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  1. (That's real nice...)

    Jin gets startled when he hears someone next to him, and jumps off his spot when he sees the dwarf-like man.

    - What the !? Who are you--

    In the middle of his sentence, he reaches his hand to his sword ; just then, his entire left arm becomes blood-red, but at the same time stops bleeding, and slowly morphs into a large and sharp blade, though somewhat crude-looking.
    Jin shifts his glance from the dwarf to his own left arm, now a blood-red blade, and drops his jaw :

    - ... !?

    He cannot believe what he's seeing. He doesn't even know what to say about it.
    He tries to shake his arm, but it appears to remain "stuck" as a blade.
    A mix of confusion, frustration and anger comes into a thought that crosses his mind, as he glares back at the dwarf, with his arm-blade pointing forward, and his right hand readied his sword also :

    - You ! Who the heck are you, how did you get here, and what have you done to me !?

    He glares straight at the dwarf's eyes, but realizes that the latter has no skeleton or blood inside, almost as if he is just a mirage. However, it doesn't make Jin halt his aggression.

    - Answer me !
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    (I think I'll be changing my own character too so it matches my current sona.

    Name: Martin Crueger
    Age: 23
    Gender: Male
    Race: Dajere (Northern Sea Otter/North American River Otter hybrid)
    Godly Parent: Posiedon
    HP: 150
    MP: 125
    SP: 175
    Appearance: forest green eyes, grey fur, dark blue hide/bone armor, faint blue stripes reminiscent of claw marks with similarly colored tattooed fur on his back depicting a shark.
    Weapons: single rapier designed for underwater use, a battle harpoon, and wrist armor-mounted blades.
    Items: none
    Magic/ Special Strikes: basic ice/water enhanced martial arts
    Skills: (10-25 for all skills)
    ATK- 20
    M. ATK- 12
    DEF- 18
    M. DEF- 12
    AGLTY- 24
    Wisdom- 15
    Bio: living outdoors in the environment he learned to craft his weapons and armor from the animals he hunted for food and the environment he called home. Unaware his father was Posiedon. As he grew older he started to find work in cities as a ranger or nature guide, eventually leading him to the capital.

    last time I'm changing it)
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    The dwarf didn't look phased. He dug a stubby finger into his ear.

    "Hey, calm down. If the God of Dwarves comes to visit you, he's generally there for a friendly reason. Also, keep your voice down. Your kids can't hear me. If they hear you shouting, they might think something's wrong..."

    The "God of Dwarves" frowned. "Wow, its a relief to be able to actually talk to you instead of just implanting thoughts into your head. Any way, this city's incident with the Monolith was just the beginning. You may not understand yet, but unless you and the others get moving, this may be the lance chance we have."

    He didn't elaborate, but he did point towards Jin's affected appendage. "I didn't do that, whatever it is. I'm a protection god, not a curse one. I don't really sense any immediate danger from it, but keep an eye on it..."

    The dwarf started to flicker a bit. He swore in an unrecognized language. His body was dissolving into blue energy.

    "Damn... I can't stay here much longer without a vessel. I've gotta go-"

    He dissolved into blue light and disappeared, leaving behind a strange roped box symbol on Jin's floor. It had a set of symbols inside, but they were almost unreadable.

    (Nilenean God of Dwarves, Bes

    The Nilenean God of Dwarves, Bes, is frequently known to be a friendly god. He is a Patron to excorcists, and can use his abilities to drive off Daemon-spores, demonic spirits that possess wild fauna and flora and turns them violent.

    He is not as tightly bound by the laws of Divinity as the other gods, and can therefore interact directly with mortal affairs with few consequences. He does, however, require a vessel to fully manifest in physical form. Without one he is invisible to all except for demigods and those with high sensitivity to spirits, and cannot stay in the mortal world very long.)
  4. Jin drops his jaw when the dwarf introduces him as the God of Dwarves, and, whether he believes it or not, the bathroom in his house isn't really a proper place to have serious discussions anyway.
    He then looks at his left arm, still "stuck" as a blade, and frowns in frustration.

    "What the hell am I supposed to do with this..."

    In the middle of his sentence, however, his arm morphs back to its normal appearance. However, it's now completely blood-red, from his paw all the way to near his right shoulder. The pain is gone, and it doesn't "bleed" anymore, but he still feels off with it.

    "... ?"

    As if noticing something, he stares at it for a while. It slowly morphs into what looks like a scythe.
    He then realizes that he can morph his arm with his mind.
    It sure is better, now that it doesn't bleed anymore, he doesn't feel hurt either, and can even morph it into weapons as he wills... but its appearance is still something he finds quite unsettling.

    "Great... now I need to wear something to-- WHAT THE-- !?"

    Jin sees himself in the mirror, and notices that his eyes have changed as well. They're now also blood-red, and his pupils are white. There's a small scar on his left eye, too.
    He doesn't feel anything strange from his eyes, similar to his left arm. However, his kids sure won't take this well.

    "... Shit. This is getting serious."

    He thinks of being away for a while to see how to fix his current condition, but then recalls what the God of Dwarves said earlier.
    Apparently, he can't leave his kids behind, he thinks.
    Then, he glances at his pouch and sees Martin ( @Abyssalrider ) is still in his pouch.


    With a deep breath, he decides to "come out" with his current condition and just hope that the kids won't freak out too much.
    He leaves the bathroom and back to his room, then puts Martin on his bed, and goes to change his outfit, getting ready for a new day full of surprises.

    Once done, he walks to the window of his room, next to his bed, and opens it, to let the sun shine in. He then glances at his left arm, and walks to look at him in the mirror once again.

    "... Handsome mothafucka. Hehehe."
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    -Waking up, Martin removes his armor to check for any injuries. Revealing his stripes and his back tattoo in the process. Noticing Jin he tilts his head to the side in curiosity.
  6. Jin is adjusting his outfit in front of the mirror when Martin wakes up, though the former feels like someone is watching, and sees that Martin has got up.

    - Waken up, eh, sleepin' beauty ?

    When Jin turns around, Martin sees his left arm is now blood-red, and his eyes have changed as well. He's now in some sort of martial art outfit.
    Jin finishes placing the two wolf skulls on his shoulders, then stretches his shoulders.

    - In case you're wondering, you're in my house, pal. And that's my bed you're sitting on, at the moment. You fell asleep last night harder than at a hangover.

    He then crosses his arms, raises his eyebrows, and smirks, while eyeing at Martin :

    - If you wanna check your injuries, which I doubt are any serious at all, you can check in the bathroom. Don't go shirtless while on my bed like that, mister. This ain't a brothel, hahaha.
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    (I'm gonna post the Apprentice Level Spells right now. I've decided to alter how leveling works, so we can learn these when we get to level 2.

    I'll explain how the level system works once we level up.)
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    (Is it going to be leveling at the same time, or is everyone going to level up separately?)
  9. (Probably separately, because there may be occassions where someone is "absent" from the party... though, with how slow the RP is progressing, leveling up seperately may only drag the story on even worse.)
    (Oh and, to @DragonMaster21 : Don't focus too much on just the combat. Things can get boring pretty soon... and the fight with the necromancer in "Tales of Deities" is still the worst (sorry, but I mean it) because of how dragging on it was. Adding non-combative side-plots (side quests ?) like in Dragon Age Origin is always a good way to help keeping RPs like this active.)
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    Flesh Shield
    80 MP
    Incantation: Varde Dermo
    Description: A layer of resistance is weaved into the caster's skin and clothing, creating protection from 15% of damage.

    Path Shine
    70 MP
    Incantation: Trell En-lumens
    Description: for 1 hour, every step you take will glow, marking your path. The glow remains after the spell wears off.

    70 MP
    Incantation: Particas Cenden
    Description: Dirt or sand is converted into a highly combustible substance. Enemies covered in the substance take 15% more damage from fire.

    60 MP
    Incantation: Erisa Plantaga
    Description: Several vines burst from the ground around the target and thrash around violently, dealing 50 damage. The target is then bound by them.
    Reveal Path
    70 MP
    Incantation: Desure Revelio
    Description: creates a path of misty light along the path towards your desired location or object.

    Curse of the Hoarse
    Incantation: Cowzer kal deirthos. Bejae sel noa. Mec haav sul bronchae.
    1 handful of sawdust
    1 small jar of red ink
    1 small jar of black ink
    3 drops of blood
    1 object representing the target
    Incantation: Draw a diagram of three interlocking circles using the red ink. Then, with the black ink, create two interlocking triangles over the first diagram. Place the object in the center of this diagram.

    Cover the object representing the target with sawdust. Now, prick your finger and chant the incantation.
    Description: Curses the target with a painful hacking cough.

    60 MP
    Incantation: Episkos Accellon
    Description: a blast of healing energy that restores 50 HP and increases the targets agility by 10-20 points.

    Arcane Healing
    70 MP
    Incantation: Episkos Arcanum
    Description: a blast of healing energy that restores 50 HP and increases the target's magic effectiveness by 10%.

    Divine Approval
    60 MP
    Incantation: Episk Constantium
    Description: a charm that heals the party once every six seconds by 20 points. Lasts for one hour.

    60 MP
    Incantation: Episkin Angero
    Description: Draws upon angelic power to heal 40 points of HP to all party members.

    Sacred Burst
    80 MP
    Incantation: Sanctus Runares
    Description: places a rune of sacred power that damages a demonic entity by 60 points.

    Chant of Divine Will
    Incantation: any prayer
    Description: a chant that invokes the power of the gods. Deals 30 damage to a demonic entity every 2 seconds.

    Summon Flame Spirit
    60 MP
    Incantation: Enchar Ignil
    Description: summons an average flame spirit for 120 seconds. Physical attacks deal 40 damage, flame spells deal 60 damage.

    Summon Storm Spirit
    70 MP
    Incantation: Enchar Volmonso
    Description: summons an average storm spirit for 120 seconds. Cannot use physical attacks, but spells deal 80 damage.

    Conjure Stone Wall
    70 MP
    Incantation: Erezos Barrien
    Description: conjures a 15 foot high wall out of stone.

    Volley of Daggers
    80 MP
    Incantation: Dagero Valare
    Description: Conjures 15 daggers out of thin air, and then suspends them in the air around the caster. The caster can launch them one at a time for 20 MP each to deal 40 damage per dagger.

    Conjure Lance of the Spell Caster
    100 MP
    Incantation: Lancae Magellero
    Description: conjures a crystal bladed lance that deals 50 damage per hit. The lance increases your MP by 50 and the effectiveness of all spells by 10%. Can be dispelled to restore the MP used in creating it.

    Conjure Chains of Binding
    70 MP
    Incantation: Chaias Bindaros
    Description: chains wrap themselves around the target's arm's, immobilizing them.
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    Light Blade

    80 MP

    Incantation: Lumens Severos

    Description: A blade of magic light is fired from the palm. Deals 60 damage, and may inflict bleeding.

    Light Cannon

    90 MP

    Incantation: Lumenos Canos

    Description: a bolt of powerful light that deals 80 damage.

    Bright Shade

    80 MP

    Incantation: Lumen Noturni

    Description: Twin bolts of light are fired at the target, dealing 60 damage and inflicting daze.

    Aura Shield

    20 MP per second

    Incantation: Lume Vardio

    Description: A sturdy shell of light that can take up to 120 points of damage.

    Burst Aura

    80 MP

    Incantation: Lumens Aurae

    Description: creates an aura that damages enemies when they attack for 40 points.

    Dark Spiral

    20 MP per second

    Incantation: Noctos Spira

    Description: An arrow of shadow that corkscrews in the air and leaves behind a damaging trail along the path it took. Arrow deals 60 damage, trail deals 10 damage per second.

    Shadow Rain

    80 MP

    Incantation: Noctis Pleuta

    Description: A rain of shadowy bolts fall upon the target. Deals 60-80 points of damage.

    Rune of Darkness

    90 MP

    Incantation: Erin Noct

    Description: a rune that cloaks the target in shadow for ten seconds. Deals 20 damage per second.

    Fog of Darkness


    Incantation: Noctum del Revaea

    Description: Enchant an item. Any area within 1 mile diameter of the item is cloaked in a black night sky. Breaks when caster dies or wills it to break.


    20 MP per second

    Incantation: Cendaro

    Description: a gout of flame that deals 25 damage per second.


    80 MP

    Incantation: Cender Accumens

    Description: a bolt of flame that deals 70 damage.

    Burning Spiral (Hex)

    20 MP per second

    Incantation: Cendem Spyri

    Description: A ray of flame resonance Aether that corkscrews in the air. The immediate damage is 60, followed by 20 damage. Inflicts painful 2nd degree burns.

    Aqua Arrow

    80 MP

    Incantation: Aquom Vectum

    Description: an arrow of water that deals 60 damage.

    Water Blade

    90 MP

    Incantation: Aqua Sabran

    Description: a blade of water that deals 70 damage.

    Sphere of Freezing

    80 Mp

    Incantation: Boreon Sveros

    Description: A dense sphere of cold-resonance Aether that deals 80 damage and inflicts freezing on all targets within 10 feet of the sphere.

    Ice Stalagmite

    85 MP

    Incantation: Stalagus Boreo

    Description: A spike of ice bursts from the ground beneath the target, dealing 80 damage.

    Icy Shackles

    90 MP

    Incantation: Glacium Petrim

    Description: Ice Resonance Aether is sprayed at the target, covering them in ice and restricting their movements.

    Wind Lance

    60 MP

    Incantation: Ventum Lancae

    Description: A piercing lance of wind is fired at the target. Deals 65 damage.


    20 MP per second

    Incantation: Zoltav Arcae

    Description: A powerful bolt of lightning that deals 25 damage per second.


    80 MP

    Incantation: Ventum Erzan

    Description: An upward twirling blast of air that deals 70 damage and inflicts confusion.


    80 MP

    Incantation: Jupitas

    Description: Lightning is dropped upon the target, dealing 85 damage. Can inflict burns+paralysis.

    Stone Lance

    80 MP

    Incantation: Terra Lacero

    Description: A lance of stone is burst up from beneath the target, dealing 75, and inflicts bleed.


    80 MP

    Incantation: Decend Gaias

    Description: Large stones are created above the target, and then dropped on them. Deals 80 damage.

    Gravel Blast

    70 MP

    Incantation: Terra Blastissimo

    Description: a twirling clump of sharp stones. Deals 60 damage.

    Disturbance Shield

    20 MP per second

    Incantation: Aethero Desturen

    Description: a magical formula that disturbs oncoming energy attacks and dispels them.

    Gundo Shot

    60 MP

    Incantation: Zvien

    Description: a simple curse that damages the target's nerves. Deals 80 damage to magic users, 40 to non magic users.

    Aether Shield

    30 MP per second

    Incantation: Aethe Varden

    Description: a shield of magical energy that blocks up to 150 points of damage.

    Burning Hex

    70 MP

    Incantation: Confringa Epidem

    Description: a hex that creates a painful rash where it hits, dealing 35 damage every time they move or make and attack.


    60 MP

    Incantation: Arma Dista

    Description: the target's weapon is forcefully removed from their grasp.

    Parasite Link

    80 MP

    Incantation: Vampyra Aethens

    Description: a curse that negates the Aether used by a targets spell and gives it to you. Lasts for 3 hours.

    Restful Slumber (Enchantment)

    80 MP

    Incantation: Somnus

    Description: Blesses a bed or object. The user of the object will sleep prefectly for 8-10 hours.

    Curse of Insomnia


    Incantation: Insomnus. Insom. Insomnox.

    Description: A building is cursed. No one inside can sleep whilst inside.


    20 MP per second

    Incantation: Temporum Repitas

    Description: The target is forced to repeat their action over and over until the caster stops casting this spell.

    Solar Flare

    90 MP

    Incantation: Solares

    Description: A ray of solar plasma that deals 80 damage and inflicts radiation poisoning.


    20 MP per minute

    Incantation: Gravitos Non

    Description: the caster gains the ability to fly. They are immune to depressurization and intense cold while doing so. Passive spell. Ends when caster runs out of MP or chooses to end it.

    Gravity Crush

    80 MP

    Incantation: Gravens Epicens

    Description: the target is subjected to an increase of internal gravity towards their heart, causing painful squeezing and dealing 60 damage.

    Soul Lure

    80 MP

    Incantation: Espiritus Asortia

    Description: When target enemy is within 100 points of death, steal its soul and add it to your collection.

    Call Gravehound

    1 soul

    Description: Call forth the shadow of a soul in the form of an undead hound from the decay for 2 minutes. When it runs out of time, you gain the spell "summon hellhound". You can dismiss it to reclaim its soul.

    Call Decayed Corpse

    1 soul

    Description: feed a soul to its own shadows to call forth a decayed version of that soul's body. It has half of its original HP and MP. Lasts 2 minutes, and then you gain the spell "Summon Withered Demon". Dismiss it to reclaim its soul.

    Reanimate Wight

    80 MP

    Incantation: Morbidos Reanima

    Description: Reanimate a corpse to fight for 2 minutes.
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    (This is still on page 19? I thought it was in the 60s at this point but maybe that's cuz I'm remembering something different. Still not too late to join in, is it?)
  13. (If you wanna join, then here's my advice... don't try to use magic... at least the uploaded ones.)
    • Too many to remember which one is which
    • Complicated incantations
    (Just bring in your explosive fists and blow things up. I mean it.)
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    (There should be more magic nullifying stuff.)
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    (The uploaded ones are there so I can keep track of which spells do what. They are organized in a way that it is easy to find them. They are literally the way they are so that it is easy to know what they do. The incantations are just what magic users are supposed to use when casting spells. You don't have to use them, if you really don't want to.)
  16. (Down to physical attacks, then, huh ? I'm with you on that.)

    (Yeah, you go ahead, pal. I'll go with my few good ol' own spells.)
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    (A person can't always rely in raw magic or raw power to win every fight. Thinking outside the box helps a little.)
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    "Surpised you don't have any comments as to how I manged to get my back fur permanently tattooed... I was only doing a quick once over, now to put my armor back on and find a way to replace my cracked shin guard..."
  19. Jin crosses his arms and looks at Martin with a frowned face and raised eyebrows :

    - Big deal.

    He then pulls up his sleeve to reveal his blood-red arm, then points at his eyes, and snarls :

    - I have these shit to pay my mind to, pal, and I don't care if no-one has any comments about 'em.

    He then walks to the door and yawns :

    - What a night...
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    (I'll make sure to edit some in when I have the time.)

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