Commission (Hiring): Looking for a fursuit maker! Details inside.

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    Howdy, all! I'm looking into getting a full body fursuit, and was wanting to get into contact with some fursuit makers on here. I'm looking to get a toony styled suit of my fursona, an orange and white tabby cat (ref: Spotty Reference 2016 ). I'd like it to be somewhat... well, not super tight-fitting, exactly, but I don't want her to look really bulky. I would also really like it to have the moveable jaw. Not a requirement, exactly, but I'd really dig one. Anyway, if you're interested in having me commission you, feel free to drop a comment with your prices (I understand these can vary between suit details) and some examples, as well advice what I would need to do.

    I also have some questions, as someone new to fursuiting...

    -I'm considering the "follow me" eyes. What are the pros and cons to them? Do you guys typically like them? I kinda think they're rad. Would I have any reason not to get them?

    -Is it a good idea to get one with a fan built in? Do they really get that hot? How does a built-in fan in a costume even work and not look super noticeable?

    -Any reason against a moveable jaw?

    -What keeps the feet on the suit from getting ruined as you walk around? I mean, the ground is kinda dirty. Speaking of which, how do you keep one clean and maintain it. What if I get it dirty?

    Thanks, and I look forward to hearing from you all!
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    Two Tails Enterprises is a husband and wife duo dedicated to creating amazing fursuits! Our partials start at $600 and fullsuits start at $1000. Please check out our website for more information!

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