Let's post awesome free/indie games!

Discussion in 'PC and Console Gaming' started by Riptor, Oct 23, 2009.

  1. Real_Redwolf

    Real_Redwolf I also go by Alexis

    Not sure if anyone has posted this yet but there is Cave Story for the PC. It costs money on other consoles but the original version is the PC version and that version is free and is a great indie game.

    Download & English Patch: http://www.cavestory.org/download/cave-story.php
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  2. -SHINY-

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    You can find 100s of free indie games here.
  3. Lobar

    Lobar The hell am I reading, here?

    Dude. Adf.ly links, no.
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  4. pootato

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  5. RTDragon

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    Um why are you promoting your game project, didn't you have a thread before?
  6. Skeppio

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  7. -Nimh-

    -Nimh- New Member

    if some of you are into rpgmaker games:
    - Desert Nightmare
    - Mondschein
    - KNight Blade: Howling of Kerberos

    there´s also "superhot" but I think y´all know that already
  8. Maugryph

    Maugryph Active Member

    I didn't see it on the list, sorry if I missed it but..

    Cry of Fear for all you surival horror fans.
  9. martha75

    martha75 New Member

    Cry of Fear is best a psychological single-player game!
  10. Tao

    Tao Big Dick is Back in Town

    Crypt Worlds is very, very awesome.
  11. Nyor

    Nyor Void

    If you like RPG Maker games then this website is great because all of the games are free. http://rpgmaker.net/
  12. Waterhead

    Waterhead New Member

  13. Punnchy

    Punnchy Feed Me Pizza

    Clicker Heroes (Steam, clickerheroes.com)
    Do you need a game where you kill monsters by clicking them, and then eventually never have to click a monster again to progress through the 3600 levels that have achievements associated with them as well as others. Of course you do.
  14. Bryman04

    Bryman04 Guest

    Has anyone mentioned Yooka-Laylee, A Hat in Time, Lobodestroyo vs. la Liga de los Villanos, and Clive n Wrench? I'm so lookin' forward to those!
  15. Prometheus_Fox

    Prometheus_Fox Fire Thief


    I use this website a lot.
    It collects and distributes copies of abandonware games.

    It's how I got to play the Jazz Jackrabbit series for the first time, which is a great side-scrolling action/shooter/platformer.

    Be sure to have DOSBox handy, since most games are from the DOS era.
  16. SullenPlummet

    SullenPlummet undertale trash

    I didn't see it listed in the thread, but Ur-Quan Masters is pretty good. It's based on the 3DO version of Star Control 2, so it's basically identical to the PC version but it doesn't require knowing DOSBox to get running.
  17. GGY128

    GGY128 New Member

    -Portal prequel
    -Portal stories:Mel
    -Aperture tag
    -Binding of Isaacs
    -Child of light
    -Ori and the blind forest
    -Chrono trigger (chrono compendium sequel)
    -Standley parable
    -The room
    -World of goo
  18. brawlingcastform

    brawlingcastform Smug Punzie is best Punzie.

    So far, my favorite free games are "Frozen Free Fall", "Disney Magic Kingdoms", "AdVenture Capitalist" and "Disney Crossy Road", all on my iPod Touch.
  19. Cannabiskitty

    Cannabiskitty Active Member

    Chroma Squad is so good.
  20. Generic Fox

    Generic Fox King of Autotune

    I suggest Minetest, the open source answer to Minecraft.

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