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    So, you want a fursuit? Awesome! However, that means finding a maker and sometimes that isn't the easiest thing to do. You have to find someone open to commissions who can do your style and include all the details you want, and that can take hours of searching. Well, that's what this list is for! I'm going to do my best to compile a list of all fursuit makers I run across. The names will be linked to their website or FurAffinity page and there will be a legend for symbols that help you know what they offer right off the bat. Note: I will be doing my best to only include reputable makers, but considering I can't get customer reviews on everyone, use your discretion.

    Toony style -- ****
    Realistic/semi -- ####
    Offers movable jaw -- $$$$
    Offers Follow-me eyes -- @@@@

    United States
    Autumn Fallings*@
    Mothsicle Suits*@
    Don't Hug Cacti*
    More Fur Less*$@
    Arend Studios*@
    Sarahcat Fursuits*#$@
    The Grotto Creations*@
    SugarCritter Studios*@
    Sunny Valley Creations*
    B3 Mascots*@
    Northshore Mascots*@
    Lemonbrat Fursuits*@
    Lizard Loves Mustache*@
    Hyena Hoy*@
    Clockwork Creature#$@
    Bouncy Bat Works*# (normally offers premades only)
    +3 Defense*#$@
    Fur Fancy Costumes*#$@
    Phoenixwolf Suits*@
    Our Mass Hysteria*@
    --New Hampshire
    OMG Pineapples*@
    --New Jersey
    --New Mexico
    Twinky Arts*@
    --New York
    Fur It Up*#$@

    --South Carolina
    LaelaMcPitty Suits*$
    Luno Vulpes*#@$
    Mordrudes Monsters#$@
    BNC Costumes*$@
    Jill Costumes*@

    Shagpoke Studios*#$@


    New Zealand

    Templa Creations*#$@


    Grinning Tiger Disorder*#$@

    United Kingdom
    Blue Fox Fursuits*@
    ZuryaCreations*#$@ (unsure of location--Europe somewhere)

    If you have any makers you would like to be added, please MESSAGE me instead of posting here.
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    Stickied this thread and unstuck the old one.
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    Thank you for the list Gaming Gal
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  5. FeralArrow

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    Sent you a list with some additions!

    Good idea btw. It's hard to find an accurate, updated list.

    Edit: Also, it might be a good idea to organize the list in some way, perhaps alphabetically, by approximate price range, or by location.
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    Thanks for the submissions guys! I plan on organizing the list by location (nation, and then by state or province) and then sub organizing that alphabetically, which I think will be the best way to organize it all to be as helpful as possible.
  7. obletop

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    I will be taking commissions about a month here in Ohio. I take toony only. I can do movable jaw and follow me eyes and adjustable eyebrows. I will post pics of my partial when I'm done.
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    This is great! My first event is this weekend so I will be able to see some of these suits in real life. I believe I'll be breaking out the sewing machine and teaching myself how to sew on some of the pieces. But, it's awesome knowing there is a suit maker one state over from me.
  9. Beasts and Beyond

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    We're just recently opened for commissions on masks, gloves and tails only, so we encourage customers to post reviews! We're here:
  10. AshenSkiesCreations

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    We're taking commissions! We're located in North Carolina :) we have a tumblr, instagram, furaffinity, twitter, patreon, and facebook, facebook is our most active as of right now in terms of replying to messages. Ashen Skies Creations
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    I have open commissions for July, August and September. My studio - Silvena Handmade is located in Poland. You can find me at Furrafinity, Etsy and Facebook - Fursuit - Silvena Handmade I specialize in Toons, I have attractive prices. Shipping from Poland to the US, Canada, EU is about a week time.
  12. Schnuchi

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    Me and my father are open for commissions. We are seperate makers! My father Swiftzoo makes realistic and semi realistic. I (ZooAbsurd) make toony, semi and realistic. We are settled in the Netherlands and do have a website, but it's not fully functioning yet. Best is to reach out to our Facebook pages; ZooAbsurd / Swiftzoo.

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