Legends of the Fates

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  1. - You have got to be kidding me, girl !

    Jin rushes out of the way and busts out his minigun again.

    - Vio, you tell the team to get the elevator and get their ass outta here, wherever they are now ! I'll stay and hold these fuckers !

    He then goes all-out with the supernova like before, not planning to leave one of them alive :

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    "Alright, I'll guide them in where they need to go."
    Some die in the blast, but the ones that are heavily crystallized aren't even fazed.
  3. Jin sees that his supernova is ineffective against the crystalized monsters, and decides to go for the old trick. This time, he loads electrical starlight lazer blasts straight through the wormhole into insides them and lets loose of his attacks.

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    Every enemy except the tall ones are unaffected. The tall ones seem to be able to inhibit any portal like objects close to their own vicinity.
    "You're going to have to electrocute the tall ones."
  5. Jin flaps his wings to throw himself backward and gives himself some breathing room, then puts his gun away, and places his hand on the grip of his nodachi.
    Then, with a hard yank outward, he draws and brandishes it in a flurry. It turns out to be a light saber with a pure-white blade.


    Following the trail of light created from motions of his nodachi, he forms a massive dragon from the scythe feathers of his wings, electrified with plasma energy. He then dashes forward, as the dragon follows behind him.


    As soon as he gets within range, he teleports to behind the monsters and performs a swift strike with such a wide range that cuts through all of them, followed by the dragon rushing through and assaulting them with extreme voltage of electricity.
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    The tall creatures are incapacitated, but with some still trying to get up.
    Outside, there's a scream, followed by multiple gunfire and frenzy.
    "Dammit. These freaks were waiting outside for us!"
  7. In the midst of chaos, Jin hears someone outside the compound, and thinks it's the team Violet sent him in to rescue. He breaks the windows and jumps outside :

    - Jin is leaving the building !

    He tosses a flashbang through the window to finish off the rest of the crystalized monsters, then flaps his wings and quickly gets to the people down below, with his light saber readied and the dragon following.
    As he dives down, the dragon swoops down as well, and knocks all the monsters out of the way. Jin quickly lands in the middle of the group.

    - All of you, get to the ship ! I'll hold them off !
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    In the corner of Jin's vision, a Lurker is seen grasping a survivor with its jaws and takes a glance at the fight before running off. While the rest of the team is running towards the ship, a screamer shows up. It alerts everything in a near radius. The Alpha Beast from before shows up accompanied by 2 other Lurkers engage the team. The Alpha fires its black beam at the dragon before running to Jin, looking angry as ever.
  9. Jin busts out a large launcher and blows all monsters backward with a supermassive wave of ultrasound to give himself some breathing room. He then rushes to the survivor and, after a quick look at his injuries, places a flat and circular device on his chest. A log shows up on the display.
    At this point, the device emits a sphere of green light, made of numbers 0 and 1, that covers the survivor's body. A 3D hologram of his body is seen floating above him, which slowly becomes more colored and with a physical form, until it is essentially a copy of his body, but without the infection from the Lurker.
    It then shifts his subconscious from his old body to the newly created one, and once done, the old body slowly fades away.
    Meanwhile, Jin shifts his gaze to the monsters, and adjusts his visor as he stands in between the survivor and them.

    - Meka-activated !

    He tosses out about 10 other devices, which and digi-struct (digitally construct) collosal robots that tower over him by two meters. Each is armed with rocket launchers, lazer cannons, and miniguns on its shoulders, and two light sabers on its hands.
    As the sphere of light fades away, Jin quickly carries the survivor back to the ship with the rest, and hops in, leaving the mechs to hold the monsters off.

    - We're not missing anyone, are we ?
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    "That should be everyone. Everyone who isn't infected." The man wearing the dark brown uniform plated with armor introduces himself as the leader of the squad. "So much for trying to retake the compound. They just keep coming in further and further."
  11. Jin introduces himself as well :

    - Jin Lust-Sin, magician and technician, at your service. Yes, you can already tell I'm not from your nation.

    He sits back and lets out a sigh, his wings folded back behind his armor, as the plasma energy fades away. He takes off his helmet to clean his sweats ; the soldier sees that he has blood-red eyes like a vampire.
    He, on the other hand, doesn't really mind, and lets out a yawn, sounding tired :

    - Glad to see all of you back in one piece... I can't imagine being stuck with those sons of bitches.

    He then takes out a remote control :

    - To be honest, I don't think there's any point in retaking the compound... with those monsters on the loose, it's suicide. If you allow me, one click and those monsters go down straight to hell... but also what's left of the compound.
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    "Yes I could tell. But just to let you know, the stuff you have now won't be enough to kill every variant."
    "Also I've already had the place rigged to blow." He takes out a tablet and starts pushing in commands. "The nuclear reactor is set to overheat and now explode." In the distance you can see a small mushroom cloud where the base used to be. "I snagged this before the place ran rampant with them."
  13. Jin puts the remote control away with a smirk :

    - That makes two of us then. I was just about to set my mechs to self-destruct anyway.

    He stretches a bit, and yawns again :

    - Alright, all safe and sound... that's all I really care about... now for a nap until we're back at the base...

    (Let's skip ahead)
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    (Skipped back to the HQ.)
    Everyone was dropped and head back to their jobs and lives. Jin meets back with Violet and talks with him in private. She tells him that during the near end when the evacuation happened, she started having turns. She put back on the special trinket Jin gave to her to stop the infection. While she was trying to maintain control, someone else was monitoring the mission.
    "I guess it didn't really work. It must be ingrained into my body so much that manipulating time doesn't stop it, but this other thing helps though."
    "On a side note, it turns out that the rich guy was responsible for contaminating me with that corrupting substance. He barricaded himself in his mansion and guarded by several of his goons. Police are at a stand off with him. I think it's time to end this conspiring individual."
  15. Jin lets out a disappointed sigh at how he can't help Violet with her disease, no matter what he tries, and feels like he's absolutely hopeless.
    When he hears her mentioning the rich guy, however, his distress is turned into fury and anger. The more he hears her talk about him, the harder he grinds his teeth.
    However, he suddenly remembers something, and gives Violet the device he used to help prevent the survivor from being infected.

    - One last try...

    He tells her of how he managed to "stop" the infection, by literally transfering the survivor's subconscious to a copy of his body, which was without the infection in the first place.
    His voice is full of hopes.

    - Just... let me try one more time, please... just one more time.

    He holds Violet's hands in a rather desperate way :

    - I can't stand seeing someone I know turning into those monsters. Yes, you and I are from different nations and societies, I get it, but there's still something that makes me really not at peace with myself until I make sure there's a way to stop this nasty infection. I'm not convinced that your condition is incurable, not just yet.

    He looks straight into Violet's eyes, hoping to hear her say yes.

    - My main concern isn't an enemy's defeat. I stand for my allies' safety and well-being first. I can worry about that rich jackass later. Just... please.
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    She let's out a sigh.
    "Look Jin, I'm not really comfortable losing my body and replacing it with another. And to be honest, we can't always avoid death. I can hold onto this thing you gave me and as long as I keep it, I won't turn. Maybe it does get rid of the corruption, though we don't know if it's subconsciously ingrained."
    "I came to look for anything special on the Historium looking for a cure. It may take the creation of a panacea to get rid of this. You might put this cure first, but I want to confront 'him' before anything else."
  17. Jin looks down in defeat, having to understand and accepts that he's done all he can, and yet is crossing the line to that of the gods. He looks so miserable now, as if he's the one with the ill fate, not Violet, though.
    With nothing more than a nod to tell her that he's known where to stop now, he looks away, avoiding eye contact, seemingly ashamed of himself for some reasons, and steps away from her a bit.
    He doesn't seem to feel like he has the stomach to utter out half a word anymore.
    He draws out his two katanas and holds them vertically to his two sides, with his arms croseed, as he kneels down, in front of Violet, for a short while, before standing back up and walking off, in complete silence.
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    Violet watches on with a face of blank emotion. She returns a call from the police holding up at the mansion, discussing the next move. She looks back then her attention to the call.
    "I guess this is when we part ways." She said to herself.
  19. A text message suddenly appears on a hologram screen in front of Violet.

    "Lemme know when you're ready to hunt down that fucker. The sooner we get it done with, the sooner we can get back to our timeline. I'm waiting outside here when you're ready to move out."
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    "I am ready. We could do it right now, I also have the police force at my disposal."
  21. (Jin and Violet's police force be like)
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    (Oh wow.)

    "From what we know, he has a lot of people heavily armed and guarding him. From the first attempt to infiltrate the mansion, the guy has some extremely powerful magic users. They appear to be mercs or body guards for hire. Either way, he's conspired to kill me on top of attempt of political assassination. I am definitely not letting him get away with this."
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    She steps back and examines his new looking form, somewhat amused.
    "You'll be fine. Though they got some creatures that some guy mind controls, so watch your back. I assume you're ready?"
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    The party is taken to the mansion's first long distance entrance where a blockade is set up. The lead officer explains the situation.
    "As you can see, the mansion is about 50 meters from this gate. Inside, it's huge and packed with various dangers. The first police that entered failed to detain him. At this point, arresting him isn't an option, and we don't know if some officers are being held hostage."
  25. (kinda running outta interest for RPs with magic in general these days...)

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