of emotion in the target.

    Minor Illusion
    30 MP
    Incantation: Lumel Faux
    Description: creates a 4x4 visionary illusion.

    False Sound
    25 MP
    Incantation: Faux Audia
    Description: creates a constant noise emanating from target location.

    Scry Object
    12 MP per second
    Incantation: Remas Objecta
    Description: projects the image of an object that a caster has seen before, as well as its location.

    Contact Person
    Incantation: Hadrem, Joor al Joor, Had al Had
    Description: prepare a two-way telepathic channel between the caster and the target. The caster must either be right in front of the target, or have something that belongs to them.

    The Curse of the Runny
    Incantation: Gormae eln distos, Che-el davin
    Description: the caster uses an item belonging to their victim to enact a curse upon them, sapping their strength and infecting them with a terrible headcold.

    Tarot Reading
    Description: gives a vague description of near events in the Historium.

    First Aid
    15 MP per second, 20 MP for a Prep. Spell
    Incantation: Episkos
    Description: heals the target ten HP per second. If used as a preparation spell, use 20 MP and a short, 3 second verse incantation to restore 50 HP to the target.

    Cure Minor Illness
    25 MP
    Incantation: Distos Curen
    Description: Destroy one minor disease or negative status effect in the body.

    Summon Minor Flame Spirit
    30 MP
    Incantation: Enchos Cendose
    Description: Summon a weak fire spirit to fight by your side for 60 seconds. Its Attacks deal 15-20 damage per hit, and its spells deal 30-35 five.

    Summon Minor Storm Spirit
    35 MP
    Incantation: Enchos Kayan
    Description: Summon a weak storm spirit to fight for you for 60 seconds. Can't do physical attacks, but deals 20-30 damage with spells.

    Summon Natural Familiar (Lvls w/ Summoner)
    40 MP
    Incantation: Enchos Ainamus
    Description: summon an animal spirit to physical form and create a contract with it, if one has not been created already. If already contracted, add its name to the Incantation. Deals 15-25 damage per hit.

    Conjure Weak Dagger
    30 MP
    Incantation: Kunkumae Dage
    Description: creates a simple dagger out of Aether. Base damage is 6-12. Can be dispelled to return the MP used.

    Conjure Iron Sword
    35 MP
    Incantation: Kunkumae Sabra
    Description: creates an iron sword that does 10-15 base damage. (Note: character's weapons can be stronger than this, preferably around 20-25 base damage)

    15 MP
    Incantation: Lumens
    Description: create a sphere of light that follows you until dismissed.

    Light Sphere
    50 MP
    Incantation: Lumens Empaller
    Description: Creates a spear of light and fires it at the target. Deals 25-30 base damage.

    40 MP
    Incantation: Lumia Accumens
    Description: Fires a bolt of energy. Deals 20-25 base damage.

    15 MP per second
    Incantation: Lumia Wargo
    Description: creates a forceshield composed of photons that can withstand up to 45 points of damage.

    Binding Gleam
    45 MP
    Incantation: Lumierre Banda
    Description: binds the targets arms and legs for 120 seconds. The ropes can be destroyed with sufficient effort.

    Beam of Night
    15 MP per second
    Incantation: Nocturnis Obelist
    Description: Fires a beam of darkness at a target, dealing 10-15 damage per second. May cause blindness for up to ten minutes.

    Blinding Darkness
    30 MP
    Incantation: Nocturnim Retnis
    Description: Shadows temporarily cover the target's eyes, inducing temporarily blindness. Lasts for up to one hour.

    Shadow Dart
    50 MP
    Incantation: Noctos Prizal
    Description: creates 1-3 darts of shadow and fires them at the target. Deals 25 damage per dart.

    Spheres of the Night
    60 MP
    Incantation: Spheros Nacht
    Description: creates 1-3 spheres of darkness and launches them at the target. Deals 20 damage per hit, leaving behind areas of darkness 8 feet in diameter. The areas return to normal after 10 minutes.

    10 MP per second
    Incantation: Ignillen
    Description: embers are shot towards the target, dealing 8-10 damage per second and inflicting burns. Sets dry grass and certain fabrics on fire.

    30 MP
    Incantation: Ignillo Accumens
    Description: Embers are formed into a dense sphere and launched at the target. Deals 30 damage, usually inflicting a burn. Lights dry grass, cloth, and dry wood on fire.

    Flame Spheres (Prep. Spell)
    25 MP
    Incantation: 3 word verse, followed by spell's name.
    Casting Time: 5 seconds
    Description: 3 small spheres of fire are launched at the target, dealing 25 damage per hit. Causes burns.

    Fill Container
    4 MP per second
    Incantation: Hydronos Gobleta
    Description: fills a container with water.

    Water Gun
    15 MP per second
    Incantation: Hydros
    Description: a gout of water that deals 15-20 damage per second. Can extinguish fires.

    15 MP per second
    Incantation: Frigos
    Description: a stream of dangerously cold air that deals 10-20 damage per second. Can freeze shallow water on contact.

    Ray of Frost
    16 MP per second
    Incantation: Obelim Freygas
    Description: a ray of freezing cold that deals 13 points of frost damage per second. Can freeze water on contact.

    Ice Dagger
    50 MP
    Incantation: Cryon Dagos
    Description: a dangerously sharp spike is launched at the target, dealing 30 damage and causing bleeding.

    Focused Gust
    10 MP per second
    Incantation: Kaya
    Description: a stream of wind that knocks the target of it's feet, dealing 10 -15 damage per second.

    Sparks of Lightning
    20 MP per second
    Incantation: Elentrim
    Description: Electricity with the same strength as a tazer is shot at the target, paralyzing them and dealing 12-14 damage per second.

    Pebble Stream
    15 MP per second
    Incantation: Terru
    Description: Heavy, sharp pebbles are blasted at the targets, dealing 10-15 damage per second. Can cause broken bones.

    Stone Shot
    65 MP
    Incantation: Terra Kuro
    Description: A single, heavy stone is fired at the target, dealing 35 damage. Can definitely inflict broken bones.

    Stoneblast (Prep. Spell)
    45 MP
    Incantation: 5 word verse, followed by spell's name.
    Casting Time: 6 seconds
    Description: stones burst forth from the ground, dealing 25 damage per hit and causing broken bones and bleeding.

    Myston Sword
    35 MP
    Incantation: Mystonis Sabre
    Description: generates a mystical sword for 120 seconds. Base damage is 20 per hit, but disappears after the 120 seconds.

    Stinging Curse
    51 MP
    Incantation: Veno Disten
    Description: creates a painful rash that deals 25 damage every three minutes.

    40 MP
    Incantation: Dormiso
    Description: Forces the target to sleep for one hour.

    60 MP
    Incantation: Vaermine Dormara
    Description: puts the target to sleep for three hours, filled with vividly lucid dreams or terrible nightmares.

    50 MP
    Incantation: Cometos
    Description: Fires a blazing sphere of energy with the force of a shooting star, dealing 50 damage.

    Negative Gate (Prep. Spell)
    25 MP
    Incantation: Shadowy distortion, open wide. Negative Gate.
    Casting Time: 4 seconds
    Description: a black hole opens up and deals 20 damage per second for 4 seconds.

    Raise Zombie
    40 MP
    Incantation: Erebo Aris
    Description: reanimate a weak dead body to fight for you for 60 seconds.

    Summon Marshwalker
    50 MP
    Incantation: Gernosh Marum
    Description: call forth a weak undead swamp wraith to fight for you for 60 seconds.
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    I think you're leaving quite a lot of us in the dark with that template. Please may you run us through?
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    Note: this RP takes place in a technologically advanced world in which magic helped develop technology. Monolith-tech is implemented into weapons to add effects alongside enchantments, which are placed without the use of Monolith-tech.
    Name: Ferah Barrone
    Age: 17,
    Gender: female
    Race: Half-Dajerre,
    Godly Parent: Hephaestus
    HP: (health) 150
    MP: (MagicEnergy) 200
    SP: (Stamina) 100
    Appearance: Ferah looks like a half human, half dajjere, with fine, long orange fur on her head and the ears of a lynx. She has a mishieveous face, frequently stained with grease and oil from tinkering with monolith tech. She wears a simple, green, oilstained and ratty shirt, and green oilstained trousers.
    Monolith-tech Wand- a wand embedded with a Monlith Gem, allowing it to draw upon the Aether of the environment. Has a short-range variation of the shadow dart spell built into it. Increases attack by 5, magic attack by 10, and has 15 base damage.
    Apple Gel x5- an apple flavored gel that heals 30% of the consumer's HP. The effect has nothing to do with the flavor, though.
    Orange Gel x5- an orange flavored gel that restores 30% of the consumer's SP.
    Arcane Soda- a strangely sweet tasting carbonated liquid that was supposedly designed to help hard working mages. Restores 30% of the drinker's MP and SP, apparently.
    Magic/ Special Strikes:
    Fleshguard (can be used on allies rather than self)
    Shadow Dart
    Ember Bolt

    Special Strikes-
    Rudolph- an upward attack that knocks the target into the air. Uses 15 SP.
    Skills: (10-25 for all skills)
    ATK- 18
    M. ATK- 25
    DEF- 15
    M. DEF- 25
    AGLTY- 15
    INT- 25
    Wisdom- 15 (she's not the best social problem solver)
    Bio: a lively young Monolith-tech fanatic. She's dedicated her life to the study and development of new, practical Monoliths. She doesn't care much for Historium Monoliths, cause other than protecting the cities and reading the Historium, they're not all that useful to her. Right now, she is in the capital city of Aifread, Van Elisia, studying the large numbers of Monoliths there.
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    I guess, but you can use my CS as an example if you want.

    The name, race, and gender things are obvious, as is your character's appearance. Those are completely up to you.

    Weapons can be anything you want, preferably medieval style with a minor technological twist. The spells and magic are all given in the list of novice spells provided, so that I can keep track of things a bit easier.

    Items are medicines, foods, and tools that your character holds. Rather than health potions, people in this world use medicinal foods called gels to restore HP and SP. MP is restored through a drink called Arcane Soda, which is supposed to restore your MP. Its hard to tell if this os actually the case, or if its just the Placebo effect making your body regenerate Aether faster. Evidence has pointed to both.

    Skills are what helps decide your effectiveness in battle. What really matters are your Attack-Intelligence skills. Wisdom is just a reminder to yourself of how your character acts in social situations. As we are starting at level one, all characters can have 10-25 skill points in all of their skills. This helps me with keeping track of what happens in battle.

    Your bio describes your personality and quirks. You can also include tidbits on their past, if you want. We are starting in the capital of the kingdom of Van Elisia, so please include a reason for your being there. Aifread is a large city with a heavy reliance on technology and many institutes for its study. It is also one of the main headquarters for the Historians of Delphi, the religious organization that handles the reading of the Historium.
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    You mention that a dajerre can be any vertebrate in your main post, are invertebrates allowed?
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    Depending on what it is. Insects and arachnids are allowed. Most animals are allowed, but there are certain things that aren't really realistic, especially in a somewhat modern setting.
  8. Name : Jin Lust-Sin
    Age : 21
    Gender : male
    Race : Dajerre (kangaroo-raptor crossbreed in appearance)
    Godly Parent : Ptah, god of craftsmen and architects
    HP : 250
    MP : 200
    SP : 100

    Appearance : A kangaroo-raptor Dajeere that is hardly ever seen without his signature pair of heavy firearms and set of silver-white armor. He has golden-yellow tattoos on his left eye and arm, and cream-white/yellow stripes on his tail. His eyes have black sclera, silver-white iris and black pupil.

    Weapons :
    • TYPE : Minigun
    • RANGE : +500m
    • DAMAGE MODIFIER : 100% of Jin's ATK
    • FIRE RATE : 100 rounds per second
    • AMMO CAPACITY : 6000 rounds per magazine
    • AMMO REGENERATION : 50 rounds per second
    • TYPE : Launcher
    • RANGE : +250m
    • DAMAGE MODIFIER : 100% of Jin's ATK
    • FIRE RATE : single-shot
    • AMMO CAPACITY : 25
    • AMMO REGENERATION : 1 round per second

    Items :
    A small device that Jin wears on his left ear to let him communicate with his allies, mainly to call for back-up snipers, aerial bombard or drop supplies.
    A crystal-clear pair of glasses attached to Jin's headphone, built with a projector that emits invisible electromagnetic radiation to let him see the layout of the area and detect invisible/cloaked targets by sensing the electromagnetic energy within their body.
    A large egg-like shell that contains 4 mechanical raptors. Explodes upon hitting the ground like a grenade, which will release the raptors inside. Once released, they'll rush at the nearest target(s) and self-destructs, causing explosive damage.

    Magic :
    Creates a large white hole in the battlefield that deflects all attacks hit the white hole for half of their original damage. After 10 seconds, it emits a large supernova blast that causes 100 damage in a radius of 5 meters.
    Opens a large black hole in the battlefield that lasts for 10 seconds with an AOE in a radius of 5 meters. While present on the battlefield :
    • Nullifies enemy's long-ranged attacks (if aimed towards the singularity of the black hole), or bends the direction of enemy's long-ranged attacks (if traveled through the gravitational field) and makes them half as accurate.
    • Slows down enemy's attacks, reducing their damage down to half (long-ranged) or 3/4 (melee).
    • Slows down enemy's movement, reducing their speed down to 3/4.
    Opens two wormholes, the first one next to the caster, and the second as the caster chooses.
    • If opened anywhere in the battlefield : forms a two-way gates that teleports the caster between the two locations. The max distance is 10 meters.
    • If targeted at an enemy : creates a wormhole inside it, which will instead transfer all attacks aimed at the first wormhole straight to inside the enemy, completely ignoring their defense and energy defense.
    Once the second wormhole is opened, the duration is 10 seconds.

    Special Strikes :
    Jin violently smacks his minigun or launcher at the enemy and knocks them in the air or backward by a distance for 10 damage, followed by emptying a whole magazine of his minigun or his launcher at the target.
    Jin calls for an aerial bombard that sends down a barrage of bombs upon an area, causing 50 damage over a radius of 5 meters. No stamina used, but has a cool-down of 5 turns.

    Skills :
    ATK - 25
    M.ATK - 10
    DEF - 25
    M.DEF - 10
    AGLTY - 25
    INT - 10

    Bio : An arcane blacksmith with an artistic passion for weapons from as simple as a dagger to as complicated as firearms and everything in between. An engineer with an ambition to bring life to his inventions and creations. An enchanter familiar with the flow and force of magical powers within weapons and armors as if within his own body. A wizard with an unusual point of view about the concepts of the world surrounding him.
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  9. Social skills are based on someone's characteristics, personality, behaviors, background, culture and such, and may be affected by disorders such as autism. Can you really measure/determine such aspect by, what, flat numbers ?
    Let's say someone is autistic or has ADHD, or whatever else, and can't solve social problems as easily as a normal person. Would you remind that those with disorders that their "wisdom" should be lower than a normal person ?
    That doesn't sound right at all.
    Maybe you just simply think it's a stat, nothing more, and I'm probably getting too hard on you at it (sorry), but I find it kinda too sensitive, if you think about it.
  10. DragonMaster21

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    True... Sorry, didn't think of that.

    I'm an idiot. I didn't mean it to be insensitive.
  11. It's alright, no hard feelings.
    I told you in the other thread, didn't I ? "Speech" or anything like that wouldn't work very well in RPs.
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    I find it kinda cool that you chose Ptah, another god of craftsmen.

    Anyway, I'm scrapping Intelligence so that it's easier. Support spells will just get stronger with the character.
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    Which gods decided to abandon the historium? Could you name them and what they were the god of?
  14. DragonMaster21

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    Just 6 random gods. I'm allowing you to choose which god to be your parent. Preferably not another god of craftsmen, because 2 is enough.
  15. I just looked up the list and found him, and thought he'd suit me, since I'm more about designing stuffs.

    Oh yeah, that reminds me : all the Void-Walkers' spells level up with the casters, too. However, only Void-Walkers themselves can learn those powers.

    Glad I'm not late then. I don't wanna pick anyone else... at all. It's either craftsmen or not for me. That's my only strength in the game, really.
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    Im sure that a certain potato, of which I heard was the real potato, would disagree with you there.
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    We're not starting this here. We're just not.
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    Name: Jason Cartwright
    Age: 17
    Gender: Male
    Race: Human
    Godly Parent: Apollo
    HP: 175
    MP: 150
    SP: 180
    Appearance: A rather strong and muscular figure with a tall stature of about 6'5". Features minorly tanned Caucasian skin, chocolate brown eyes and hair, near black eyebrows and he sports a fauxhawk with left parting. Usually dons khakis, a grey plaid shirt and black bandages between the thumb and index finger, wrapping around the wrist, on both hands.
    Weapons: Monolith-tech sword - black handle, silver blade with purple tip. It gets stronger with heat, but can shatter into opponents in the cold. Gold bow with silver arrows.
    Items: Just a bottle of water, maybe a few pencils and some paper... He's a rather 'hum drum' sort of guy... for now ;)
    Magic/ Special Strikes:
    Can bring plagues upon those who anger him, can certainly use a bow and arrow. Cooldown is as follows:
    Plagues - 7 posts
    Bow and Arrow - no cooldown, but it can get tiring. Fatigue limit - 10 posts.
    Skills: 16
    ATK- 27
    M. ATK- 12
    DEF- 16
    M. DEF- 10
    AGLTY- 23
    INT- 25
    Wisdom- 25
    Bio: A smart, strong young adult with excellent taste in the arts. He is unaware that his father is none other than Apollo, his one true inspiration, until somebody went too far and crossed his boundaries (which is very easy to do).
    Extra details: He loves to play the piano, violin and viola de gamba.

    NOTE: I won't be that frequent a roleplayer here... Other roleplays and life may get in the way.

    Pretty much :)
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    Xaroin Sprsh

    Name : Xaroin
    Age : 16
    Gender : Male
    Race : Ice Dragon (dijare thingy)
    Godly Parent : None
    Health - 200
    MP - 120
    SP - 120
    Appearence - See File (wings are the new wing file)
    Weapons - Claws, Maw, Horns, Tail
    Items - Gummy Snek (see file) (HP Restore item) Fried Perogies (HP Restore item)
    Magic/Special Strikes - Ice Breath (slowing/freeze effect) Pyromancy - Fire Breath, Fireball, Firewall (burn effects, deal 1/12 the damage of the normal ability)
    Skills - Flight
    ATK - 25
    M. ATK - 35
    DEF - 15
    M. DEF - 10
    AGLTY - 20
    INT - 2.5
    WIS - 25
    Bio - A green ice dragon who can use pyromancy isn't something you see every day. He's quick, tricky, and powerful. Being the size of a medium car (6 ft. 1 in. tall, 18 ft. 3 in. long), Xaroin is a large force to be feared from his devistating physical attacks, natural ice powers, or pyromancy that will cause death and destruction all around him (the ability to consume and regugitate objects on command helps too). That being said, he studied the arts of offensive magic and can't do much to buff others. He also has nothing to do with any god like figure, and has no relation to them, but he still could take one down in a fight. He's generally hungry, bored, or tired and is somewhat rude. Don't even attempt "booping" him because you'll have a "bit" of your nose gone if you do it. Only ride him when he specifically says you can, or you'll be in for a bad time.
    Did I do this right? Also is it SFW (in a non-pornographic sense, death and blood fine by me)

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    Almost, but there was a limit on stats for a reason. I understand that you're supposed to be a powerful Dragon, but if you have massively high stats you would be barred from participating in battles. It would be best if you could set your character to level one so that he could participate with the rest of our characters.

    I'm ok with having a character that isn't the child of a god in the RP, but it wouldn't be fair or right to have him be practically invincible compared to everyone else.

    Also, yes, it is safe for work. There may be some blood and death, but no porn.

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