Legends of the Fates

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    (Alright then. Also, is there any way I could get involved more in the story, or least play some relevance? I want to take part instead of coming in every other time.)
  2. (Shameless side-plot incoming. Also, update on the list of my kids. I don't own any of them, they belong to their respective owners.)
    • Tyson (from @Abyssalrider 's pack, as Luca's brother) : male wolf, unknown age
    • Galaxy ( @Snowfurry360 ) : female wolf, 13
    • Twix (on Discord) : male fox, 15
    • Lily (on Discord) : female vaporeon (pokemon), 15
    • Kyros (on Discord) : male wolf, 15
    • Red (on Discord) : male wolf, 15
    • Daniel ( @Ryan the Rockruff ) : male werewolf, 15
    • Axis ( @Tetrachroma ) : male deer, 16
    • Bogu (on Discord) : male leopard, 17
    • Spot (on Discord) : male angel dragon, 17
    • Jinuru (on Discord) : male kangaroo, 17

    Jin is seen designing some sort of blueprint at the work-bench when Kyros comes into the workshop... but unlike as he feared, the puppy doesn't freak out at his father's eyes and arm.

    - Whoa, dad... you look awesome !

    He is focusing all his mind into the sheet of paper when Kyros' comment startles him and makes him looks up, just to see an amazed Kyros staring at his arm while wagging his tail excitedly.

    - Dad, you look so badass !

    Jin felt like a monster at his new appearance, and feared for the worst that could happen to him, but he finds it a bit easier to breathe and think now, now that his son doesn't freak out at how his father looks.
    Jin lets out a smirk, before getting back to his current work :

    - Thanks, pup.

    Kyros walks to Jin and takes a peek at the blueprint.

    - What're you designing, dad ?

    Jin points at the blueprint :

    - Upgrading the pair of bladed wings that your brothers made for me yesterday. I'm planning to give it a resemblance of bat wings and bird wings, with webbings and feathers.

    Kyros takes a closer look at the blueprint.

    - Looks super epic, dad... but... does it mean you're gonna have to implant it on your back, dad ?

    Jin rubs his son's forehead, then pets his ears :

    - No, pup. I've had enough "modifications" on my own body already... and, I'm only planning out how I want it to look like, pup... and I think I'll go with this design.

    Kyros tilts his head go a side in slight confusion, showing that he doesn't understand quite well.

    - You'll see soon enough, kid. Now... I gotta see if this works first.
    - What is it, dad ?

    Jin brings out the Philosopher's Stone.

    - I have a crazy idea about using this to improve my blood magic, but I gotta know if it'd mess my body up or not first.

    Kyros scratches his head in more confusion.

    - Magic... isn't really my thing, dad...

    Jin shrugs :

    - I know. Just sayin'. Oh and I think we'll move to a new place to live, kid. Everyone of us.
    - Why, dad ?

    Jin retells him what the God of Dwarves told him earlier (excluding the part the conversation took place in the bathroom), then points at the door that leads inside the house.

    - Tell your brothers and sisters that we'll be moving to my hometown, kid.
    - OK, dad.
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  3. (Ok, seriously... I really wish I could literally speed up the time to see whether this RP could go anywhere, or share the same fate as the "Tales of Deities" one.)
    (Pun not intended.)
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    (I kind of feel the same.)

    (Should there perhaps be something we could do in the meantime?)
  5. (Beats me. Currently having the same problem with another RP on discord, anyway.)
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    (Oh. Well I was wondering what if we had a mini interaction between our characters? Not impacting the main story though. You know, just conversation. I thought it could be interesting, a person with a corrupting disease who was a former leader, and a blacksmith from another dimension.)
  7. (That's what I'd always do, while waiting for the game to load. Go ahead, I'm totally up to it.)
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    (I start off, the setting will most likely be an indoor place. Probably your home or some closed-off quiet place.)
    "Uh, hello. My name is Violet, and in case you couldn't tell, I'm not from around here."
  9. (Let's say it's at my workshop. It looks like a big garage.)

    Jin glances at Violet while still at the work-bench :

    - Yes ? How can I help you ?
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    (That works too.)
    "I was wondering if you have anything sharp and sturdy. Also my multi purpose knife is getting dull."
    *She shows the knife, it looks like a kunai, with obvious signs of heavy use and dull edges. She demonstrates this by sliding her hand across the edge to show it can't even cut.*
  11. Jin widens his eyes in slight shock at the dull blade, then walks off the table and towards Violet, his eyes staying affixed at the knife.
    He raises his left hand (blood-red) up and runs his fingers along the blade.

    "Wow, did she try to cut through a wall with this one ?..."

    Violet sees Jin's red hand and notices that he's the one with the bleeding arm she saw earlier, at the Monolith. She also sees that his eyes look rather soulless and emotionless.
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    "What can you do with it?"
    She glances at the arm " I noticed your arm looks messed up, but I've never seen an injury like that. Anz you look familiar."
  13. Jin glances at his red arm as well, and frowns, obviously doesn't really like how it looks or feels, despite there's nothing wrong with it for now, since he doesn't bleed or feel hurt anymore.

    - I dunno... could be some weird side effect from my magic... no idea, to be honest.

    He then shifts his gaze to Violet's knife :

    - This blade is super dull indeed, but I can take care of it real quick... but I gotta ask you something in return, if you don't mind.

    Jin slightly narrows his eyes at Violet :

    - What do you mean I look familiar ?... I don't recall we've met before... have we ?
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    "I think I saw you running when I asked a question, I think you were the guy who took off."
    "As for that arm, what kind of magic do you use, or did use before? Maybe it's linked to something you did."
  15. Jin presses his lips at the thought on his mind at the moment.

    - ... I can't say for sure, but if this is from my necromancy magic over controlling blood and bones... then I feel like things are getting creepy.

    He then, however, just shrugs, obviously trying to ignore it.

    - Oh, who knows, who cares ? Just wait up, I'll get your knife fixed in...

    As he says so, he walks to the grind-stone and places the knife on it, at the same time starting to pedal it. 5 seconds later, he stops and walks back to Violet.

    - ... no time. Check it out.

    To demonstrate, he stabs the knife through a corner of his outfit, and leaves behind a clean cut.
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    "Well with necromancy, you bound to deal with your own blood and bones."
    "Ah, nice work. How much will this repair cost me? I don't really have any money, but I can trade you something valuable."
  17. Jin shakes his forehead and waves his red hand :

    - No no no, I mean someone else's blood and bones, not mine.

    He then glances at the knife and just shrugs :

    - Usually it's just 25 gold, but if you wanna trade with something else, I'm still all ears.
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    "Oh. Well then."
    "25 gold, here's what I got..." She puts an assortment of 3 things on the table. A purple orb, a blue vial, and a black vial.
    "That purple orb makes you partly resistant to hostile magic, but it somewhat inhibits your own mana. It also can sell for a good amount of money. This blue vial can cure almost any sickness, prolong your life, as well as heals substantially, but I'm not giving away the whole liquid. As for that black vial, it's a special poison 100% likely to kill any being, though, it sometimes has a chance to turn them into a dangerous hideous abomination."
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    -Martin walks downstairs after fully waking.

    "You healed my leg didn't you? My armor's cracked but there's no wound...thank you. Guess I'll need to make a replacement, got any suggestions on what creature's bone I should use for my armor?"
  20. Jin looks at each object carefully, then picks up the orb and looks around it.

    - This one's gonna get me some good coins.

    He then glances at the blue vial :

    - Cure any sickness and prolong one's life... sounds familiar to the elixir extracted from the Philospher's Stone... interesting.

    Finally, he looks at the black vial :

    - That thing goes for my mother's alchemy laboratory. If it's as dangerous as you say, I wanna be sure there's an antidode for it... where did you get those vials anyway ?

    Jin glances at Martin's cracked armor, and cracks his knuckles :

    - You just stand still. One set coming right up.

    He then gently taps his paw feet on the ground. A black hole appears beneath Martin, then several sharp bone blades emerge and float around him, before dissipating into white mists, as they re-materialize themselves into a new set of armor equipped on Martin's body, replacing his old one.

    - There, how's that ?

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