Legends of the Fates

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    "Philosopher's stone? I could see why it reminds you of that."
    "Antidote? Oh heh, there is no antidote for it, which is why it's so deadly. Trust me, I tried making an antidote for it without success. But you could try."
    "I got the blue vial from my home country. People risk their lives trying to get that stuff. My people are trying to find ways to replicate it. And the black one..." She scratches the back of her head. "It's a secret."
  2. - I see.

    Jin looks back at Violet :

    - In any case, my work here is done. Feel free to look around my shop, if you want. I'm still gonna stick around for now if you need anything.

    He walks back to the work-bench and looks at the blueprint again.
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    "Oh, about that antidote, it couldn't hurt if maybe you tried finding one for it? It would be very helpful."
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    "Feels comfortable, I just hope it won't slow me down underwater. I tend to make my own of out of wood, bear bones, leatber, and deer sinew all treated with fish oil and other water-proofing treatments."
  5. Jin smirks :

    - Of course. I can't rest easy until I know there's a way to counter this dangerous thing.

    He then glances at Martin :

    - Just paste some fish oil on it then, if you want. Or, if you ask me nicely, some blood instead, hahaha...
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    "You should. This stuff is actually more common than you think. Though it comes in handy as a last resort. And for another reason..."
  7. Jin narrows his eyes at Violet, finding something suspicious in her words that regard the black vial. Then, as if suddenly remembering something, he looks at the blue one :

    - Didn't you just say the blue vial can cure everything, almost like a Philosopher's Stone ?...
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    "Almost anything. I know because I tried to."
    She clears her voice and speaks in a more serious tone.
    "It only acts as a suppressant to the black liquid's infected victims, hence the 'prolong one's life' part. Once the person stops taking it, they succumb to the 'disease.'"
  9. Jin frowns at Violet's answer, seemingly in frustration, and glances back at the blueprint of his mechanical/cybernetic wings, but more like to try to find an answer for countering this "disease" and "poison" from the black vial she talks about.

    "There must be a way... w-wait a sec ?..."

    He looks up, but obviously something else is on his mind, and whatever is in his eyesight at the moment (the shelves on the wall, hanging the weapons, that is) isn't relevant.
    He then glances at the door back inside his house, then back at Violet.

    - I'll be right back.

    He rushes off and gets in, and a while later, returns with what looks like a spell scroll.

    - This isn't any sort of "antidote", just a high-level restoration spel I made back in the day... more like a ritual, but perhaps it could help, too ?

    Jin gives the scroll to Violet.
    The page shows 7 christian crosses, forming a 7/3 heptagram. Each of them has one color, along with a small line written above it :
    • ruby-red : "You're filled with Determination."
    • garnet-orange : "You're filled with Courage."
    • golden-yellow : "You're filled with Justice."
    • emerald-green : "You're filled with Kindness."
    • cyan-blue : "You're filled with Patience."
    • sapphire-blue : "You're filled with Integrity."
    • amethyst-purple : "You're filled with Perseverance."
    Surrounding each cross are 7 flowers of the respective color, also forming a mini 7/3 heptagram.
    At the center of the large heptagram is a diamond-white cross, with the line "You're filled with Purity".
    Jin continues his explanation, trying his best not to sound like he's boasting, but merely just retelling his story :

    - There was a time I was summoned to a dimension by a demigod, who was in need of a healer. I used this ritual to purify his soul and banish the demonic curse known as "The 7 Deadly Sins" that plagued his heart. And it worked ! The curse was gone for good !

    He finishes :

    - Preparing the ritual is pretty time-consuming, but I guarantee 100% success, and no side effects afterward. Trust me, I made this whole thing my own.
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    She looks, but with some doubt.
    "Well it couldn't hurt to try. It's safer since I'm not risking to lose anything."
    She just blurted out something she shouldn't had said.
    "Damn. Well in case you didn't know, I might as well tell you my secret and why I'm asking you to do this. I'm infected with the black disease. Long story short, I was probably infected by it through eating it. I was able to obtain these samples from a friend, who retrained me and obtained these samples from my 'monster' form. Yes, people turn into monsters when they are infected without suppressants. So do you mind if I give this a try?"
  11. Jin widens his eyes when he hears what seems to be Violet's biggest secret ever about her background, and looks straight at her in silence for a while. Then, he glances at the scroll, and his expression slowly becomes determined.

    - Yeah, we can. One sec.

    He rushes back in the house again, and returns a while later, this time with a banquet of flowers on his left (red) hand and a string of crosses on his right hand. Hanging across his torso is a string of prayer skulls instead.


    As the two get out of the workshop, Jin clicks on a button on the wall, and a door slowly descends from the ceiling, closing the place.

    - Alright, now we can go. I have a small zen garden where we can do this without being interrupted. Follow me.
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    "Alright, I'll follow. By the way, how did you end up with a place like this? Are you rich?"
  13. Jin just shrugs :

    - Nah, I just moved here a year ago... and, not rich either. We're just "middle class"... and I prefer it like that.

    He looks up at the sky and flattens his ears to his sides, as he feels a calm breeze blows through his fur coat :

    - Being rich isn't always nice, y'know. Always having to worry about being robbed, kidnapped, blackmailed, or even assassinated, because of all the money you have, because you're such a big target...

    He takes a diamond-white flower off the banquet and holds it in between his index and middle finger.

    - Why do you ask, though ?
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    "Well because it's all hidden as well as looking nice. I was rich too. I used to be a diplomat and a leader. But not the selfish kind. I actually wanted to be a scientist. Explore the unknown, research new medicine, and perhaps even find a way to replicate that blue stuff. But my parents only would fund me if I became a diplomat. I was rich, and kept doing so until I could retire and head towards becoming a part of the science team. It went downhill when some people tried to poison me to get me out for I don't know why. Was I a political target? Did someone hate me? Were people jealous that I was in control of the blue vial distribution? Maybe it was the former. I remember this rich guy was mad that I put a cap on how much infected individuals could have of the blue vial until their untimely demise. He was angry that he couldn't have anymore. Sorry to him, but he was taking like gallons of that stuff and he was just prolonging the inevitable. And it isn't fair that he could by that stuff while other people could not afford it."
  15. Jin glances at Violet with his eyebrows raised.

    - So now you're here, either finding a way to make more of those blue potion, or a way to get rid of the disease completely.

    He gently places the flower back in the banquet, as the two pass the blocks of the districts. His tail slowly swishes behind him.

    - Keep an eye out for that "rich guy"... I can't tell much, if at all, but he seems like trouble, from what I can get.

    His grip on the banquet of flowers tightens a bit. He looks more serious.

    - Curing your disease for good is still only seen as "temporary"... knowing the source to make sure the disease never appears again is the main big task.


    A while later, the two arrive at a lake (about a kilometer away from Jin's house) with crystal-clear water. The sunshine sparkles and dances on the surface.
    At the center of the lake is a strange monument : a flat and circular base on the ground, and two curved spikes erecting upward and pointing at each other at the top, forming a vertical oval shape at the center. It looks like it's made of diamonds. Surrounding it are small, pretty flowers among the bright-green grass.
    A blurry, translucent white sphere can be seen around the whole ground.
    The bridge that connects between the land and the center of the lake appears to be made of ruby instead.

    - This is the gateway that leads to my zen garden.
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    "I wish I knew there was a way to replicate it."
    "No kidding, I wouldn't be surprised if the rich man was responsible for my infection."

    "Now let's get this over with. I'm going to postpone me taking more of that blue potion just to see if this experiment works."
  17. Jin nods, and leads Violet pass the bridge.
    As they enter the monument ground, within the sphere of mist, an odd feeling arises.

    - I leave the flow of time stopped completely in this area, so that when we're in my zen garden...

    Jin points at the monument.

    - ... We won't be affected by how time moves differently between two dimensions.

    He then walks to the circular base and holds up the white cross.
    A wormhole appears and fits in the oval shape of the monument. Inside it is the reflection of what looks like a flower field.
    Jin points at the wormhole :

    - That's my garden. Come on.

    He steps into the wormhole and vanishes out of sight.
  18. (My flower garden)

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    "Then that would mean we could carry out this experiment without interruption. So let's get this over with."
    She enters, then places the blue vial and a syringe on a nearby flat rocky surface.
    "If this fails, just inject me with as much with the blue potion as possible when I go full-on monster."
  20. Jin nods yet again, and takes her through the stairs, covered in grass, until they all arrive at yet another monument of sort.


    Jin then points at the circle area.

    - Just stand there, and I'll do the rest.

    Then, as he says so, he proceeds to place the crosses around it, and the flowers around them, and forms the heptagram formation as seen in the scroll. Finally, he places the white flowers around Violet's feet, and gives her the white cross.

    - Your soul would leave your body during the ritual. Then, I can cleanse both your physical disease and mental corruption separately.

    He then walks off the circle and turns around, facing Violet, now the string of prayer skulls in his left hand.

    - Close your eyes, Violet.

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