Looking for a Fighting Tourney RP Through PM.

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  1. Steelite

    Steelite Way too much salt and edge

    Jason and Steelite, unlike Rundar and Jonah, are far more casual towards each other, since they know each other fairly well.

    • J - Did you see those pigs' face when I mace'd my way through ? They really never saw that coming, hahaha.
    • S - You tell me, hehe. That was one heck of a move.
    • J - Mhm. So, you and that guy named Jonah are a team ?
    • S - Yep. Bumped into 'im yesterday. Asked me if I wanna join this tournament thingy, and I said yes.
    • J - Would be pretty disappointed if you had said no. Look at all the poor peeps about to be your punchbags when you test your weapons, haha.
    • S - Hehe, including you ?
    • J - Yup. Though, I have an idea, if you don't mind.
    • S - Go on ?
    • J - Let's have a sword fight in our match. I'm really looking forward to--
    • S - How many hours have you spent played "Metal Gear Rising - Revengeance" ?
    • J - Oh come on, just... just a few !
    • S - It said 685 hours on Steam.
    • J - I hate you.
    • S - Love you too. See ya.
    • J - See you too, hehe.
  2. BennyJackdaw

    BennyJackdaw Active Member

    "I... I see you're handy in ball form," Jonah stated to Rundar.
    "That's a bit cliche to assume an Armadillo monster like me only fights rolled into a ball," Rundar said.
    "Well... it looks like Jason and Steele want to fight each other, so... I guess we're fighting?" Jonah asked.
    "Hmmm, well I have seen you and your little "trick," Rundar started. "You seem rather quick, but you don't have any strength backing up your body."
    "I... well, you'll STILL need to outspeed me," Jonah said. "You could try rolling into a ball, but you'd never..."
    "Please stop using that idea," Rundar said.
    "Well I'm just saying you'll... you'll have to expose your torso eventually, so..." Jonah stuttered.
    "You're not very good at trash-talking, are you?" Rundar asked.
    "Well... not in this form, but it would be impracticle to..." Jonah started.
    "Not in THAT form?" Rundar questioned.
    "I... I feel like a different person in my Ostrich Jay form," Jonah said.
    "I don't see how," Rundar said. "I don't see how it will be any match for me, either."
    "Well, the arena will be calling us later, we'll have to see," Jonah said. "In the mean time, do you... err, want to catch a bite?"

    (Or would you rather fast-forward to the match?)
  3. Steelite

    Steelite Way too much salt and edge

    (Let's get right into the match, shall we.)
  4. BennyJackdaw

    BennyJackdaw Active Member

    "Hmmm, if you want to eat with us, you'll have to earn it. See you tomorrow," Rundar said as he trailed off with Jason.

    The next day was the day of the match, and Jonah and Steele were about to face Rundar and Steele's friend: Jason.
    "Well, here goes something," Jonah said, dashing out into the arena as he was called. Jonah wasted no time transforming this time before taking a leap in the air as he exited the arena, stomping down with one level to the ground, one behind him and his neck crained downward. He wanted to make a dramatic entrance this time around.

    Rundar knew Jonah would be easy to underestimate, but after last match, he knew Jonah had something in his feathers. This form had less versatility, but it was overall faster and stronger than his normal form. He knew, however, that Jonah would be weaker than him or Jason in either form.
  5. Steelite

    Steelite Way too much salt and edge

    Jason and Steelite casually walk in the arena, far less dramatic than Jonah's, but nowhere near as less intimidating.
    Both of them carry a great-sword on their back. Once inside the ring, they get in their position.

    - Ready ?
    - Whenever you are.
    - Okie...

    As if in synchronization, they both reach their hands to the sword grip, and quickly draw them out. Steelite seems to have a more samurai-ish stance, with his right leg stepping forth. Jason, however, has the sword at the height of his face, pointing forward.

    - Show me a good time, Jason !
    - Okie, let's dance !

    They both rush in and start trading blows. The blades hitting together with such force make a series of ear-piercing metal-clashing noises that echo across the arena.

    (For a better theme of the match...)
  6. BennyJackdaw

    BennyJackdaw Active Member

    Rundar's entrance, surprisingly, was very similar to Jonah's, except with a fist crashing to the ground as well. ...And no transforming. As the fight started, Jonay flapped his wing toward himself while keeping a wiley grin on his face. He was telling Rundar to go first. Rundar, however, answered with the same call: trying to get Jonah to make the first move. Jonah decided to do so, dashing quickly toward Rundar. Rundar threw his fist at Jonah's path. ...Of course, Jonah decided to surprise him, leaping over him, but latching onto his shoulders for a surprise technique. He was going to roll onto the ground and try to flip Rundar over. ...But it didn't work: Rundar was too heavy.

    "Nice try, Bird brain!" Rundar said, smacking Jonah's rear as he tried to get away. Jonah would have to take into account Rundar's weight from here on out.
  7. Steelite

    Steelite Way too much salt and edge

    Meanwhile, Jason and Steelite are both at it with all they got. Neither seems to be having any advantage, even in the slightest, over each other. All attacks are countered or blocked, or miss the target.
    Tension rises in the air, adrenaline rises in the veins, heat rises in the blades, and
    Soon enough, they come to a brief half, and step away from each other, to catch their breath.

    - You're good... way too good, for a blacksmith.
    - Same to you, pal.
    - Your partner doesn't seem to be doin' too well, though...

    Steelite looks at Jason's gesture and sees Jonah having trouble with Rundar.

    - I think I've had enough fun here. Why don't you let Rundar have a go at you, while I go for your buddy ?
    - If you want to.

    Jason gives a thumbs-up, before casually walking towards Jonah, his hand gesturing back at Steelite.

    - Hey, big boi, let's switch.
  8. BennyJackdaw

    BennyJackdaw Active Member

    "What? No way, Jason's your rival," Jonah said. "Besides, I only messed up once. It doesn't mean Rundar's going to win, he's just taking an early start."

    (You can decide if they switch if you want.)
  9. Steelite

    Steelite Way too much salt and edge

    Jason shrugs.

    - Was askin' that cuz I thought you have a better chance against me. If you say so, though.

    He glances back at Steelite :

    - Looks like I'm stuck with you.
    - There's no escape from me, pal, haha.
    - I'd like to test that theory. On guard !

    Jason makes a long hop from there all the way back at Steelite, going for a heavy overhead slash. The mino-phoenix, however, flaps his wings to jump up in the air with an uppercut, catching Jason off-guard and knocking him out of his path, making him almost fall face-first onto the ground. However, he quickly recovers from it, gets up immediately, and goes for another charge attack. Steelite jumps in with his sword raised, too.
    The clashes of metal get more and more heated, until the Steelite's sword break in half. He lets out a smirk, and over-chargers the fire and electricity in his bladed wings, as he readies his talons.
  10. BennyJackdaw

    BennyJackdaw Active Member

    Jonah looked back at Rundar who was ready to come in with a few punches at him. Jonah realized one thing: he hated the cliche of rolling into a ball, so he might not use it. In addition, Rundar's arms and legs were shorter than Jonah's legs and neck, meaning Jonah could use a reach advantage.

    Rundar came in with his first punch. Jonah responded by spinning out of the way and sending a back-kick to his leg. Since Rundar was too heavy to grapple, he had to use his talons for damage, and it appeared Rundar's outer skin was penetrable. Jonah then jumped out of the way of another attack before turning around and thrusting his beak right at Rundar's face. Rundar was not happy with that.

    "Okay, so you're not a complete pushover," Rundar said. The leg Jonah struck was starting to wobble.

    (I'm tempted to drah Jonah in both forms, and maybe give his Ostrich Jay form a less cartoony makeover. It's starting to feel silly imagining him as the Roadrunner. XD)
  11. Steelite

    Steelite Way too much salt and edge

    (I should totally add a coyote fighter in and see how this goes xD)

    Steelite starts assaulting Jason with his flaming/electrified wings, the bursts of fire and sparks quickly becoming a bit too much for him to block off with his sword. However, Steelite doesn't see it coming when Jason suddenly throws himself backward to stand on his tail, before giving Steelite a full-force kick and knocking him back.
    Staggered backward by the kick, Steelite almost fell off, but managed to hold his ground and recovered from it.

    - That's the spirit, Jay !
    - I am quite good, ya know, hehehe.
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  12. BennyJackdaw

    BennyJackdaw Active Member

    (Ha! Maybe! XD)

    Rundar had a hard time fighting Jonah. Because Rundar had never fought a creature with crane-like anatomy before, he was unsure how to fight Jonah. But after several missed swings, Jonah started to taunt Rundar.

    "Come on, my grandma's faster than you, and I'm making a guess, cause I never met her before," Jonah said. "What, do you have a barbell attached to your tail or something?"

    With that, Rundar swung his tail out at Jonah. Since Jonah was too busy taunting, the tail hit him right in the base of the neck. This shattered bones between his neck and his body, and Jonah's lucky it only hit the base, or else he might be choking by now. Jonah was angry, now. He then tried kicking outward toward Rundar's body in retaliation. Rundar caught Jonah's leg, which unfortunately for him, was what Jonah wanted him to do, as it allowed him to follow up with an Enziguri: a double-counter move where the user tries to kick the opponent, the opponent grabs onto the leg to stop him from kicking him, and then the user pushes off the ground with his other leg, and brings his leg around in a roundhouse to the head.

    Rundar's talons left deep scars into Rundar's face, causing him to fall to all fours on the floor. Rundar started to breathe heavily, but so was Jonah after Rundar's attack.

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