Looking for a Fighting Tourney RP Through PM.

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    Kanji tried to prepare for this by quickly ducking, he then thrust his horn between his legs and, using his horn and arms, tried to launch Steele behind him and, if this were successful, he would run away before Steele could attack, which would allow him to try and think of another strategy.

    Jonah had a feeling Genji was near his end. As he slid to the ground, Jonah was preparing for an attack. He cranked his neck back, waited for Genji to call truce. ...And when he didn't, he thrust forward with everything he had. ...But he didn't expect Genji to use his trick like this. When he got near, once again, a cloud of smoke ensued. Next thing Jonah knew, Genji was wrapped around his neck, trying to choke him to unconciousness. He tried to wrap his legs around to weigh him down, but despite his size, Jonah wasn't heavy enough. "Steele! Help!" Jonah coughed.
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  2. Steelite

    Steelite Way too much salt and edge

    Kanji's attempt to duck doesn't help against the size of Steelite's shield, and the bashes still continues without any sign to end. That is, until the mino-phonenix's ears flick when he hears Jonah's call for help.
    Seeing the situation, he quickly positions himself on the other side, having the beetle in between him and Jonah-Genji. As he stands on his tail and prepares his legs for a kick, like a kangaroo, he calls out :

    - INCOMING !

    Then, with all his strength, he kicks Kanji and sends him rolling straight at Jonah and Genji to knock the two out of each other.
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    But Kanji was able to escape his grasp before he got anywhere near Genji and Jonah. "You'll have to work harder then that," Kanji said before he braced himself for Steele's next move.
  4. Steelite

    Steelite Way too much salt and edge

    Steelite clicks his tongue, then goes for saving Jonah. He rushes at Kanji with his shields raised, preparing for another hit, but when near him, he suddenly bolts straight to Jonah and grabs Genji's tail. His talons pince at lizard's tail, then his fangs bite on it, attempting to make the lizard drop off.
  5. BennyJackdaw

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    When Steele tries to go for Kanji and Jonah, Genji attempted to intersect him, standing between them and him and throwing a serious hook punch at Steele's legs. If he jumped, he may still get a horn stuck somewhere.

    "*Cough!* He's *Choke* not gonna make it!" Jonah choked while still being strangled. ...Then it hit him. It was obvious what he should do. Jonah's next move completely threw Kanji off guard. Jonah... transformed, back into regular ol Jonah Hawke. This caused Kanji to slide off of him down to the ground, where Jonah proceeded to send an elbow into his head.
  6. Steelite

    Steelite Way too much salt and edge

    Steelite frowns in pain at the punches at his legs, but not halted in his path, yet, and simply goes for a quick (but quite heavy) kick straight at Genji in retaliation.

    - Outta my way !

    He then joins in with Jonah, and beats Kanji to a pulp with his fists and legs, repeatedly.
  7. BennyJackdaw

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    Genji managed to block Steelite's kick and stops him from getting to Kanji. "You're strong alright," Genji said. "But if you want that victory, you still have to earn it."
  8. Steelite

    Steelite Way too much salt and edge

    Steelite grunts and puts his shields away, then readies his talons and bladed wings. His whole wings light up, now looking like a wall of fire and electricity, with the flames and sparks dancing along the "feathers".

    - Fine by me !

    He then goes for a series of talon-swipes and wing-slashes at Genji, in between punches, kicks and hooks. Every time his wings hit Genji, a small amount of fire and electricity bursts out. Not fatal for even an average human, but definitely gonna leave a mark.
  9. BennyJackdaw

    BennyJackdaw Active Member

    (I've been kind of meaning to say this for a while, but it feels like Steele has a counter for every single situation, and what he doesn't counter he just absorbs. I've been trying to ballance my character out so that he's not always on top, but yours seems to outclass these guys so far that there's basically no contest.)

    Genji tries his hardest to block these attacks, but every time: his arms get shocked or burned. Eventually, he couldn't keep up and took a hit to the head, being sent to the ground. Steele was looking down on him when Genji held his hand out. "E...enough... You're too strong for me," Genji said.

    Over by Jonah, he was taking advantage of Kanji's pause, sending punches and kicks at his body until eventually, he TOO held his hand out and submitted. With that, the match was over. Jonah and Steele had won.

    "That... that was easy, he he," Jona said out loud.
  10. Steelite

    Steelite Way too much salt and edge

    (I mean, if you can transform, then I have my wings powered up, so I thought it'd be fair. But me in general is about defensive techniques and mere toughness, far more than offensive attacks. My only attacks when wielding the shields are bashes and smacks, nothing too powerful or unblockable or un-dodge-able. I only use my wings to get a boost of damage, but nothing too crazy like splashing fire and lightning everywhere.)

    Steelite stops his assault when Genji surrenders, and drops his stance. His wings turn back to normal, with the fire and now only as much as a heater, and the electricity is completely deactivated.

    - You're a tough bugger, pal.

    He chuckles at his own pun and steps back to give Genji some space, then looks over Jonah.

    - That was fun, hehe.
  11. BennyJackdaw

    BennyJackdaw Active Member

    (No, that wasn't my problem. I actually think those effects are quite cool for him to have, it just seems like he's a tad too good at countering and predicting things. I think it's semi-fair for the first round when the opponents are going to be fairly easy, but for later matches I don't know if that would be as realistic.)

    "Great, but our next opponent might be that Armadillo we saw earlier, and he looked tougher than Genji did," Jonah said as they were walking out of the arena. "And we don't even know what his partner looks like," Jonah said. "If you want, we could watch his match. It should be up next. The staircase to the stands is nearby."
  12. Steelite

    Steelite Way too much salt and edge

    (A'ighty, I'll work on it, but otherwise I'm just gonna take all the hits and wait for the right moment to hit back.)

    Steelite cleans the sweats from his head and takes a deep breath, while walking along Jonah.

    - Yeah, let's see what he's about. Wouldn't wanna get caught off-guard.
  13. BennyJackdaw

    BennyJackdaw Active Member

    (Do you want to make his partner, or do you want me to do it again?)
  14. Steelite

    Steelite Way too much salt and edge

    (I kiiinda want to, but I fear it may get subjective... okie I'll try this time. A kangaroo-raptor with a great-sword (blunt blade) named Jason.)
  15. BennyJackdaw

    BennyJackdaw Active Member

    (Ooh, "Kangaroo-Raptor." Loving it already. Go with it. :D)

    Jonah and Steele went up to the arena to see the next match. He heard the announcer bring out contestants 39: a pair of pudgey pigs, one wearing a black outfit with an 8 in a white circle wielding a long pool-cue accompanied by a larger pig in a blue vest weilding a long chain. They seemed to be bikers and bar-brawlers, but they looked pretty simple. Without a doubt a pair who wouldn't make it far.

    "And their opponents, number 40: Rundar the Ankylodillo..."

    Sure enough, rolling into the arena was the beast Jonah and Steele met before their fight with Genji and Kanji. When he got far enough in, he jumped up, uncurled and assembled standing. He looked like he could tear the two pigs apart by himself.

    "Wow, I wonder what his partner's like," Jonah said to Steele.
  16. Steelite

    Steelite Way too much salt and edge

    (It's actually just a different form/species of my sona, but it'll be a different char in this RP, ye.)



    Following the armadillo is a slightly chubby kangaroo-raptor that walks in, his right hand holding a great sword over his shoulders. He seems to be around Steelite's height. The sword as a whole, however, looks to be a bit longer, maybe at 5'8".
    Once inside the arena, he stops next to Rundar and brings the sword to his side, as he bends his knees and lowers himself down a bit, getting in his stance.
    He looks like he could cut the pigs in two with just one slice.
    Steelite drops his jaw in surprise, at the kangaroo-raptor's appearance :

    - Jason ? Damn, he joins this fight, too... this is gonna be good.
  17. BennyJackdaw

    BennyJackdaw Active Member

    (Awww, now I'm kind of wishing I made a badass fat-tank character. :( I'm almost tempted to make an alternate form for Jonah that's fat, but then I feel like I'd just be forcing something on you.)

    "Jason? You know who this guy is?" Jonah asked Steele.
  18. Steelite

    Steelite Way too much salt and edge

    (I can have my minotaur form like this if you want to. Still a tank, anyway. I'll just remove the flaming/lightning wings and add those effects to my shields instead.)

    Steelite nods at Jonah.

    - Yeah, he visits my weapon shop a lot. Always on mercenary-ish quests.

    He looks at Jason from his seat, with a smirk.

    - Pretty good with a sword, but nothing as fancy as brandishing it like those ninjas or samurais in anime, haha. Like me, he relies on brute strength and far less on acrobatic techniques.

    Down in the arena, Jason makes a gesture with his off hand towards the two pigs, as if to say, "Come at me, bros !".
  19. BennyJackdaw

    BennyJackdaw Active Member

    (Nah, I actually liked the version you were using better.
    Bah, it's nothing. I kind of decided against using a fat-tank because that's generally what I use in RPs more often than not. Besides, my character already turns into a hammer target (XD) what more does he need to turn into?)

    The two pigs go charging in mindlessly at Jason and Rundar. That's when Rundar held his tail out for Jason to grab. "Swing me around like a wrecking ball," he said to Jason. "They'll never expect that."
  20. Steelite

    Steelite Way too much salt and edge

    (Aye, okie.)

    Jason lets out an amused smirk. Even he himself doesn't expect this kind of tactic, either.
    When the two pigs get in range, he suddenly puts the sword away and grabs Rundar's tail, then goes for the biggest swing ever, yelling out loud :


    Then he smacks Rundar at the pigs, sending them flying like baseballs.

    Steelite drops his jaw in surprise at Jason's attack :

    - Oh sweet mama llama...
  21. BennyJackdaw

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    As Jonah expected, the two pigs were no match for Jason and Rundar. Just that wrecking ball tactic took a lot out of them. The little bit of energy the pigs had left was spent after more easily countered attacks. Pretty soon, Rundar and Jason were declared the winners.

    "Hmmm, is this a good example of their might?" Jonah asked. "Those pigs looked pretty wimpy, anyway. Still, they are our next opponents. ...Are you concerned about fighting Jason? ...Or Rundar?"
  22. Steelite

    Steelite Way too much salt and edge

    Steelite grins while looking down the arena. He looks calm and collected, but his heart is racing with excitement at the moment.

    - Leave Jason to me. We spar with each other fairly often.

    His tail slowly wags, and his tail slightly flicker. He's obviously looking forward to going toe-to-toe against his rival soon enough.
  23. BennyJackdaw

    BennyJackdaw Active Member

    "Okay, but our match might take a while to come," Jonah said. He looked at the two, and couldn't help but feel that they looked signifigantly tougher than Kanji and Genji. "They're probably going to want to talk to us soon. Oh... I feel more confident in my "Ostrich Jay" form..." Yet trying to walk through the halls in that form would be impracticle. Jonah's alt form was built for wide open spaces like the arena, not hallways.
  24. Steelite

    Steelite Way too much salt and edge

    Steelite closes his wings behind him together until they look more like a butterfly's, and makes his way down the hallway.

    - Good, let's see what's about 'em. Been a while since I last saw him ; never thought I'd see him again in this tournament.

    He half expects the incoming match to drag on for quite a while. He's been in lots of spars with this kangaroo-raptor, and both are equal. There has never been a single time where one is the victor, they simply agreed to stop after running out of stamina.
    The other half of him feels like Jason might be at an advantage, however, with probably more fighting experience, taking on bounty missions and all. On the other hand, he's just a blacksmith, only somewhat decent with weapons in general in order to test his works before putting them on sale.
    Nonetheless, he still looks forward to finally seeing who's the better at their game.
  25. BennyJackdaw

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    Sure enough, Rundar and Jason bumped into the two.
    "Congratulations on your first round victory," Rundar said.
    "Ummm, thank you?" Jonah asked.
    "You do realize what this means, though, correct?" Rundar asked.
    "That... we fight you?" Jonah asked.
    "Very good," Rundar replied.

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