Looking for a Fighting Tourney RP Through PM.

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  1. Steelite

    Steelite Way too much salt and edge

    (Sure, if you want to. I'm up for everything.)

    Steelite finishes his workout with one final smack at the dummy's face, then hurls his left shield on his back (his right one still remains equipped), and cleans his head.

    - Yeah, let's get some rest, and save what stamina we have for the match.

    Then he takes a seat and breathes in as deep as he can, to regain his energy.

    - Hope the fight starts soon. The sooner it does, the sooner we're done with, for today.
  2. BennyJackdaw

    BennyJackdaw Active Member

    Jonah decided to sit down with him to take a breather. A few seconds later, though, a large Armadillo-like creature with a spiked tail showed up. He looked pretty strong, too.

    "Please don't tell me that's your partner," he said to Steele. He started staring down Jonah, unimpressed by the less-than-muscular blue jay.
    "Why are you putting me on the spot?" Jonah asked. "I didn't even say anything to you."
    "Is it wrong to be sceptical of someone?" the armadillo asked. "This tourney favors the strong, and you don't look very much of a strong-arm, birdie."
    "What!? I... I can be powerful," Jonah said.
  3. Steelite

    Steelite Way too much salt and edge

    Steelite glances at Jonah, then back at the armadillo, and shrugs, looking rather indifferent at his doubt.

    - So what if he is ?

    He literally has nothing else to say in Jonah's defense, though. Or his own. He just casually clean his shields, with a towel.
  4. BennyJackdaw

    BennyJackdaw Active Member

    "If he is... he needs to prove it in battle," the armadillo said. "I do wonder what your first opponent is going to be like. Me and my friend are contestand 40, so if you make it past your first opponent, we may meet very soon."
    "And who is your partner, anyway?" Jonah asked.
  5. Steelite

    Steelite Way too much salt and edge

    Steelite finds it awkward for him to try to converse with the armadillo, if that's how the latter starts a topic. He was expecting the armadillo to be a cocky and boastful bully that'd push the others around, so he'd actually have a purpose, keeping said cocky and boastful bully away from Jonah.
    It doesn't seem to happen (yet), though, and now he finds this nothing more than an awkward conversation.
    He's a talkative one, but when around complete strangers, he's more quiet than a mute person.
    He just hopes the match starts soon so he can get this over with.
  6. BennyJackdaw

    BennyJackdaw Active Member

    "You'll find out," the Armadillo said before he walked out.

    Across the room, there were two more characters. One of them appeared to be a tall blue gecko with a strange Yakuza-looking outfit (tall black coat/shades/pompodor). He was smoking a cigarrette and blowing smoke rings. The Gecko kept looking down at his watch, seeming a bit antsy. "Aww man, thirty-eight? I wish we got a match sooner," the Gecko complained.

    (Do you want to have each of us play one opponent each in the matches, or do you want to do it another way?)
  7. Steelite

    Steelite Way too much salt and edge

    (I prefer you play 'em all, if possible, please. And let's get speed up and straight into the match.)
  8. BennyJackdaw

    BennyJackdaw Active Member

    (Alright, I suppose, but it might be awkward for me to play your opponent and my own character's opponent.)

    "Hey! We're thirty seven!" Jonah said. "You our opponent?" Next to the Gecko was another Yakuza: this one was a huge Goliath Beetle, a bit smaller than Steele. The Goliath Beetle just spit on the ground.
    "Yup! Guess so," he said.

    "Next up! Match 19! Jonah Hawke and Steele vs Kanji and Genji!"
    "Match is starting, let's go," the Goliath Beetle said.
    "Wait, which of you is..." Jonah started.
    "I'm Genji, he's Kanji," the Gecko said.
    "...Got it," Jonah said.

    Finally, they met in the arena. The two teams seemed well matched, but Jonah was a little nervous. "Errr... which do you prefer to go for?" Jonah asked Steele. "Ummm the big guy looks kind of mean. You want to take him in the first shot?"
  9. Steelite

    Steelite Way too much salt and edge

    (This is gonna be sooo fuckin' awesome.)

    (I don't wanna get subjective with how things might turn out...)

    Steelite screams internally at the goliath beetle. He feels like his disgust towards insects is gonna be the end of him really soon... but, at the same time, he feels the urge to give him a proper whooping right here, right now. In response to Jonah, he immediately replies :

    - On it. Lemme at 'im.

    He almost calls Kanji "that bug", out of disgust, though.
    He doesn't show it, but he feels like his fur is standing and his skin crawling at the thought of fighting against the beetle.
    ... At least it's not a cockroach.
    He'd rather be disqualified for "accidentally" killing a cockroach THAT SIZE.
    He glares at the beetle, shields armed :

    - Big Beetle gonna get "big beat-tle" !

    He bangs the shields together, trying to overcome his fear :

    - Show me a good time, Satan !
  10. BennyJackdaw

    BennyJackdaw Active Member

    Kanji scoffed and screamed, leaping into the air and trying to come down onto Steele with a meteor attack.

    Jonah and Genji looked at each other before going forward. Genji went in with a sweep kick, something Jonah didn't expect. He tripped and fell on his back. He looked over at Kanji, who after his meteor attack, tried to go in with a series of punches to the face. "These guys might be tougher than they look," Jonah said to himself as he rolled out of the way of Genji's stomp.
  11. Steelite

    Steelite Way too much salt and edge

    Steelite dodges Kanji's meteor attack and interrupts his series of punches with a shield bash to the face to knock him backward, then rushes at Genji with a heavy charge to knock him out as well, and towers Jonah.

    - Both of you, come at me at once.

    He cracks his knuckles and gets in his stance, his shields all readied.

    - I dare you. Both of you !
  12. BennyJackdaw

    BennyJackdaw Active Member

    "Huh? Me AND Genji?" Jonah asked.

    Genji, for one, decided to induldge. Genji charged at Steele with fists blazing. ...Or so it appeared, but as Steele may try to hit Genji, Genji blew up into a cloud of smoke. It was a trick! Then, behind Steele, was Genji, trying to do a capoaera roundhouse by swinging his legs around to try and trip Steele. Genji ran with his image before, and used it as a decoy to slide under Steele for an attempt at a sneak attack.

    Kanji, however, tried to switch things up. Kanji went to confront Jonah. "I play by my own rules," Kanji said to Steele before turning to Jonah. "Time for your turn, Smallfry."

    Jonah curled up for a moment. This made Kanji laugh at him. ...But seconds later, Jonah started to glow blue. It was then that Kanji realized that Jonah wasn't cowering, he was transforming. His shape changed to a much larger creature: a strange ostritch-looking creature with blue feathers and a blue jay tuft. This creature was long in most regards: including long neck, beak, tailfeathers, tuft, legs, and most of all: his feet and talons. The only thing really short about him were his arms, which went from actual arms and claws to small, useless wings. Most notably about him though was, thanks to his neck, he was signifigantly taller than Kanji.

    "Oh, I'm sorry, were you looking for me?" Jonah asked, sticking his foot out with the heal to the ground and the rest pointed up. "Here I am, idiot! Let's see if you can keep up... "Smallfry." It was like Jonah was a different creature altogether. As a blue jay, he was nervous, flighty and somewhat meak, but in this form he was confident and cocky.

    Kanji tried to rush forward at Jonah. This proved to be reckless, as Jonah jumped back, spun out of the way and swung his leg downward at Kanji's leg. Jonah's feet hooked onto his leg and, with a hard tug of his leg, Jonah pushed him forward to him, causing him to stumble to the ground. Retracting his leg, he brought it around and down onto Kanji, not only trying to pin him down but trying to add pressure. He even threw in some whip-snap pecks into his back.

    ...But Jonah didn't realize something: Jonah was bigger and stronger now, but he STILL wasn't as strong as Kanji, who proceeded to shove Jonah off him and get back up. This caused Jonah to stumble backwards onto his back. "Not bad, birdie, but all you did was tick me off," Kanji retorted.
  13. Steelite

    Steelite Way too much salt and edge

    (goodness me, the length of the post...)
  14. Steelite

    Steelite Way too much salt and edge

    Steelite is surprised by the cloud of smoke and has no idea Genji is already behind him for a sneak attack.
    However, he doesn't even flinch. Genji's attack hurts, but not enough to trip him over. And when he sees Genji is behind, he suddenly turns around for a "round-house shield smack", sending Genji flying away Dragon Ball style.
    He then shifts his gaze to Kanji, and throws his right shield forward, hitting the back of Kanji's head from behind in an attempt to stun or daze him.

    - Get yo @$$ away from him !
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  15. BennyJackdaw

    BennyJackdaw Active Member

    (No offense, but how does Steele know exactly what Genji's doing? I just find it highly unlikely that Steele w0uld be able to react to that so perfectly, at least the first time around.)
  16. Steelite

    Steelite Way too much salt and edge

    (My wings can detect and track the electromagnetic energy inside the opponent's body to let me know what's coming.)
  17. BennyJackdaw

    BennyJackdaw Active Member

    (That's a nice try, but it still kinda feels like you're power-playing. Even if he could sorta predict what Genji could do, would he really be able to react quick enough?)
  18. Steelite

    Steelite Way too much salt and edge

    (The wings automatically react, not me... is it too much ? I can change it if you want to.)
  19. BennyJackdaw

    BennyJackdaw Active Member

    (A tad bit. It's unrealistic for someone to be able to react to every attack like that.)
  20. Steelite

    Steelite Way too much salt and edge

    (I'll fix my post, then. Just a sec.)
  21. Steelite

    Steelite Way too much salt and edge

  22. BennyJackdaw

    BennyJackdaw Active Member

    (Don't be afraid to criticise anything I type up too. I often feel like I can go a bit astray as well.)

    Kanji managed to duck under the shield in time, but he realized that his friend wasn't doing very good against Steele.
    "Fine, Genji! Let's switch again," Kanji said before rushing after Steele to send some punches at his torso.

    Genji had the feeling Jonah would be an easy target. He tried the same trick, using a decoy and sneaking behind Jonah. Because Jonah was too busy with Kanji, he didn't see the first time Genji tried this, and even though his reaction was, again, to jump and spin out of the way, Genji still managed to nab him into the leg. Jonah tripped up again, but managed to stay on his feet this time. Jonah managed to retaliate with a sweep kick. He kept his eye on Genji at the time, who jumped upward over his kick. Jonah followed up by thrusting his head outward toward Jonah while the rest of his body was trying to recover. Genji didn't expect this, and found a beek shoved into his chest. Jonah's beak wasn't as sharp as it looked, but it still hurt if Jonah hit with full force. Considering his position, he couldn't exert 100% into his stretch thrust, but he managed to shove Genji off and into the air, sending him reeling and falling to the ground. This was when Genji realized that Jonah might be tougher than he looked: something he didn't need to guess with Steele, who already looked super strong.
  23. Steelite

    Steelite Way too much salt and edge

    Steelite gets in his stance and covers the shield in front of him, then slams his entire body at the shield, at Kanji, with all his strength, to knock him away as well.

    - Outta the way, pretty boi !

    He then goes to retrieve his other shield, and prepares himself once again.
  24. BennyJackdaw

    BennyJackdaw Active Member

    Kanji stands in the charge and holds his ground. Kanji was wondering how he could utilize his horn, but as close as Steele was, his horn was two long to do so. This resulted in a shoving match until Kanji tried to break away. That was when he decided to charge at Steele with his horn first.

    Jonah stared down Genji, who was lying on the ground. Jonah was hoping he could finish it quick. Jonah got a running start, running away from Genji before speeding off toward him. He then made a leaping kick at Genji, who had just righted himself. Genji disappeared in smoke right before the kick landed. ...Which Jonah expected, considering he already tripped him up once. Genji then came down from the sky, trying to land a falling kick on his back. Jonah turned his back away before the kick landed, and tried to counter by grabbing him in his talons and throwing him on his back. "Time to go for a ride, lizard," he said before rushing off toward the arena wall. Genji was just barely holding on, too confused to grab tight. Suddenly, Genji found himself launched into the arena wall as Jonah came to a screeching halt near the wall. This was followed by a kick and peck combo. He found Genji's trick fairly ammusing, but once you figured it out, it was hard to use it to compensate for lack of skill.
  25. Steelite

    Steelite Way too much salt and edge

    Steelite stands his ground with his shield raised up, as if he plans to hold back Kanji's charge attack. However, when within range, he suddenly smacks the shield with all his strength, and knocks the beetle to a side.

    - Outta my way, pretty boi !

    He then rushes in and goes for a relentless series of shield-bashes straight at Kanji's face, not stopping any time soon.
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