Let's post awesome free/indie games!

Discussion in 'PC & Console Gaming' started by Riptor, Oct 23, 2009.

  1. CrazyLee

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    Anyone remember this? I became addicted to this a while back, when it first came out, and this game was pretty popular back after someone posted it on 4chan. I have an account on it but I haven't played it in ages, so I have no idea what's going on with it now.

    It's multiplayer, and you play a mouse that must cooperate with other mice to get the cheese (or, troll them so they fail). Several rounds in, and you'll become a shaman mouse who can lay down pieces and anchors to help build platforms so the other mice can get the cheese.... or troll them like a bitch. There's also special techniques you can do like wall jump to climb up walls and stuff.

    Edit: I can't even remember my password. :(

    Happy Wheels

    A somewhat old, gory ragdoll physics game, with lots of carnage and blood. You can play as different characters like a wheelchair homeless guy with jet engines on his wheelchair, a guy on a segway, a guy on a bike with his kid on a seat on the back (I once blew the kid right off with a mine and was showered with his blood), a fat guy on a rascal, a couple on a moped, a guy on a riding mower, Indiana Jones in a minecart, Santa and his slegh, pogo-stick guy. You drive around a level and try not to die.

    Here's a recent example of me impaling santa onto a machete:
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  2. XoPachi

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    Hey, does anyone know any sidescrolling shooter indie games? Something that plays like Gradius?
  3. Day Coydog

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    Techno Kitten Adventure

    On XBLA for 240MP
    Has awesome music and art, but may cause seizures, so be careful.
  4. Heliophobic

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    Quake Live.

    Hope you're into rape.


    Please respond.
  5. Vixstrix

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  6. Fal-San

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    Devil's tuning fork won the IGF Student showcase award in... some year

    It's a smart platformer played in complete darkness. You have to use the sonar like "Devil's tuning fork" to escape a coma.

    Although short it's a brilliant idea will worth a download...

    It's free too.
  7. Sam 007 NL

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    Ace of Spades, I'm normally on SoFurry.com
  8. Takeo Wolf

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    I don't think this game is indie but it is free: planetside 2
    It only recently came out of beta and it was fun in beta
  9. reedman

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  10. TheGr8MC

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    I'm surprised no one mentioned SCP Containment Breach. http://www.scpcbgame.com/ This game is frickin terrifying.

    I'm also a Planetside 2 fan.....at least, I would be if my crappy computer could play it without lagging at 10 frames per second!
  11. Fofferin

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    New free to play browser game I found. It's an MMORTS called Imperium Galactic War.

    Look in the header or footer games for Imperium. 3 factions, 9 races total. Even furries (canines, felines, lizards, and some tentacle things)!

    Been tons of fun so far. If you've ever played Battle Pirates on Facebook, this is similar but with better everything (graphics, sounds, story, gameplay in general).

    I'm playing a Regulan tiger (Tyrannar Empire). :)
  12. kylr23

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  13. dezimaton

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    They seem to have reached a certain level of popularity within their own circles, though here are two of my personal favorites:

    Ib, by kouri: free
    A relatively short, but engaging puzzle horror game made in RPGmaker. The story is very creative and musical selection sets the perfect mood.
    site: http://www.vgperson.com/games/ib.htm

    Off, by mortis ghost: free
    Another puzzle-ish game with turn-based combat elements. The music is excellent and the quirky story elements/art style are probably the game's strongest qualities.
    site: http://forum.starmen.net/forum/Fan/Games/OFF-by-Mortis-Ghost
  14. TransformerRobot

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    Haven't played it, but it looks awesome.

    Parashoot Stan (That's how it's spelled), by Gory Details Ltd.

    From the man behind Conker's Bad Fur Day, a vertical scrolling action game about a kid and his dogs who parachute out of a plane, while fighting for their lives against enemy thugs. Has Chris Seavor's usual dark humor and charm.

    Site: https://itunes.apple.com/ca/app/parashoot-stan/id513650345?mt=8
  15. LauriJ

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    Has anyone played Looming on Newgrounds yet? That game apparently is really atmospheric.
  16. FoxTailedCritter

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    Here is two you can play for free now to bust the boredom both are PG and non violent. (So anyone can play.)

    Name: Boson X
    Price: Free
    Platform: Windows, Linux and Mac can get this.

    Description: It's hard to explain but the game is to try to survive the longest time, and the further you go the faster you go.
    There is levels to unlock and different modes it's very fun.


    Where to get: http://www.boson-x.com/

    Name: Nitronic Rush
    Price: Free
    Platform: Windows, Mac and Linux.

    Description: Basic racing survival game you can fly, wall ride, compete for high scores you know the usual.


    Where to get: http://nitronic-rush.com/download-game/
  17. Wolveon

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    Oh hey, you can get The Sims 2 Ultimate Collection free on Origin by using the code I-LOVE-THE-SIMS
    Offer is good until the 31 of July.
  18. Mertail

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  19. tisr

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    Catgirl + Explosions Everywhere is best game.

    Copy Kitty is pretty great. They got a free version which has a ton of content as well as a Turbo Edition for $10.
  20. jtrekkie

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    The most awesome series ever. Especially Infinity, if you can keep up with the story. You have to start with the first though, or you won't know whats going on. Plus Aleph One (the engine) is scriptable and there are tons of hi-res graphics available. Even has multiplayer.

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