Commission (Hiring): Looking for a solid white arctic fox tail for halloween

Discussion in 'Furry Trading Post' started by justhere001, Oct 10, 2017.

  1. justhere001

    justhere001 New Member

    this can be a comission or a pre made you have for sale. My budget is not hug around 30-50$ for the tail at medium length (can go a little more but want to make a MR fox costume this year from thumbs up and wanna keep the whole costume around 125 in the end and the mask is 60 of that sadly) so if you do tails i just need a solid white arctic fox tail. Post here if your interested as i wanna get this by halloween for this costume idea of mine.
  2. Kabber

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  3. justhere001

    justhere001 New Member

    sent you a private message here on the fourmns

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