Legends of the Fates

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    (I'm assuming this rp is dead?)
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    (No. My stuff's just been shit lately. I've tried to reply several times, but keep on getting interupted. Its my fault.)

    They approached the door to the maintenance room. Ferah opened it cautiously.

    The maintenance room seemed to be occupied mainly by what appeared to be a giant computer. Symbols flashed on its screen. There were no keyboards, or any controls at all aside from a large red crystal at the computer's base.

    "You two stay here. I'm gonna see what I can do." Ferah said. Her eyes had a mixture of excitement and fear.
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    (Hey I was wondering if I could do something in between. I probably won't be present in the RP for now, but is it fine if I had some other character in for now? Not in this current scene, but maybe later?)
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    (it's all good)
    "got it, I'll stand guard"
  5. Jin looks around to make sure the three aren't being watched, a look of caution clearly shown on his face. Then, he starts walking around to have a closer look at the whole machine.

    - Wonder what these symbols mean... or what that crystal thing does... hmmm...

    He tilts his head in curiosity, then stretches himself a bit and yawns.

    - Man... so sleepy I feel like I could fall down right he--

    Before he could finish the sentence, a large explosion sound echoes from behind, probably the hallway. Then, a badly damaged mechanical raptor with broken limps and torn-out wires crawls into the room, towards Jin, letting out weak/static squeaky noises, as if trying to say something, before shutting down.
    Jin looks at the damaged raptor with a rather distressed look on his face, then gently rubs his paw on its head, before looking up at the shadow that covers the hallway from his sight. As soon as he turns on the Cyber Oculus glasses on his eyes, he frowns and bares his fangs out.

    - Guys... I think we got company... and they don't seem friendly at all.
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    "Not good... Not good at all." Ferah mumbled, staring at the screen. "No, no... This couldn't do that... Unless it was...? No. A lure? But that would-"

    Her ears perked up. She turned around towards where Jin was facing, preparing an Emberbolt in one hand and a Fleshguard in the other.

    "Ignillo Accumens!" Ferah shouted, letting loose her Emberbolt down the hall. There was a small clang, and then a rather mechanical roar as the now enraged security centurion powered down the hall to the Maintenance room.

    "Oops." Ferah said weakly. Her tail was poofed up.

    (Jin's Turn)
  7. Jin's ears perk up when he hears the "clang" sound, feeling like something big is about to go down. When he sees the centurion, he knows they're gonna have a bad time with it.

    - Shit just got real...

    He opens a white hole in between himself and the centurion to block off its attacks and movement further into the room, then opens two wormholes (one inside it and one next to him). He then throws a raptor shell straight into the wormhole, which results in it exploding inside the centurion. The mechanical raptors, upon released, immediately self-destruct and create a series of explosion inside the centurion. Jin then shouts at Ferah while pointing at the wormhole next to him :

    - In it to win it !
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    The centurion obviously took large amounts of damage, and the explosions tore through its major systems. It fell to the floor with a great crash, and then lay there, apparently destroyed.

    It stood silent for a moment... And then something unexpected happened.

    The air shimmered, and there was a large, roaring, sucking noise. Aether rushed towards it, as if some plug had been pulled from the universe.

    "What in the-" Ferah grunted weakly. Her energy, both physical and magical, was being ripped from her body. The others could feel it too, as the Centurion drew in energy.
  9. Jin almost falls on his knees when he starts being drained. His ears flatten down, his tail lowers behind his legs, and his fangs bare out, as he drops on all fours, in a provoked stance, but with a horrified look on his face. It's too much for him to take it.

    - S-son of a--...

    Out of mere instinct, he grabs a can of soda and chugs it down as fast as he can to restore his MP back, then quickly clasps his paws together to detonate the white hole at the entrance, creating a supernova right at what's left of the centurion, planning to destroy it completely until nothing of it is left.
    At the same time, he redirects the destination of the wormhole from inside the centurion to outside the maintainance room, then grabs Ferah and Martin, and jumps in, getting away from the centurion's range of drain and to safety in the main hall.
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    (So I get left behind? Tbat's just great...)
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    In my opinion fate isn't legend but rather legend is fate : )
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    Ferah is unusually quiet after they pop out of the wormhole.

    "... The safety core... Should have prevented this... The security system is the least of our worries." she said.

    "The entire monolith is probably infected with whatever they used. If it reaches the Barrier programs, the barrier will fail, and the Aether inside the city will attract monsters..."

    She didn't sound very optimistic.
  13. Jin is trying to take deep breaths whike recovering from what happened inside the maintainance room, as if he's struggling to even stay conscious.

    - I... can... set up... turrets... to line up... the defense... but that's... the least... of my worries... for now...

    He stands up and tries to steady himself, then shakes himself awake, and rubs his face a bit, obviously still rather dazed/dizzy at what just happened.

    - For now... we... gotta... get away from this place... and seal it up... anyone else entering this place... are done with...
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    Ferah starts to nod, but then shakes her head. "T-there might be a way we can do a full deactivation of the Security System and repair the Safety Mechanism. The Oracle Hall- where they access the Historium- it has an access core that Historians use to tap into the Delphi Stream. If I can bypass it's central fire wall, I should be able to control this monolith's systems."

    She bit her lip. "It's risky, though. One wrong move, and I could accidently break the monolith."
  15. Jin shakes his head while trying to register what Ferah just said, then rubs a digit of his paw on his temple, frowning a bit :

    - ... In english, please, Einstein ?

    He yawns, then stretches :

    - Just kidding. I can help you get through whatever fire wall it is you spoke of with a wormhole... but, any reason why you're so determined in trying to fix this whole thing ? Maybe call the guards ?
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    "They wouldn't know what they're doing. Besides, you saw what that big one did. Things are too far gone to involve more people. It would just lead to casualties."

    She tapped her left gauntlet, pulling up a holographic screen. She stared at it for a moment.

    "Alright. Lets do this. I'll need you two to be my guards- don't worry about the firewall until I say so." Ferah said, adjusting her gauntlets.
  17. Jin checks all of his equipment once more, then smirks, in his paw the shotgun.

    - Kill all sons of bitches... That's my official instruction.
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    "consider them gone, not one will get within 10 feet of you."
    *sharpens my knife*
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    (so...this officially dead now?)
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    It may be dead there is always the chance of reincarnation even if it is. I'd gladly follow along on a rp thread tough it would be the first time doing it if so.

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