Art Trades: Looking for a portrait/bust art trade (can do any species, looking for anthro artists)

Discussion in 'Art Exchange and Trades' started by kevintheradioguy, Apr 21, 2017.

  1. EDIT: 05.06.2017
    Opened for another portrait trade now! Yet to yupload the reference. A wolf OC.

    So, I'd like to make one or two quick trades of the charactrer of mine currently set on my icon.


    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

    I'm looking for someone of a similar (or closer) skill lever, as I'll be willing to draw in full colour (in examples, and on a character reference on the right) instead of flats, cellshading or linearts.
    However, I can review simpler levels or art, as I've very odd tastes, exchanging said linearts, cellshadings and flats instead.

    I'm mostly attracted to drawing and not painting, you can catch me with thick black lines.

    Also, not looking for anime artists, sorry.

    I'm planning on using the image as a character portrait in a RP - I will credit the author, but I must warn you about this.
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    I can do! Hope my level fits... I think it fits; if you're still open <:'D
    The only thing I must to warn about is that I caught a kind of art-block flu and it can take a little more time than I usually spend, but you can ask for WIPs to see how it's going.
    My galleries are listed in the signature; let me know if you're interested <:3
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  3. Heyy, why not?
    What d'ya wanna for an exchange? Or would you prefer to go via notes/PMs/whatever?
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    Well. it was kinda strange to see no one had offered a trade, knowing how fast it usually happens here 0:
    I don't mind really, if you're okay to discuss it right here, why not then?
    And oh, your first spoiler broke, but I got what I'm to draw <;3 Could you please give the big pictures anyway so I can see the the detail?

  5. Works for me!
    However, the image is from f-list, and it is blocked in some countries, so here, I'll just upload to
    I can see you work with colour accents very well, can you perhaps try making bright green accents? Kind of like neon or club-like, while the rest is somewhat faded?

    Do you want a portrait as well? Or something fullbody, just slightly simpler colouring?
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    Very strange, I see only "IMG"link when open the spoiler and it leads nowhere. But thanks! Now it opens.
    And I can try what you wish ;з

    I'd be glad in any way, just make it as you see it <:з
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  7. "Make it as you see it" always scared me as an artist, tbh XD
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    I can give some tips on the character (like "smokes often, pretends to be royal as hell, narcissistic"), but I don't see any problem in the format. If you feel like doing a portrait, well, so be it; if a fullbody appeals to you more, it is okay as well ;3
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    I feel like putting a little smirk on his face, but can also add/correct anything you want <:з (or don't do the smirk)
  10. Oh, sorry. For some reason the alert about the last post didn't come to my e-mail.
    Smirk would be all-right. And I guess, he'll have somewhat wider jaw (not chin - jaw, he is supposed to have heavy, rounder and wide, and, yes, I pay attention to facial features of my two anthro character) and/or smaller ears. I wonder if glasses would be on?

    Also, I didn't expect to get a sketch, do you want the one from me as well? :eek: I'll have to make it cleaner then, my sketches are a complete mess.
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    It's totally alright, so do I! Nice to meet another person besides myself who cares about the little appearance things, so I'd like a sketch too. I think I'll do a redline. I'll do it in any case, don't get scared when you get it back - that's not you doing all wrong, it's just me being overparticular :D And sometimes it might be hard for me to describe by using words what exactly is not the way it should be in my view.

    If you want; though I thought as he wears them only with the work outfit and there be kind of the club lights it might be less serious environment implied.
  12. Yeah, the redlining is a good thing, as I don't entirely get how his/her/its nose works, as well as ear area. I was going to make the most accent on smoke here. Probably crimson-coloured to match the highlights.


    And, no, he wears them pretty much all the time, as the guy is very far-sighted, and can hardy see, let alone read anything closer then a meter in front of him.
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    Aahh, I always feel so much guilt redlining other people's work, but I hope I made everything clear now x3 Freaky alien anatomy is ahead
    I think I'll paint rather than draw so I've put some colors already, but feel free to redline too! Feels like I messed up with the jaw, it bugs me.
    The glasses will be added after I pretty up the whole face, no worries ;з
  14. That isn't exactly redlining, as I cannot really put it over my sketch to fix the parts XD

    Maybe longer animal-like neck, idk. It's kind of "head, slowly turning into shoulders" thing.[​IMG]

    Not that I won't manage, but. As a person who's been in redlining groups for the longest time, the point if to show both how it was done and how it had to be done, so it actually is just drawing over the original, with original showing - it's much more effective that way.
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    Oh, even smaller ears! This really helps a lot, much better than text descriptions. Maybe I'll send another WIP after I paint the thing, I'm afraid the cheekbones may return and need your guidance x3 With "aquiline" nose too, I can't seem to figure out how this works on an animal face.

    I know that, but it went wrong when I started redlining, sorry x3 The head seemed too small for me, and after I've got it to look right, put neck muscles and everything I realized it doesn't fit your original sketch at all anymore. Still counts as a redline, I think?..
  16. I'll manage I guess. It just looks more like overpaint of your sketch, and isn't entirely my own style..? Still, I'll try to adjust the best I can. Gonna start colouring today even, but not entirely sure how long will it take to finish the whole colouring itself. I would like to ask, however, what would be the skin texture of the creature?

    As for aquiline nose, I usually go for that bent line I sketched that makes it look thicker in the centre. But if you aren't sure how it must work, then feel free to just forget about it. Again, I'm not pretentious that much, and you can just go on with it, and finish up without any more consulting. Free to draw however you like, mate!
    Great you caught up to the weird-ass nose tip fossa's have, by the way!
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    I won't hurry you, take the time you need 0:
    not of him, but same "species", so this will do for him too. He has rather thick skin and I like the velvet effect on it x3 Not much of a texture is really visible because of the velvent-ness.

    Oh, okay 0: Just making sure you'll like what is going to be at the end! Good thing you've found the bright side about the nose tip x3
  18. And the image doesn't open for me.
    The link goes to non-existent DA page.
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    Pew pew
    All of sudden, an almost finished work 0: (don't hurry anyway, I didn't expect that from myself either)
    Ready to put little changes if needed and upload to galleries right away :з Glasses are on a separate layer, so I can edit the face under it too.
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