Legends of the Fates

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    "Alright, fine, I'll do so. Just keep me in check of what's going on."
    She complies.
  2. - Got it.

    Then, Jin raises his string of prayer skulls up, and begins chanting, with his paws extended outward to his sides, with his palms facing up. Sunlight, moonlight and starlight shine down upon Violet and the crosses around.
    He begins his incantation, in the language he knows as "Dragon's Tongue".

    "Sahvot ahrk koraak vokrii. Hind ahrk hahnu held lok. Draan fahraal.
    Pah zud Kogaan do Kiindah ahrk Vokriind, bolaav zey mul wah fustir bein krasfaal nol daar sil.
    Pah zud Kogaan do Kiindah ahrk Vokriind, dii faan."

    ("Faiths and beliefs assured. Hopes and dreams held high. Prayers answered.
    All 7 Blessings of Creation and Restoration, grant me the strength to eradicate the foul corruption from this soul.
    All 7 Blessings of Creation and Restoration... heed my call.")

    As he progresses, Violet is lifted off the ground. Her soul ascends from her body and appears in a white, translucent form, above her body. Jin sees what looks like a black orb in the heart of her soul, with tentacles swirling around.
    A determined look appears on his face.
    He then holds the string of prayer skulls on his right hand as he brings it to behind him and raises it upward. At the same time, he bends down and points his left hand at the ground.


    The 7 crosses around Violet lift up and orbit around her, followed by the flowers, and they all glow in their respective color, as he continues the incantation.

    "Vahzah kahliir kopraan lu..."

    ("True heavenly body magic...")

    A flash of light emits from the sky. A star-sign can be seen, formed from 7 dots.
    Jin then places the wrist of his right hand (still with his index and middle fingers extended) on the palm of his left hand (opened up).


    "Maat do zud fil !"

    ("Judgement of (the) seven stars !")

    The star-sign flashes a blinding light upon Violet, purging the black orb, the source of the disease, off her soul. The avatar of her monster form manifests itself as a black, ghostly phantom, before burning away, until nothing of it is left.
    With the last bit of his energy, Jin tries to keep his composure and holds his ground. He sees the blue veins in Violet's soul slowly becoming brighter and brighter, now that the black disease is gone.
    A weak smile appears on his face.
    He then raises his prayer skulls upward :

    "Alok, waan hi fund, fah hin dez lost tul wah bo."

    ("Rise, if you would, for your fate has yet to come.")

    Violet's soul returns to her body as she descends back to the ground, in the center of the monument. All the crosses and flowers around her gently drop down like leaves, but back to their original places, as a heptagram formation.
    Jin collapses on the ground, but with a smile on his face still, knowing that he's ended someone's misery without having to end their life.
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    She collects herself but feels tired.
    "Hmm, that maybe helped get rid of it..."
    She takes a few steps forward, but her relief is short lived
    "I think I'm starting to hear voices in my head. I don't feel too good."
    She holds her head, then begins to cough. The coughs become more harsh. One of her coughs spit out some black bile.
    "Oh. Un, unbelievable."
    Violet begins grinding her teeth.
    She begins heading towards the exit.
    "Sorry, for once I thought it worked. To be honest, I think you only replicated it..."
  4. Jin rushes after Violet and grabs her hand :

    - Wait ! That's... that's impossible ! You should've been cured !

    He tightens the grip on her hand, and injects the blue vial in her pulse when she isn't looking to suppress her disease, all the while continuing, with frustration and confusion in his voice :

    - How is it that you're still infected ? You're supposed to--...

    In the middle of his sentence, he suddenly comes up with something else, and asks :

    - ... Do you remember exactly when you ate the poison ?... Maybe I can "rewind" your timeline back to before it, and the disease will be undone. The only problem is your memories about everything after it will be gone.
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    The blue vial's effects immediately kick in and restore her to her normal state.
    "This 'disease' is just the closest thing I could call it." She calms her voice. "It's like a disease, but it doesn't even follow the same consistency of most magical illnesses. It's abnormal."
    "I think it was about a month and 2 weeks ago. Before I was infected. However I don't think this is a safe idea. Will there be 2 of me in the same timeline? What if it doesn't even leave my body at all? This disease is of Elderich origin, and could still be in me even if I reverse time..."
  6. Jin shakes his head :

    - No, no, we're not gonna travel back in time. Lemme put it this way : I'm just gonna restore your body back to a month and 2 weeks ago. We can do it right here. Nothing happens in the timeline. The only thing I gotta remind you is that your memories after that moment will be gone for good. It's like... you load a game file, if you can call it that.

    His voice sounds reassured now :

    - ... And... even if it fails...

    He places his hand on the white cross that Violet is still holding, and mumbles something, making it glow brighter. When he's done, the cross looks like it's made of pure light.

    - Until we find a way to cure the disease... as long as you keep the cross with you, you won't need the blue vial, and won't turn monster either.
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    Violet looks to the side, then forward.
    "Umm, I forgot your name, but I need to tell you something about that time. I was eating alone when it happened, though there may have been people there hiding. If what I think is true, those people may have a plan B to do something else, most likely kill me. I don't want to take that risk. This trinket helps prevent me from turning, so what's the point of going back if I don't need anymore of those blue suppressants? I might be risking my life with those people..."
    She looks slighty to the side and down, in frustration and disappointment.
    "Maybe I shouldn't risk this."
  8. Jin scratches his head in slight frustration as well, then decides to just demonstrate what he really means.

    - Hold still.

    He then places his red hand on Violet's forehead and closes his eyes while mumbling something, as it glows blood-red, and the aura surrounds her.
    As he continues, Violet starts to see what looks like her life being reversed, like a video playing back, as well as her memories slowly drifting off her mind, indicated by a stream of faint light moving from her forehead, through Jin's red hand, to his other hand, forming a sphere of light.
    Jin starts to sweat more and more as he continues, looking like he's restraining himself and getting worn down. Performing the ritual, only to fail, was as tiresome as running a 100-mile marathon, for someone with bad cardio health and stamina like him, but he still continues.
    Soon, he reaches the point in Violet's timeline, the moment before she took the poison by accident.
    When he's done, he can't even stand anymore, and collapses on the ground, with an exhausted sigh, but still thinking about plan C.

    "If it still doesn't do anything, then my last hope to cure her is to transfer the chemical property from the vial into magic energy, then amplify it until it's strong enough to remove the disease for good..."
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    (let me know when you guys are back at Jin's workshop)
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    "I'm home?..."
    She takes a good look around her room. The walls are shiny white and silver, her short legged table holding the food she was about to eat, as well as the furniture in the same place it was before.
    To make sure she was alone, she made a brief check of the closests and under the bed, not finding anyone.
    "I guess this is the part when I don't eat. Maybe I should take this back to the chef, make him check that there is something wrong with it. Someone here wanted to kill me, and I'm going to find out who."

    Time passes, and she confronts the chef. The chef obviously denies any poison being in the food, he insisted in trying it himself. Violet tells him to stop but the chef eats it anyway, and dies predicably. The chef wasn't responsible for poisoning her. Conspiracy rolls about how someone did truly tried to kill Violet, the head organizer and regulator of the runners and the blue liquid substance.
    She goes back to her room.
    "I'm thinking of confronting that rich guy from before, but if he's responsible, he might have hired thugs and hitmen to get rid of me."
    She attempts to gain Jin's contact.
    "Hey, can I use you help a little more? I know I've asked for a lot from you, but I may need some more one last time..."
  11. Jin tries to get back on his feet with much difficulty. He looks quite shaky while trying to keep his balance, and his voice is tired :

    - Just... a sec...

    He pops a can of arcane soda and chugs it down like he hasn't had a drink for a week. Then, with a sigh of relief, he wipes his mouth :

    - Alright, I'm good... what else do you need help with ?
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    "I'm going to confront the rich guy to see if he was responsible. And if he knows I'm onto him, he may do something drastic. He has a compound full of guards though, so I'm going to get the authorities to investigate him. Can you act as a body guard in the time being?"
  13. Jin raises his eyebrows at Violet's suggestion, but shakes his head :

    - First thing's first. You sure the disease is gone from you now ?

    He presses his lips in anticipation, hoping to hear her say "yes". His only concern at the moment is her disease being gone for good.
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    "I'm not entirely sure if it's gone. We will have to wait long enough when my symptoms usually start occurring. I'm sorry for not being certain, but if it doesn't come back during that time, I will likely be cured."
  15. Jin nods, though somewhat reluctantly, now regarding Violet's suggestion earlier :

    - Right... now... what do you mean I play as a bodyguard again ?
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    "Those people who planned to poison me, they will know their plan failed. They will most likely start resorting to their plan B. I am not a strong enough fighter to take on a potential gang of hitmen thugs, and my people don't rely on magic as much as other societies do. I could use some help and protection while I find out who's responsible."
    (Accepting will skip a few days immediately.)
  17. Jin crosses his arms and tilts his head to a side, thinking for a while, then nods again.

    - ... Alright, I'm in. Just tell me what I should have for my equipment so I can blend in and not raising suspicion or getting attention.
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    "You will need to get a uniform to look formal. You can't be around me in these parts without some formal wear."
    She heads to a supply closet outside her room and comes back with a white, silver, and blue colored robe.
    "You will also need to learn that practicing magic unless it's job related is heavily restricted. People just don't like other people showing off their magic skills."
    "You will need to stay by my side and don't wander. My safety is at risk, and wandering can get you lost. This country is big."
    "Lastly, you will need an ID badge."
  19. Jin examines the robe carefully to make sure it isn't enchanted with anything magic-restricting, hence why Violet said that learning magic is useless and that her people don't like showing-off magic-users. He then puts it on and takes a look at himself again, then shrugs :

    - Still look like some wizard robe, if you ask me.

    He adjusts the outfit a bit.

    - If magic isn't allowed, and I'm actin' as a bodyguard, then I need a weapon or two, y'know. I ain't goin' kungfu like one of those super agents in action movies.

    - Sure, sure, I'll follow your lead. All up to you.
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    "It's our culture, but I could see why it seems like a wizard robe."
    "If you need a weapon, I can get you a ranger rifle. They are what most guards and policeman use around here use. And if you get one, don't lose it or break it, they're expensive and I'm getting you a rental. No point of buying one since we are going to be here for a brief time."
    "You can also get an officer sword. But I don't see any situation when a sword would win in a firefight."

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