Legends of the Fates

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  1. Jin lets out a quiet sigh in relief :

    - Thank goodness...

    He then continues on his way, until he sees the two corrupted humanoid abomination.

    The fearful and scared look on his face seems to be for the moment he sees his own grave.
    He gulps nervously, then bares his teeth in a defensive/aggressive manner, and narrows his eyes through the iron sights of his shotguns. His voice gets so shaky and his breath so heavy that he can't speak anymore. He sends a text message to the map hologram.

    "Can you send me a list of types of these sons of bitches, so I'll know how to take them down, or just run for my life ?..."

    He looks at the two abomination, feeling like he's watching two walking corpses.
    He's faced so many monsters his whole life, but they're just aggressive/feral beasts in the wild. He's never had to face zombie-like ones before, and this first time of his is making him wish he had amnesia so he'd get the images of those "things" off his mind.
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    "Well from the looks of this Screamer, it looks like a docile Screamer. As long as you don't directly injure it, or approach it too close, you should be fine. That aggressive one, not so much."
    "The docile ones are skiddish and won't scream as long as you don't bother them. They won't attack you, ever. The neutral ones will only get aggressive if you act negatively toward them. They mostly keep to themselves and wander. The neutrals will attack you when provoked. The last ones, the aggressive Screamers, will alert everything and attack you on sight. Unfortunately, the aggressive Screamers are the most common. But in this situation, that one is a docile."
    "If you want to get rid of them without them alerting everything in the area, kill them fast. Don't allow the aggresive ones to call out for help or react. I hope this helps..."
  3. Jin readies his visor and his shotguns again.

    - You only got one shot, do not miss your chance to blow. This opportunuty comes once in a lifetime.

    It's new moon.

    Then, with several pulls of the triggers, several invisible and inaudible frost moonlight lazer blasts go clean through the monsters' heads from behind.
    Once they're done with, Jin swiftly engages the entrance and looks around, before descending down the basement.

    - Oh and, just a heads-up... after we save the team, we gotta get back to our own timeline. You don't wanna cause paradoxes in the present time, trust me. I thought I'd only restore the condition of your body back to before you took the poison, but I guess I mis-caculated something and instead accidentally took us back in time... oh well.
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    "Let's do this quick so we can get back to our current timeline."
    Inside the basement' there's many pipes and wires along the walls and corners. Eventually there's a door called "Power room." Upon entering, the main power switch is put to on, but the chords connecting it to the entire building is messed up. It looked like something was chewing on them. There are spare chords to make a quick change.
    "That should restore power to the entire compound for now. Next, try seeing if you could reach the team somewhere on the top floor. The elevator should be available."
  5. Jin looks at the spare chords, then at the wall, and sighs a bit.
    After fixing the system and getting the powers back online, he glances at the door.

    "Those sons of bitches may notice the power getting back... this is gonna be fun. Vio, see any unusual movements outside ?"
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    "Actually, you have some movement in the basement. I think whatever chewed those chords may be still there with you. Oh wait, many. Crap. I suggest fighting your way to the exit. Then barricade the basement door."
    A creature comes into window view behind Jin from the closed power door. It appears to have a long feral skull like head but with no eye sockets, and incisor teeth that pokes out from the top of its jaw. It has a thick tuft around its neck and folded wings. It crawls on all fours while staying in the hallway. More noises can be heard, it wasn't alone.
    "Why are Fliers this far from where they usually reside? Well it at least explains what chewed the chords without dying from electrocution. Anyway, they're tougher than the others you killed recently, a bullet has a hard time piercing their ridiculously hard skulls. They are never alone. You can try escaping stealthily, or run like hell. Don't try to engage all of them, you will get overwhelmed by their numbers."
  7. Jin perks his ears up when Violet mentions some sort of flying, and takes a peek outside to see the winged monsters.

    - It just keeps getting better and better, isn't it ?... I expect a whole show of reward for all these kinds of plot-twists, Vio.

    Then he readies his shotguns.

    - If bullets can't pierce 'em... then I'll give 'em a different taste of hell.

    He doesn't know if it'll do much to the monsters. So far, all he's seen are mutated abomination with ridiculous resistance against gunfire, but he's yet to put his invention to the test... until now.
    He readies his earpiece and plugs his MP3 player in. Violet hears a song starting to play in the earpiece, as Jin chuckles.

    - I am beauty... I am grace... I hereby...

    Jin then stands back from the door, then takes a deep breath, and bursts out of the room with all his strength, obviously alarming the monsters in the immediate vicinity.
    As soon as he gets out of the room, he sees all the monsters coming at him. He busts out his shotguns :

    - Shoot you in da fucking face !

    At the same time, the song reaches the chorus, at maximum volume, "IT'S RAINING MEN !!!".
    Every time he pulls the triggers, a wormhole appears in front of the barrels, and a monster is blown up to oblivion due to what looks like a white hole exploding into a supernova right inside it. Jin, on the other hand, is shielded with a white hole around him, to block out all the damage and keep the monsters away from him.

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    Along the way, the ground shakes, and another Flier smashes up from the ground, making a hole and pops its head out of the ground. Some bash through the doors and the whole basement soon is becoming flooded with them. The basement door is almost in view, but one flier spews a volatile black substance that instantly nullified the white hole.
    "They're coming through the floor too?!? Damn things can dig."
  9. The flier manages to nullify the white hole shielding Jin, but is caught during his wild blasts of shotguns.
    When he realizes his shield is down, he immediately activates another, this time with quantum energy generated from his armor instead, to make sure it won't be nullified again.
    He adjusts the visor to take a good look at the monsters, and narrows his eyes in aggression.
    A HUD appears on a corner of Violet's hologram, seemingly sent from Jin.
    He flaps his wings and lifts himself up, and busts out a minigun instead. As he pulls the trigger and the barrels start rotating, a supermassive wormhole slowly forms in front of them.
    Then, a series of supernova explosions, one every second, repeatedly nuke the monsters down below.


    After about a full minute, Jin finally empties the entire magazine of the minigun, and wipes off the monsters off the floor. He looks around a bit more to make sure nothing is hiding and preparing to flank him, but still asks Violet to be sure :

    - See any more of those fuckers around ?
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    "ARE YOU TRYING TO COLLAPSE THE BUILDING?!? You're lucky you didn't raze the whole compound to the ground. Or hit a gas tank. Anyway, it's clear."
  11. Jin lands down on the basement floor with his tongue sticking out.
    Then, an image is sent to Violet's hologram map :


    He then puts his minigun away and walks to the door.

    - Hello ? Anyone in there ?
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    No answer is heard, except for the buzzing sounds of the lights.
    "There is supposed to be people somewhere in the top 3 floors. Use the elevator."
  13. Jin looks up above, then shakes his head :

    - No thanks... I ain't using the lift. If something breaks in while I'm inside, I'm so dead.

    He then flaps his wings and soars up through the floors, until he reaches the 3rd one from above.
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    In this floor, a lot of furniture has been used to block off certain areas and improvised as cover, including the stairs. Probably to prevent more abominations from entering the floor. No movement is heard.
  15. Jin looks around the blocked parts, then scratches his head :

    "This person really thinks this is enough to keep those monsters away ?..."

    He then calls out loud, to the 2 floors above as well :

    - Hello ! Anyone there ? It's safe now, I've cleared all the monsters !
  16. (And we're now having a whole DLC of sort, taking place in an alternate timeline, hahaha)
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    Another peculiar detail of the floor is that there is a lot of paper, glass, and debris. So much as if someone deliberately made it that messy.
    Still no answer. But the sound of breaking glass could be heard.

    (Oh. I just realized that. Dayum. I guess I got carried away.)
  18. Jin perks his ears up when he hears the sound, and calls again :

    - Hellooooo ! Anyone heeeeere !? I was sent here by a diplomat/leader named Violet to save you... wherever you are !
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    The sound comes closer, from the rustling of the papers and shifting of the debris.
  20. Jin clicks his tongue impatiently, then readies his shotgun.

    - I don't have all day, folks !

    He aims the shotguns at the furniture and pulls the triggers. A supermassive wave of ultrasound at the volume of a thunderbolt blasts all the blocking objects out of place.
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    All the debris is blown to the ends of the room. All remains silent, until Jin is suddenly attacked. He's hit by an invisible phantom that felt like a club swing.
  22. Jin gets staggered backward when hit, but otherwise safe from the attack, due to the white hole shielding him.

    - Who's there !?

    He calls in Violet :

    - Hey, Vio, do you copy ? Can you see or hear any movement around here ?
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    "I can't see anything in the area."
    Jin starts getting pulled by the leg. He probably wouldn't expect anything strong enough to yank him off his feet, until something with a big hand pulls him with unrealistically strong force. Eventually it uncloaks and reveals to be a very tall, black humanoid figure. It's face is completely covered in a hard crystal substance as well its torso and arms. A portal manifests, and if it's not stopped, it will pull him in.
    "Ahhgh! You got to electrocute that thing!"
  24. When Jin sees the creature pulling him down, he freaks out and almost drops the guns. As soon as he hears Violet, he aims them at it and pulls the triggers :

    - Get off me, freak !

    A blast of electricity emits from the barrels until he manages to get himself away from the beast, and rushes to the top floor.

    - Vio, where's the team !? I don't see anyone here, this looks like an abandoned place !
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    More of them appear of varying sizes materialize. Some with human and anthro parts of their faces exposed, but crystals forming on them. They have sharp edges on their arms, others their faces covered but parts not crystallized. The mutated ones start emitting an "Uh, uhh" sound while the large tall ones make distorted noises.
    The large one shot earlier is startled but then regains composure and chases Jin.
    "I don't see the others, they're probably higher or lower on the floors! Just hurry and get out from the windows!"

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