Liska: Leucistic Red Fox

Discussion in 'Fursuiting and Costuming' started by BC_Gracie, May 9, 2017.

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    I finished my first fursuit head! She's supposed to be kinda goth/punk so I left her fur a little shaggy around the ears and cheeks, and I gave her messy eyeliner/shadow.[​IMG]
    She's part of a partial fursuit right now, I have handpaws and a tail as well, no footpaws yet though so boots it is. I made her headbase entirely out of foam, with eyes made from cross stitch canvas and fur from Joann Fabrics (Fashion Faux Fur- Grizzly). Her name is Liska, which is Slovak for "fox". (I know, so original, right?)

    So... Comments? Questions? Suggestions? This is my first time finishing a fursuit, I have another one half done but I doubt I'll ever finish it.
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    There's two things I would suggest, the first of which involves a little color theory. White foxes have black mucosal membranes, as you've represented already. However, the natural black of these animals is derived from plentiful *brown* pigmentation. Black isn't just black, its a range of deep, deep color.

    I feel like you could get the idea of messy mascara well by mixing up a warmer black paint and outlining the eyes, nose and mouth with it- the blue-black of the makeup will become more apparent.

    If you're daring, you could add some hairs from a dark housepainting brush at the eyes to evoke eyelashes, too.

    The second biggest thing is to give it a few days, if not a week. Take a few pictures and draw over them to really define the exact profile you want for the character. Once you've had a chance to refresh your vision of the piece and know *exactly* what needs to be done, do a second trim up. Use an electric beard or animal trimmer to get a consistent slope from the top of the head to the tip of the nose. Cut the fur near the top lips into a very even, visible shape. And don't forget to trim the inner ears some more, to really get some readable depth.

    IMO, this is a very nice and ambitious first attempt, but I think it isn't finished. Not that it it easy to know when anything's done when just starting out with *any* artistic endeavor, mind you. But when you, the creator, know every single aspect of an object from a spatial perspective, its hard to separate dimensional memory from what something appears to be.

    This sensation is a more subtle form of seeing some kind of optical illusion: you know that weird, mental "click" when you realise something's totally flat, or a step isn't there? You need to give yourself some distance to be able to see the illusion of your costume piece and what further work it needs to be complete.

    The road to pro is hard, but you have everything you need to succeed: drive, aesthetic sense, good fur and time. Just please, keep going, with this or a new piece, or anything.

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