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Discussion in 'Site Discussion' started by fluffy chops, Dec 5, 2017.

  1. fluffy chops

    fluffy chops New Member

    I have had no internet for about 2 weeks now am back and I've noticed something new with the submission page saying this "There is 4 notification for a submission that no longer exists. It will be deleted automatically when you click the "Remove" button." and am like what so they is a image/story/music etc etc that is gone from my submissions but, here is the bit were am like what? Is it still alive on my submission page? until i click the remove this bit has me a bit confused so yeah i want to know just in case am deleting images that i don't want removing just yet + it keeps poping up every 1 min as yeah i have followed a lot of people so plz can someone tell me what is going on? to un-confuse me.
  2. fluffy chops

    fluffy chops New Member

    ok update on my own confused self that i worked it out but still reading that it does not really explain itself well now am not a person who uses form sites but i know a bit about them and that is you can normally close the thread yourself or a admin and now that i don't want help or someone to help me out with this thread by the looks of it lol i need help closing this thread or can't you close threads here?

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