Legends of the Fates

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    (I've been feeling the same. I wish there was something more interesting to spice RPing up, like maybe doodle each other scene.)
  2. (I got an idea... do this whole fight scene without magic and super-advanced weaponized technology. No monsters. No laser. No light-sabers. No magic. None of that. Just good ol' AK47 or M16 and be done with it like real men do.)
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    (I guess. Though, that would mean you'd have to be more careful. A couple of hits is all it takes to go down.)
  4. (Works for me. Though, that means our posts, after the officer warned us, need some serious editing. I deleted mine, though.)
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    (Makes sense. I will need some time to edit and rearrange some detail.)
  6. Jin cracks his knuckles, then spikes up his mane like no-one's business.

    - Sounds like fun.

    He adjusts his leather jacket, puts on his finger-less gloves, and splits his mane, below his chin, apart : two silver-white military dog tags and a black spiky collar can be seen fastened on his neck. Then, he wears two wolf skulls on his shoulders.
    Finally, he straps two katanas on his sides and a nodachi on his back, and a pair of sawed-off shotguns on his lower back.

    - So, what's the plan ?
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    "The plan is we are going to try finding a detour inside. The entrance is probably guarded by a lot of gunmen. Perhaps through the backyard where it's more easily infiltrated, but also guarded. That way, we will have easy access to the inside once we take the back. The front is just too risky and out in the open."
  8. Jin nods in agreement, and cracks his knuckles.

    - Let's do this thing. Lead the way, and I'm right behind.
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    "We have a team that is going to attack from the backyard. It's large and there will be many spots to engage from. Although it's huge, there's cover and more places to swarm them from."
    Jin is automatically grouped with another team of medium armored infiltrators, about 12, and they make their way by going around the mansion and through the brush. A captain marked with dark blue stripes in addition to his armor says he will guide the team.
    "The moment we reach the backyard, do not engage yet. I will pin point all of you to different areas so we can hit them from any side possible. Unfortunately, we can't have air support because we found out the hard way that they have anti air ordinance. These people are armed to take on an army, expect them to fight like an army. These mercs, thugs, and hired gunman are organized and smart."
    They begin halfway through the mansion's side brush with a scattered amount of trees and aot of ground mulch. Bushes are pretty thick and various elevated land is in the area.
    "This is a pretty long walk. Damn mansion is huge."
  10. While walking, Jin slightly elbows at Violet, then taps his finger on his left wrist, to tell her that they should make this quick so they can get back to their own timeline.
    He then glances at his red arm and the shadow of his wings in silence, and looks away. A thought crosses his mind.

    "Who... or what... am I really fighting for ?... Is there no possible end to all this violence ? Does it really have to be this way ?"

    The more the thought lingers in his mind, the less he wants to take up arms.

    "I never want to fight... it just all comes to me..."

    He lets out a sigh :

    "... There must be a way to settle this in peace. I'm tired of shedding blood."
  11. (Is this RP officially dead now ?)
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    (Not yet. Sorry, busy lately.)
    "We're putting an end to this man. An attempted political assassination. And I won't let him get away with this. If he's the one who almost killed me, I will make him regret that decision."
    She clearly looks frustrated.
    "Police Corps can't even bring down one man. Jin, if you don't want to, you can leave. But this problem will be taken care of, even if I have to explode the entire building."
    Violet has some personal beef with the rich guy who tried to kill her.
  13. Jun clenches his fist and presses his lips, looking determined.

    - I can't leave. Not just yet. I still gotta take you back to our time to make sure the present isn't altered too much.

    He cracks his knuckles, and bares his teeth. His eyes slowly shift from blood-red back to normal (golden-yellow iris and ivory-yellow sclera), and his left arm changes from all blood-red to just having blood-red tattoos running pass his wrist.
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    "Let's just finish this."
    Violet then stays far behind so the team can do their business.

    "There it is. I can see the whole backyard surrounded by about 15 guards. One of them has a mounted gun, and 2 more guards at his sides. This place has been turned into a fort. This is what we'll do."
    The captain orders 3 plain infantry each to take opposite sides. He gets the rangers to support from the sides of the backyard. He tells Jin to takes one of the sides.
    The captain pulls out a mortar.
    "I'm going to mortar bomb that mounted gunner, and when I do, you all strike."
  15. Jin takes a glance at the backyard, then nods.

    - Whoever go with me, stay behind me. My wings should be able to keep you covered long enough.

    He then readies two large riot shields on both his hands. Each is rectangular-shaped, at the size of 100cm (width) x 150cm (height).

    - Just in case...
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    (Alive. Whenever you guys are ready to progress with the main story, tell me and I can set things in motion.)
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    (I'm still here and waiting as well.)
  18. (Starting to regret getting carried away with the side plot, ugh... if you don't mind, @Corrupt-Canine , let's just say the mission is success.)
    (Now, one thing is I have a lot of changes after taking part in the whole side plot, if you don't mind. Will get to it in the next post right now.)
    • NAME - Jin Lust-Sin
    • AGE - 21
    • GENDER - Male
    • RACE - Void-Walker (Dajerre (kangaroo-raptor crossbreed) in appearance)
    • GODLY PARENT - Ptah, god of craftsmen and architects

    STATS (idk how this thing works so I still leave the stats as they were at lv 1)
    • Level : 25
    • HP : 250
    • MP : 200
    • SP : 100


    • TYPE : minigun
    • DAMAGE TYPE : magic
    • DAMAGE : 50% of Jin's M.ATK and AGI
    • RANGE : 500m
    • ATTACK SPEED : 10 shots per turn
    • TYPE : launcher
    • DAMAGE TYPE : physical
    • DAMAGE : 50% of Jin's P.ATK and AGI
    • RANGE : 200m
    • ATTACK SPEED : 1 shot per turn
    • TYPE : Shield (Kite Shield)
    • SIZE : 75cm width / 100cm height
    • DEFENSE : 100% of Jin's P.DEF and M.DEF
    • BASH DAMAGE : 10% of Jin's P.ATK
    • TYPE : Shield (Heavy Shield)
    • SIZE : 120cm width / 160cm height
    • DEFENSE : 250% of Jin's P.DEF and M.DEF
    • BASH DAMAGE : 10% of Jin's P.ATK

    Skills :
    • ATK - 25
    • M.ATK - 10
    • DEF - 25
    • M.DEF - 10
    • AGLTY - 25
    • INT - 10
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  20. (I'm still updating my list of magic and special strikes, but go ahead and progress the story if you want)
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    (I'm back, and yeah, let's say it was a success.)
    (Also I'm ready for the main story to re-continue.)
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  23. [​IMG]

    Jin and Violet exit the alternative timeline, and come back to their actual one.
    As the two leave Jin's temple and walks out of the field of frozen time, Jin checks the clock :

    - Wow, we've been in the past for a whole month and it's been only 1 hour in the present.

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