Legends of the Fates

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  1. Jin doesn't dare even try to speak, not after what he just sees from the Alpha Beast, and what he hears from Violet, about these "Lurkers". He appears behind a bush, out of the monsters' sights, and makes a text message to the map hologram back at Violet's location.

    "I DIDN'T SIGN UP FOR THAT SHIT-- oh, just kidding. Seriously, though, any idea how to take them down without, I dunno, being blown to pieces in oblivion ?"

    After sending the message, he takes a peek at the monsters again, and slides another hologram projector in the ground. The image this time is Jin holding a sniper rifle, and as it "fires", an extremely loud gunshot echoes across the vicinity.
    Jin takes the chance when the beasts are distracted and quickly rushes pass them.
    Another message sent in.

    "Pressing on ! Calling in for navigation ! Over !"
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    "You will need heavy artillery. Their skin is dense as hell. Something like a Batret 50 Cal should do it. But in this enviroment will make them hard to spot from afar."

    The beasts head toward the source of the noise and investigate for a couple seconds before leaving again. It seems they are smarter than they look, and probably won't fall for the same trick again.

    "The road ahead looks clear, you should be seeing the compund right about now. There's a few skirmishers blocking enterance, you should clear them."
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    (I'm pretty sure that the story can't continue until this side plot is over with. I'm also pretty sure that it's not even taking place in the same universe anymore)
  4. (This ain't side-plot anymore... it's a freaking DLC now, hahaha)
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    (It's probably going to be a while before the OP resumes again.)
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    Azrion/Zhalo The Felynes have arisen!

    (Yeah, it basically is a DLC now. Ya know, the DLC with Barret 50. Cal rifles in a primarily magic-based game)
  7. (There are sci-fi stuffs in this too, pal)

    Jin thinks for a while, then looks at his shotguns, and presses his lips :

    - You said their skin... but have you ever thought of turning them upside down from inside out ?

    As he says so, he notices the beasts are having better reactions towards his hologram.

    - These beasts seem to know to learn... shit is just gettin' more and more unreal, isn't it... and to think you people have to deal with them on a daily basis. Sheesh.

    He continues pressing on, until he sees the copound, and takes a good look at the monsters blocking the entrance. As he narrows his eyes and adjusts his visor, he puts a lolipop in his mouth in a side, in a fashion similar to cowboys, then readies his shotguns :

    - It's new moon.

    Then, in the blink of an eye, he pulls the triggers as fast as he can. The shotguns don't fire out any visible projectiles or make any audible noises, but the monsters stagger backward a moment after every time Jin pulls the triggers, as a blast of frost blows up at their bodies, until they're all in frozen pieces.
    Jin smirks :

    - Invisible and completely silent frost moonlight ! Pretty cool, eh ?
  8. (Forgot : this is what Jin did when he took down the beasts)

    (Starts at 0:51 : he locks-on the targets through his visor to get clear shots before executing the attacks)
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    "Yeah. They are part of the reason why we don't really practice magic often. Darn things show up and nullifies every known ability."

    (Oh, High noon.)

    "The coast is clear now. The door should be open."
  10. Jin glances at his shotgun again, then back at where the beasts leave.

    - I got a trick for you... opening a wormhole right inside their body, then throw all your big bullets and cannon-balls into their insides. Originally magic, but I tried with tech, and succeeded too.

    He walks forth while removing the chambers of the shotguns, in a fashion similar to reloading a revolver. He jams a large pack with 6 slots of shotgun shells inside the chamber, then puts it back, and hammers it.
    The door opens. Jin stands at the front, now not with his shotguns, but with his twin katanas, smirking :

    - Objective A cleared. Commence attack on objective B.
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    Inside the bulding, it's pretty dark. Other than the few emergency lights shining, most of the place is out of power. And very dirty.
    "This whole place looks like it was abandoned for a many years, but strangely for only about a few days. It doesn't look bad, it looks horrible!"
    On the ground, there is a lot of pebbles, debris, spent bullets, random guns on the floor, and some broken glass. There's an elevator to the top, except it has no power and no emergency door to climb to the top. The stairs seem like a good idea which are located in the back of the building.
    "It's a good idea to turn the power on first. That way, the elevator will be available for them to take and get out. The basement is a couple halls down, though the door requires a key. It couldn't hurt just to smash it down.
  12. Jin takes a good look at the vicinity from the entrance and frowns at how rundown it all looks. He can't imagine how it'd feel like to have to stay here just to hide from monsters being on the loose.

    - Looks like hell, if you ask me.

    He tries to stay as close to the wall as possible, with his visor turned on to help him see better in the dark, all the while trying to avoid getting in plain sight or stepping on anything on the floor to cause noises. It's either him or any of the monster in the area. He tries to joke, but his voice a bit shaky, probably because of the darkness making him uncomfortable.

    - Tell me if you see anything moving, so I'll know to run.
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    "I don't see anything moving yet."
    A dead body is seen inside an open room he is passing, in uniform but covered with black bile and his skin is discolored. There's an obvious injury on his chest.
    "If we can turn on the power, the electric fences should be able to keep them out."
  14. Jin walks pass the room with the dead body. A disturbing and unsettling thought crosses his mind as he frowns in disgust and fear.
    He's watched enough "Let's Play Dead Space" on YouTube to know what to expect from a dead body in a place overwhelmed by mutated monsters.
    With a click on the cock of the shotgun, and a pull of the trigger, he dismembers the corpse into bits, to make sure it won't suddenly stand up and turn into a monster and flank him from behind.
    Once nothing of it is left, he presses on.

    - Hey, just askin'... those monsters can't mutate dead bodies into creepy walking sons of bitches, right ?... Right ?
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    "They're... not supposed to as far as we know. They can only corrupt, infect, and mutate living people."
    Further down, there's a map showing where the basement is.
    There is banging that can be heard in the walls and under, like scuttling of some kind.
    "There's movement, but I can't see what it is. Oh wait, I think something is following you inside. It looks like a corrupted human."
    The thing is some human male hugging its arms close to itsself as if cold. It's breathing heavily and begins wandering around from the main enterance. It's glowing white and has a worried looking face. It's followed by another human abomination, one sounding clearly pissed, wearing a torn jacket, and hunched forward.
  16. Jin lets out a quiet sigh in relief :

    - Thank goodness...

    He then continues on his way, until he sees the two corrupted humanoid abomination.

    The fearful and scared look on his face seems to be for the moment he sees his own grave.
    He gulps nervously, then bares his teeth in a defensive/aggressive manner, and narrows his eyes through the iron sights of his shotguns. His voice gets so shaky and his breath so heavy that he can't speak anymore. He sends a text message to the map hologram.

    "Can you send me a list of types of these sons of bitches, so I'll know how to take them down, or just run for my life ?..."

    He looks at the two abomination, feeling like he's watching two walking corpses.
    He's faced so many monsters his whole life, but they're just aggressive/feral beasts in the wild. He's never had to face zombie-like ones before, and this first time of his is making him wish he had amnesia so he'd get the images of those "things" off his mind.
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    "Well from the looks of this Screamer, it looks like a docile Screamer. As long as you don't directly injure it, or approach it too close, you should be fine. That aggressive one, not so much."
    "The docile ones are skiddish and won't scream as long as you don't bother them. They won't attack you, ever. The neutral ones will only get aggressive if you act negatively toward them. They mostly keep to themselves and wander. The neutrals will attack you when provoked. The last ones, the aggressive Screamers, will alert everything and attack you on sight. Unfortunately, the aggressive Screamers are the most common. But in this situation, that one is a docile."
    "If you want to get rid of them without them alerting everything in the area, kill them fast. Don't allow the aggresive ones to call out for help or react. I hope this helps..."
  18. Jin readies his visor and his shotguns again.

    - You only got one shot, do not miss your chance to blow. This opportunuty comes once in a lifetime.

    It's new moon.

    Then, with several pulls of the triggers, several invisible and inaudible frost moonlight lazer blasts go clean through the monsters' heads from behind.
    Once they're done with, Jin swiftly engages the entrance and looks around, before descending down the basement.

    - Oh and, just a heads-up... after we save the team, we gotta get back to our own timeline. You don't wanna cause paradoxes in the present time, trust me. I thought I'd only restore the condition of your body back to before you took the poison, but I guess I mis-caculated something and instead accidentally took us back in time... oh well.
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    "Let's do this quick so we can get back to our current timeline."
    Inside the basement' there's many pipes and wires along the walls and corners. Eventually there's a door called "Power room." Upon entering, the main power switch is put to on, but the chords connecting it to the entire building is messed up. It looked like something was chewing on them. There are spare chords to make a quick change.
    "That should restore power to the entire compound for now. Next, try seeing if you could reach the team somewhere on the top floor. The elevator should be available."
  20. Jin looks at the spare chords, then at the wall, and sighs a bit.
    After fixing the system and getting the powers back online, he glances at the door.

    "Those sons of bitches may notice the power getting back... this is gonna be fun. Vio, see any unusual movements outside ?"

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