Legends of the Fates

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  1. Jin chuckles at Violet mentioning that guns are a thing :

    - Wow. Are you saying that you're more into technology and stuffs, instead of fancy magic ? Because I know some of my own, too.

    He looks around to make sure no-one else is in the area, then takes out a small watch-like device and equips it on his left wrist.

    - I'll be honest. I prefer technology too. More plausible than fancy magic.

    Then, as he presses on the gem on the watch, two large rectangular computer screen appear in front of him, one with the icon of a sword, and the other with a handgun. He taps on the latter, and it opens up to several smaller screens, each with a type of gun. He then selects the one that looks like an AK47, but black and white.
    The screen re-materializes itself into the gun and hovers in the air, until Jin grabs it.

    - No point of getting a rental either, girl. I got my own right here.
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    "Well yeah, but from our societies standpoint. Kind of helpful, since a lot of the hazards and creatures we deal with are magic nullifying. Magic just seems like a cheap cop out to my people so we try other means to get around in life. I never thought there'd also be people out there who also share similar ideas.
    "Ah, so you carry your own stuff. That works too. So are you now ready?"
    "And I almost forgot, never go out of city limits marked with a purple flag. Trust me, you'll live longer."
  3. Jin chuckles with a thumbs-up :

    - My magic and tech is somewhat similar, just that the latter is a bit more limited. However, that doesn't mean I can't handle myself against magic-nullifying monsters.

    He then nods :

    - But, yeah, glad to know someone else that has a knack for technology. Name's Jin, at your service.
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    (how long will this side plot last? I'm bored with nothing to do here)
  5. (tough luck, pal, how about you get your butt on that RP on discord ?)
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    "A lot of these creatures are the same monsters that carry the black poison that I was infected with. The others just being savages with pack mentality."
    "Oh, well thank you, Jin. My name's Violet."

    Some time passes and Violet gets a message from on of the runner groups she managed. It says that a runner group at a far away outpost has been overwhelmed by abominations, and they barricaded themselves inside their compound. One of the leaders is a well respected and very skilled member of the runners who sent the message by a drone. It says they're completely out of power. It's possible for them to turn it on, however, abominations patrol the lower floors and the basement where the power can be turned on. They're requesting emergency assistance and Violet comes to a decision.
    "Um, hey Jin, I was wondering if you could do something on the side. A group of runners are in trouble and I was wondering if you could help them. They're pretty far and I'm not sure if a team could recover them without casualties. You seem competent, could you help them out in the time being? I'll lead your remotely and I'll have guards with me during the time you're gone. Want to help?"
  7. Spending time in a nation/society where technology outmatches magic has helped Jin hone his physical combat skills/techniques better than before.
    At first, he felt suppressed and at conflicts with himself, always having to tell himself that magic is restricted. He couldn't help but feel that having to adapt to such a place without magic was next to impossible for a wizard like him.
    However, after much time having to survive with Jin has grown to prefer this fighting style more, in fact.
    Soon, he finally has a real chance to put everything he's learned so far to the test.

    Jin is now equipped with an AK47, two katanas and a nodachi. He gives Violet a thumbs-up :

    - Sign me up, pal.

    (Note : when Jin and Violet exit this "alternative timeline" and come back to the real world, they'll return just an hour after they came in the dimension)
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    "Alright, you will be transported as close as possible by a small ship piloted by an A.I robot. You will be dropped off close as possible. There will be a dirt road that you will follow that heads towards the compound. Expect some abominations along the way. Nothing major as long as you don't encounter an Alpha Beast or a Screamer."
    She leaves and comes back with an earpiece set.
    "Here's an earphone so I can talk to you. The first thing you will need to do is turn the power on in the basement. Then you will need to clear out as many creeps as possible so that the team can escape. Also, try avoiding attracting attention from nearby abominations. They may be stupid and unable to hear, but if a Screamer spots you, expect every creature in the vicinity to home in on you after they scream."
  9. Jin equips his earpiece on, then attaches a visor to it and adjusts it in front of his eyes, then switches his armor.

    - Just a sec. I don't think it's a good idea fighting monsters with this robe.

    Using the same watch he used to get his gun, he now puts on what looks like a knight armor, along with a pair of plasma wings on his back.
    - Don't worry, they'll never see me comin'. Watch.

    He hammers his white gauntlet, and vanishes out of sight through a wormhole. A short while later, he appears next to Violet.

    - Quantum technology, and...

    He points at a corner of the room, then punches his fist forward. A really loud sound of a gunshot, almost as if from a sniper-rifle, emits at the location.

    - ... sonic technology. No magic in the process, I assure you.

    He then then gives Violet a small hologram device.

    - Use this to see the full-view of the map, so you can tell me where to go.
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    She looks to the side and puts her hands on her hips, looking amused.
    "You always seem to come prepared."
    She smiles, laughs, and covers her face. Then recollects herself. She takes the holo-map.
    "Although I'm concered about the wormhole part. Alpha Beasts can travel through wormholes too. Try to keep that to a minimum. We don't know if the Beasts can detect that. So be careful. Are you now ready?"
  11. Jin smirks at Violet's amused reaction. Then, with a thumbs-up, he readies his nodachi on his back :

    - Trust me, I got this. I still have a lot more tricks up my sleeves. Now where's the ship ?
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    The two take a quick trip to a small hangar bay. The ship she points at is the one Jin will ride. It looks like a white gray vetibird. She says goodbye before he enters the ship.
    "This is the psrt when we temporarily part ways. Try saving them quickly, we don't know how long they have to survive."
  13. - They'll be all safe and sound. No casualty, I assure you... and, lemme kniw when you think the disease is gone from you for good, alright ? Maybe I can find something or someone to help you produce antidotes that can completely remove the disease, to help out the victims.

    He hops on the ship.

    - Goodbye for now, Vio, hahaha !

    He points his gun at the sky, holding it with only his right hand, and firing off a few shots to say "goodbye" at Violet, as the ship leaves.
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    "That will help everyone immensely. It would be ground breaking."
    She covers her mouth and chuckles to herself as she watches on.
    "He'll be fine."

    A couple minutes pass, and the ship is moving fast towards its destination. Noticeably outside the window, the trees and vegetation start to look darker, like it's been dyed with black ink. The atmosphere becomes a blank white color. Soon, there's a muggy gray fog that covers the area with visibility for only around 100 meters. Lighting is dull and it's usually the sort of brightness you see during heavy rain. The whole place looks like time just either stops or becomes disoriented.
    Violet speaks through the earphone.
    "Okay, you're just about there Jin."
  15. Jin takes a deep breath, and chuckles :

    - Smells like home.

    He then readies his gauntlets and stands his ground.

    - See anything down there yet ?
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    "There's a couple skirmishers down there on the motion sensor, but they're too far from the drop off point. Skirmishers are weak compared to what other creatures we deal with."
    The ship stops moving and settles on a nearby barren patch of rocky ground. The cleared out path is in view.
    "Just follow that path up to the right. The ship will stay here until you and the team is back here."
  17. Jin looks up ahead, then around him. The fog and thd bland white appearance of the whole place makes it look like a graveyard of sort, and he starts to feel unsettled to no end.

    - On 2nd thought...

    He switches his AK47 to a pair of sawed-off shotguns and aims them forward, as he presses on.

    - Alright, here we go. Keep an eye out for anything up ahead, alright ?
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    "It's okay for now, I'm here."
    Along the way, Jin comes across tall military-ish fences. They look like electric fences but no electricity is being made in them.
    "You're close."
    Further into the vicinity, the air begins to ripple. It's the same ripple effect caused by heat on a hot large surface. Then black and whiteness appear and begin to expand.
    "Hide behind some thick brush. An Alpha Beast is materializing..."
  19. Jin narrows his eyes at the black and white aura expanding in the vicinity, and slides across the ground a flat, circular device on the ground, which projects a hologram of hinself, in plain view. Then, he cloaks himself in a wormhole and vanishes out of sight, but still keeping an eye on the beast materializing itself.
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    The portal opens fully, and a giant hunched creature about half a meter taller than Jin comes through. It has black fur like coat with a skull for a head but no eyes. It has visibly large horns and long thick claws. It's followed by 2 others. 2 of them have their horns expanding towards the side, looking similar to how a jester's two ends stretch opposite sides. The difference being they don't have a skull, but a black ominous spot on their faces, their eyes not visible, except for their human teeth like smile.
    The Alpha Beast takes notice of the hologram. It inhails half a second, then fires a very forceful thick beam of blackness, ripping the trees and fauna behind it. The Alpha Beast slashes at the image for a few seconds until loosing interest. It walks away, with the others following behind, one emitting a long deep low pitched "Aiiiiiiiie" sound.

    "God, Lurkers too? Alphas are bad, but Lurkers? Oh you got to be kidding..."

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